ISS 101
by Bob LaChapelle

Back flip to a secret ledge just before the countdown. Get the first gem. If
you didn't beat the countdown, you'll slide to a dark lower room after the
countdown. In this dark room on the first floor, get 4 gems from every
corner. As you step out each planet's ledge, you'll hear a distinct sound.
For the earth and sun ledges, you hear HAL of 2001 Space Oddysey. Go to the
sun ledge. Turn your back and angle a short back jump and grab the ladder
just below the ledge. Climb down the second floor.

On this yet another dark room with colorful columns, you may get 6 more gems
(5 on the floor and 1 on the central column). Go down the trapdoor into the
yellow room. Take the right door to get the gem in a corner. There is a
ladder behind this gem but don't climb yet. Instead, run the length of this
long dark hall and you'll get another gem at the end. You cannot pass thru
the passages on one side of this hall. Exploration of these rooms will have
to be done on the other side. Now, sprint back to the dark corner ladder and
climb back to the second floor.

Use the ropes to reach 5 tall pillars (every corner and a central one) and
get the gems there. Go thru the trapdoor again, back to the yellow room. So
you now have a total of 18 gems (or 17 if you missed the secret one at the
very beginning. But don't worry. You may still get this).

At the yellow room, you might have noticed that when you pass thru the door
on the right (and every subsequent crawlspaces in each room from hereon),
you won't be able to get back except thru a ladder in a dark corner behind
the gem there.

Important : In the next 11 rooms (sun, planets, and exit rooms) with gem
holders, there is only one solution for each. If you waste a gem or two, you
need to go back to a savegame as there's no way you can finish the puzzles
if you lack the necessary gems (and there'll be no more gems other than the

There's logic to the puzzles; the patterns of the gems in each room are not
arbitrary but do follow a definite code. If you can figure that out, you are
a good astronomer! If you want the code (just for your added knowledge), you
may try emailing the author for a detailed explanation.
Otherwise, just do
this next bit in a "trial and error" manner. Either way, your goal is to
open the shield of each room, using the gems in a specific combination, in
order to advance from one room to the next.

The following is the tabular solution :

Room No. of satellites gems

0000 Sun 9 01001
0001 Mercury 0 back
0010 Venus 0 back
0011 Earth 1 00001
0100 Mars 2 00010
0101 Jupiter 39 100111
0110 Saturn 18 10010
0111 Uranus 17 10001
Neptune 8 01000
1001 Pluto 1 00001

Important : If you missed getting the secret gem at the beginning (which you
now see at the opposite side of the glass), just place a gem on the
righthand side holder, backtrack to the hall in fixed long cam view, and
locate an invisible wall to pass thru on the second texture to the left.
Then go back thru this same corridor. If you didn't place a gem in the right
holder before passing this way, you won't be able to come back after pulling
up from the one-way shield block. You must now take the long route, that is,
slide from the middle square ( sliding back from the side squares will not
work either; Lara will be a toast!) down to the starting first floor. The
gems have been placed already so just step on the front tiles of the gems to
open the shields of the 11 rooms to go back here to the 101 room.

At the end room you see the hall of space pioneers