Levels by Yoshi

Authorized walkthrough written by Cher of Lara's Home

Please note that although pickups in this level are plenty, there is a distinct lack of medipaks, therefore I used the SG Editor to make it through.

Karnak 2

At the start, you are attacked by 2 red Ninjas, after killing them, go up the stairs/ramp and climb up, another Ninja attacks. Crawl under a wall, kill 2 black scorpions and another Ninja. Climb onto a ledge on the East wall, with Laraís back to the slope, backflip and jump to catch the high block ahead, grab some Grenade Gun Ammo. From the edge, jump with action to slide down the slope and catch the edge beyond, crawl through to push the button. Jump back over the slope and then climb over the double sloped ledge and through the door you just opened. As you enter a courtyard, another 2 Ninjas are waiting for you, kill them and pick up the Golden Vraeus one of them drops. Return to the beginning, crawling back under the wall.

Place the Vraeus next to the gated door, and enter. Hop into an opening on the Right and at the junction, go Right again. From the opening, jump to catch the shimmy crack to the Right of the sloped block, shimmy right, drop and grab and shimmy back left to stand in an opening. Jump across and down to a block, drop/hang from that block, shimmy around Left and pull into a crawlspace, go through to grab Crossbow Normal Ammo, crawl back out and drop into the pool below. Find the narrow space to swim through, swim up, climb up, drop back down into the hall and go into the room at the North end.

Kill another Ninja and a crocodile swimming in this pool. Swim through an opened door, Right twice and pull up to grab some Uzi Clips. Back into the water, swim Left, and straight to surface in a new room. Around to the Right another Ninja attacks, the other way, hop into an opening and enter a green brick room, there is a closed door, a hole in the ceiling you cannot reach and a crawl space to go up into Left of the door, at the other end, another pool. Jump in and in the South East corner near the top of the corner pillar is a swim through space, find the underwater door that Lara can open, swim in and get on the ledge to push a button. Swim back into the pool and down the hole in the center to reach another pool. Surface and climb out quickly, thereís a crocodile in the water, draw pistols and shoot another crocodile coming at you on the ledge. If you like, you can now shoot the croc in the water, but itís not necessary. Go through the door that you opened when you pushed the button a bit ago.

Straight ahead is an elevated area with columns, and 2 monkey swings leading to 2 closed gates. To the left are stairs leading downward. First go straight and make your way to be able to drop down onto a block on the floor ahead. Go and take the Crossbow Normal Ammo from the pedestal, go back to the block, push a button and notice another closed gate at the other end of the room. Climb the block and get back on the upper level. If you wish, you can hop down to the block on the other side, go into the room and look down under the grate to see the revolver. On the upper level, leave the room and turn right to head down the steps. At the bottom, Leftis a closed gate with water, turn Right and straight back, pick up some Flares in the Left and go the other way to find a crawlspace. Crawl through and down the passage, is a door, go in, careful of the poison darts! Kill 2 black scorpions and go to the Left side, drop down and go into the open gate to pick up the Revolver. Look carefully at the walls for a button to push, head back out of the room and at the end of the passage, pull up one level. Go all the way down the passage, under the crawlspace and then at the intersection, Left to the now opened gate. Jump into the water, and almost immediately swim up into a shaft, get out of the water and pull the reach-in switch. Back into the water, swim North, surface in a pool, get out of the water and shoot the crocodile. Head into the doorway, push another button, the door to the vraeus below you opens. Swim back to the other end of the passage, go up the steps and back to the double-level room with the doors and monkeyswings. Go over to the other side, drop down and go into the opened door now and pick up the Golden Vraeus.

Go back to the upper level and leave this room, going past the steps and back into the room with the pool. Go into the door at the opposite end of the room, climb onto the block at the Left, turn and jump forward to grab the monkeyswing above, go all the way back and continue around Left, drop past the sloped blocks.

As you enter, another Ninja is waiting for you, kill him and push the button on the wall, you see the cage that was covering the canopic jar in the previous room drop. In the adjoining room, pick up some Shotgun Normal Ammo, Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and shoot one of the vases to find the Shotgun. Return to the slopes room, climb onto the block under the monkeyswing, swing to the middle, face the pillar with the canopic jar, drop/slide and jump to the center, pick up Canopic Jar 1. Face to the South West, run and jump to a flat spot in the corner and over into a hole to push a button. Slide and jump to the center once again and then run/jump to the flat spot in front of the door. Return to the double level room.

The door at the end of the Right side monkeyswing has opened. Go over, at the end pull the reach in switch. After the flyby, monkeyswing back to the doorway. Some people thought this was timed but itís not, but no point swinging all the way back. From the door way, make your way to the start of the second monkeyswing and go into the door and back. Push the button, opening the door there. Before going up the steps, go into the gray room and another Ninja is waiting, after disposing of him, place the vraeus in its spot, then continue up the steps, climb onto the block and drop down and go back outside and into the new door that opened.

Thereís a door way behind the altar on the Right, turn Right again and right after the door, thereís a crawlspace, jump and grab and crawl through, follow a passage to pick up Secret #1, a Guardian Key. Return the way you came and continue into a new room. From the doorway, go straight back and crawl under and into a room with a hole in the floor, drop down into a pool, quickly find the one spot Lara can climb out at, thereís a Ninja waiting. Kill him and pick up the Guardian Key he drops, then kill the crocodile. Using the ledges, work your way Clockwise around the room to use the key and open the grated door, push the button, opening the small door across and make your way back. There are several scissors blades but they really donít stop you from picking up Canopic Jar #2, the camera shows you the small door under the altar opening.

Swim into an opened door and open 2 underwater doors, grabbing the Uzis behind one and Uzi Clips behind the other. Go back into the big room and get some air, swim back into the small door and into a crack on the Right, through the passage and then Left and up to surface and push a button. This has raised the water level, enabling you to surface in another passage. Before jumping back into the water, look up and grab a ledge above, at the hallwayís end, pull up another level, and again at the end of that hallway. Drop into a room and grab the Explosive Crossbow Ammo and across the room, a Secret, Guardian Key. Jump into the water hole and swim down, and before the crack, swim straight up, surface and push the button, go through the door and find yourself back in the altar room.

Go to the door under the altar and pull the reach in switch, opening the small door between the 2 grated doors outside. First, go back behind the altar to the Right again and turn Left this time. Jump and grab the high ledge, slide down and be ready for another Ninja. After youíve disposed of him, go to the corner where he came from and find a button to push. Go into the door that opens and on the Right push a button, continue to find another button, the escape door has shut behind you. Jump over a slope and push yet another button, climb back over and go straight to find an outdoor area. Jump up on the ledge to grab some Explosive Crossbow Ammo, and push a green button behind a tree. Head around to the other side and find a reach in switch. Return to the hall of doors and go into the one on the Left, as soon as you enter, turn Left and pull up into a high crawlspace, take the Shotgun Normal Ammo, pull another reach in switch and the door back into the entrance room is open. Climb back up the slope and out the crawlspace, go outside now.

Enter the door in the center, shoot a vase to reveal a button to push and go into the opened door. Follow the passage and pick up some Explosive Crossbow Ammo, continue to place Canopic Jar #1. At the end of the passage, jump into the water and swim straight to the end and up to surface, place Canopic Jar #2, continue around the corner and back towards the entrance, turning into an opened door on the Left just before you go outside, push another button.

Go back inside and in the door you saw in the flyby. Jump over the urn into the shallow water and continue back.

As you approach the doorway, (this is really cool) a Ninja drops from the ceiling in front of Lara, 2 more attack as you enter. Kill all 3, then go up the stairs, turn Left and look for the monkeyswing. Stand on the ledge between the 2 gold columns facing the slope under the monkeyswing. Run and jump to bounce off the slope and grab the monkeyswing, continue to the opening on the Right, turn and face it, release and grab the edge, crawl in, push the button, kill a Ninja. Drop down and climb the steps again and go into the opened door, follow the passage to a pool, notice the cage in the middle? You may be able to kill a crocodile before jumping in but thereís another one waiting. Pick up the Small Medi from the underwater ledge in the center, then swim down into the structure below the doorway where you entered, and under the wall. Surface and crawl under and continue to an opening. This is a tricky little jump in a couple of ways. First, stand in the opening and put Laraís back against the Right wall, jump, pressing action, down to the ledge on the Left. Now walk to the edge of the pit, back up 1 step and take a hop back, staying on the Right wall. Run/jump, pressing action to land safely across on the slanted block. Now another tricky bit, walk to the edge again, back off 1 step and jump/grab. Youíll be hanging from a deadly pit you cannot see from where you began. Pull up to go grab the Secret, the 3rd Guardian Key. There are 4 receptacles for the keys in this room, the one immediately on the wall Left is a trap, Lara will burn if she uses it. Place the 3 keys in the other 3 receptacles and the door there opens.

This is very tricky now, but worth it. I donít think many people have been able to accomplish this. From the door you are going to work your way counter clock-wise to the high flat block on the left, across from the burning roof corner. Run and jump to the right roof corner, getting Lara to the slope on the West wall, hang and shimmy as far Left as you can, pull up and backflip and bounce off the slope behind with a left curve back to the flat block ahead. Save your game. Next, Lara must jump over the corner that is burning to bounce and hang from the slope on the South wall, shimmy over to the middle and backflip to stand on a flat tile again. Now, face East and just hop onto the corner to bounce and grab the slope on against that wall, shimmy as far Left as you can, pull up an jump/roll to face the other way, and bounce back with a right curve to clear the corner tile and grab and shimmy Right to just before the burning tile, backflip to the flat tile. Climb up one tile higher and run/jump with action across to the corner above the burning corner and up to the top to collect the Grenade Gun. Save your game again and perform a tricky little curved jump from the corner in front of the pillar with the button across to push the button. Return to the receptacle room.

Hop back over the pit and again to the ledge ahead, go around the corner and back out into the temple, around Left into another open door, through the passage to come out once again to the room with the cage in the center of the pool. Turn and drop into the water again, swimming under the crack and up, surface and pull up. Turn and run/jump grab the opening on the other side of the water. Hop over Left to the flat spot and then run/jump down to the ledge and push the button, the cage lowers. Run/jump over to grab the Amulet of Horus and the next level loads.

Temple of Luxor

This looks identical to the Karnak 2 you just left. Go down the steps and back behind the temple to push a floor lever, donít bother hanging around, thereís nothing else to do here, and thereís nothing in the vases. Back up the steps, go into the passage behind, follow it to go up to another ledge and approach the double doors. They open automatically and there are 2 guards shooting. Kill them and go down the slope into the opening, continue through the sandy, outside area and into the temple. You are standing in a huge room with many closed doors. Go into the open doorway to the Left. In an outside room with a deep pit, find the lever to push, partially filling the pit with water, jump in. Swim into the passage and Right under a crack. From the ledge, run to jump and grab the ladder structure across, shimmy Right and from the bottom, backflip/roll to grab the ladder behind. Shimmy around the corner Left and backflip/roll again to catch the edge of the slope, shimmy over Right to stand. Turn and jump forward to grab the monkeyswing above and swing over to the switch, raising the water level, face the ledge and Lara will drop onto it. Push the lever and swim out of the room, at the junction, swim Right, Up, Left, Up, and Left to surface in a room with another lever. Back into the water, swim Down and Right straight ahead to surface and push yet another lever. Jump back into the water and swim to the Down passage and Left into the main pool, climb into the doorway, turn and run/jump to the ledge across and into the opened door. At the end of the passage, run to jump over the spike pit. Drop/hang and shimmy either way to pull up and slide down the slope to jump with a curve behind the central structure and pick up the Hand of Orian. On the wall, jump to catch the high crawlspace, go through and climb the ladder, follow the passage to drop down to before the spike pit, return to the door and jump over to the other doorway. Follow the passage to the end, turn and climb the ladder above, shimmy Left and go through and drop back down to the outside, go back to the room with many doors.

Enter the open door opposite this one, follow the passage to a slope, slide down, the door opens automatically. Carefully jump into the room, and over the fire tiles onto the raised platform with the lever. This is timed but really very easy. Push the lever and side flip [iRight[/I] twice, you end up in the door way while a whole mountain of boulders come rolling down the hill. Now go to the opened door across the way, go up the hill above the door, jump across the fire tile, to the doorway and jump over the fire tile past the doorway. Be careful you donít jump too far and end up in the gully with the boulders, as another boulder comes rolling down the slope inside the doorway. Now itís safe to continue into the door, through the passage and into another room. There are mummies walking around in here but they donít pose any threat. In the opposite corner find a ladder to climb up, shimmy over to stand. Climb the wall and shimmy Left over the slope, forget the slope, it wonít help you, get well above it and backflip with a roll to catch the opening behind. Run/jump across to the pillar ahead and then hang/drop down, there are more mummies, shoot one of the vases to pick up some Uzi Clips and again, climb a ladder. At the top, shimmy over a bit and drop onto the slope, bouncing back and forth using your arrow keys to end up on the flat spot. Along the wall with the windows, is a monkeyswing on the ceiling. Slide a bit and jump to catch it, swinging over to the other side. The last window is open, go out and onto the ledge to the Right, you are outside, high above the temple entrance. Turn to face the slopes, run and jump over the slope and grab the next flat spot, hop over the next slope and run and jump over the last to grab once again. Pick up Cartouche Piece 1, return to the open window. As you come out of the window, a guard shoots, kill him and go around the back corner and push a lever. Slide and jump across to the flat spot, hang and drop to the ground, then drop outside to the ground and go back into the temple, the room with many doors and use the Hand of Orian to open the closed door on the Northwall, slide down and kill the guard thatís waiting.

This is a water maze of many tunnels, no worries about running out of air, there are plenty of places to catch your breath. Your main purpose here is to fine 2 Hands in these tunnels. Jump into the center hole, swim North, go up and around a corner to go Northagain, turn Left, go up and follow the passage down and surface to a room with a guard waiting. Push the lever, return to the water, follow the only way and the go East to surface in a tank colored hall. Go into the room, on the upper levels, you see 2 sets of statues. Stand on the flat spot of a sloped block, jump ahead to stand on a partially sloped/partially flat block. You must use the flat spot to do a curved run/jump to grab the upper ledge. Get in between the statues and push the 1st one out of the way, then move the 2nd one. Get behind the slope, pull up and immediately jump to grab the monkeyswing, swing across and when you are over the slopes, turn to face the wall and drop/slide/hang. Shimmy all the way around Right until you can stand opposite. Run and jump the space to land on the far slope, hang and shimmy as far Right as possible, pull up and backflip/roll with a curve left to land on the ledge. Move these statues to find the 2nd Hand of Orian underneath. Hang/drop to the floor. Return to the water, you must still find one more passage in a corner swimming up a long way. Push a floor lever and then in the South West corner, find a ladder to climb. Follow a passage to another ladder to climb, at the end of that passage, climb down to pick up the Hand of Sirius. Make sure Lara is at full health, stand on the greyish blue ledge next, crawl back to hang/drop to the floor of the room with many doors. *Note* This main area leading to the water tunnels had a tile which opened a gate, higher in the wall, this was timed and I never figured it out.

Use the Hand of Orian in the far door on the South wall. At the junction, turn Left. Go down and grab the pole, slide down one level, backflip off and shoot the guard. Move the 2 statues onto the patterned tiles. Use the pole to go down another level, in the South East corner, is another lever to push. Climb back up the pole to the top room, go back into the passage and around to find an almost identical room, hop down and kill a scorpion. Climb down the pole, move the statues in this room also, you see a Hand behind the bars. Go into an adjoining room, light a flare and pull up into a passage, jump over the gap and find some Shotgun Normal Ammo, on the way back, you can go down and see the other cartouche piece, which we will get later. Go back to the climbing pole, and go down to the bottom level. Go into the center and climb the block to the Right, turn around, see the ladder above and ahead? Back up on the block and do a running/jump/grab to the ladder, climb up. Turn, hop the gap, go down and grab the Hand of Orian, make your way back to the room with many doors.

Go back into the door right of the entrance, the room with the fire tiles and all the boulders where the mummies are. Go straight to grab a crawlspace high on the wall, crawl through, on the other side, pick up some Flares and go in the open gate to push a lever. Return to the room, in the opposite corner there is a hole in the floor, turn to face West and hang from the edge, drop and jump to a flat spot. Climb up to a higher block, run/jump over a slope. Jump past the sloped block to catch the edge of the higher one beyond. Grab the monkeyswing and swing over the deadly water. Drop onto the high block across, find some Wideshot Shotgun Ammo, return to the high block and resume monkeyswinging, following it to the Right and dropping down shortly before the flaming tiles you can see. Save your game, the other tiles are spiked and deadly. You must jump just so to climb the ladder, go all the way up and then move over to pull into the opening. Run back, pick up the 2nd Hand of Sirius and hurry away for the ceiling over the hand is also spiked. Carefully climb back down the ladder, save your game and make your way back to the monkeyswing. To grab, back up to the slope, move forward 1 step and backflip off to catch the monkeyswing, go back over to the high block, and jump to grab the edge of the opening there and crawl through. Climb a ladder and when you get to what appears to be a double deadly tile hall, only the second tile spits spikes, but itís still tricky getting over. Drop down into the room with the mummies, to get out of here, climb the ladder again in the corner, instead of hopping over into the next room, hang/drop down into the opening.

Now open the door requiring 2 hands. As you go in, you are attacked by 2 guards, after shooting them, look around. This is another room similar to a previous one but this has 4 holes to drop into. The are all interconnected by crawlspaces and it doesnít much matter how you do it, but you are wanted to get 2 gates opened. Also be careful of scorpions. I suppose a good place to start would be the hole in the South East corner. In this room, another crawl space leads to a ladder, taking you to the ledges above the outside area.

From above, first use the ledge and first slope to jump onto the 1st grey walkway, on the other side, jump to the ledge and hang/drop/grab to crawl into a room. Light a flare and find a lever to push. This shuts off the fire in the 2 moving statue rooms. Weíll go back there later. Hang/drop out the window and make your way back above. Jump over to pick up some Shotgun Normal Ammo and onto the 2nd grey walkway for some Grenade Gun Ammo. Continue to work your way around to the lever. This opens a gate in a crawl space in the room facing the [North East[/I] corner, crawl through, go up and push a lever, opening a the final gate. Crawl through the opening next to this one, then continue through the next 3 rooms to find the open gate. First, in this room, find the crawlspace leading to the ladder, climb up and hang drop to the outside, go back to the room with many doors.

Go into the room with the double moving statues puzzle, climb onto the ledge straight ahead and jump to grab the ladder, climb up and towards to top, backflip to find a Secret, the Revolver. Jump to grab the ladder and climb down to the bottom, this is the fire you put out a short time ago, go into the passage, drop down and collect the 2nd Cartouche Piece. Return to the 4 rooms connected by tunnels. Again, itís the South East opening you want, crawl through the open gate, place the Hand of Orian to open the doors. Combine and place the Cartouche Pieces to turn off the electric current, grab the last Hand to end the level.