Tomb of Kjartan

Level by Kjartan (February, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

You s
tart by a long flyby down a corridor to end with Lara. Follow that corridor and jump over the two mummies. Go north and follow the parallel corridor to the end for Uzi ammo and Uzi's. Return and go up the stairs. The vase in the middle north alcove has a small medipack. The other vases are empty. Avoid the mummies and go west up the stairs into another room. The camera view will change. There is Uzi ammo by a south wall. Notice the circular gate at the west wall. On the platform, move the statue onto the tile with a picture of an Egyptian pharaoh. The gate in the north wall opens. Drop into the room and go to the north wall area. Use the floor lever and climb back out of the room.


Go back down the stairs to the mummies and the door is open at the east wall. Run into the room and turn north. Kill the ninja before he steals an item. Go onto the west platform where he was going. Shoot a vase in a corner and pick up a small medipack. You may also see a tunnel in the west wall. There is also a tunnel in the north wall. Go to the south and pull up onto a column. Jump the two north columns and then east into a tunnel. Get back out as a spike ball rolls down towards you. When safe, use the columns again and get back into the east tunnel. At the top, run to the south to kill two ninjas and pick up flares. Go west into the water and get Uzi ammo and an Eye Piece. Go back down the tunnel and enter the tunnel you saw on the west platform.


Follow the tunnel to a pit. Turn around and slide down the slope backwards. Grab the end, pull up, back flip, roll, and grab the column. Pull up onto the column. Jump the remaining columns to get to the east ledge. Pick up the Eye Piece in the corner. Go to the gate and it opens for you. Follow the tunnel back to the room with the spike ball. Exit the room and return back up the stairs and into the room with the circular door.


Make the Eye of Horus to open the circular door. Enter the door and get a flyby of Lara standing in front of a deep pit. Jump north to a corner ledge. Then jump the ledges to the west to the north-west corner. Run and jump with grab to the south and land in the water. Pick up Uzi ammo from the bottom and notice a closed gate at the bottom. Climb up and pull up to the shorter north column. Jump the columns to the east and finally jump south to the large platform. Some of the tiles on the platform are fire traps. The best route is to drop and grab the edge and then shimmy to the far right side. Pick up flares and go to the far wall and use the floor lever. There is a large medipack in the east corner but be careful of the fourth row that contains a fire trap.


Dive into the water and enter the open gate. The tunnel splits into three directions. Take the north tunnel. Pull up into a room with columns. Go north and take the first corridor to the right. Go to the end to kill a ninja and pull a floor lever. Exit and continue north. In the next branch, kill a ninja in front of a closed door. Continue north and enter the open door. Go up the ramp and pull up to the top of the wall. Go to the far south wall and use the floor lever. Safety drop to the ground and go to the middle branch where the double doors are now open. Go up the stairs and kill a ninja. Run north and get a flyby of the area. Go north and climb to the top ledge to pick up Cartouche Piece 2.


Go back to the water and continue swimming into the west tunnel. Pull up into a room and go north, west and north again. Follow the tunnel to the end and use the floor lever. Go back to the water hole and go to the west. Ignore the first branch since that goes back to the floor lever. Follow the tunnel and shoot a vase in a side tunnel for a small medipack. Continue and you reach a pit. Light a flare and enter a side tunnel to the west. Pick up Uzi ammo and a large medipack. Continue and jump another pit and emerge into a room with high columns. Go to the north-east corner. Back flip off a slope to jump and grab the gray column. Continue climbing the columns and at the very top, pick up Cartouche Piece 1. Get down and go back to water hole. Do not forget about the deep pits and the tunnel detour.


Go back to the water and continue swimming into the south tunnel. Pull up to another tunnel and continue to enter a large open area with the receptacle. Hop onto the ledge and go to the north-west corner for Uzi ammo. Make the Ba Cartouche and use it to open the large doors at the top of the east stairs. Kill the three scorpions that sneak up on you. Go to north-east corner where another small gate has opened. Enter the tunnel to climb up into a room. Go to the back wall and pick up the Hand of Orion. Exit back to the open area and kill two ninjas.


Go up the stairs and enter the doors. Run down the east corridor to an open area with large columns. Kill the four ninjas that appear. Go to the north-east corner and climb a pole to back flip to a column. Jump two columns to the west and then jump south to the central column. Jump south to grab a crevice and shimmy to the right to pull up into a tunnel. Follow the tunnel and kill two scorpions. At the end of the tunnel, jump east to a column by the statue. Jump north to the next statue. Climb to the back of the statue and use the Hand of Orion to open the double doors in the east wall. Enter the doors and run south to a large outdoor area. Run down the ramp to towards the jeep and the level ends.