Gold Armor 2

Level by Zooltar (August, 2002)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] This level is very dark and has no flares. When I tried to exit, I went back to the start of the level. I had to use CTRL-ALT-DEL to kill the program. [End note]


Just follow the path and go through an opening in a wall. You enter onto a street. The south building is empty but look inside and notice a desk at the south wall. Enter the north building and pick up crossbow poison ammo from the south-west corner of the floor. Exit and go west to kill a guard. Go west to see a large gray church. There is an entrance into a building to the north. This building only contains a trench filled with water. Enter the church and go to the west end of the church. In the corridor north of the altar, you can find crossbow poison ammo on the floor. At the back of the altar, you can pick up the laser sight. In the corridor south of the altar, you can find crossbow poison ammo on the floor.


Continue south and use the binoculars for light. Look to the south wall and see a dark block. This will be for later. Continue east and find a jump switch on a column. Pull down the jump switch on the back of the column. Exit the church and run back down the street to the south building with a desk. There is an open alcove to the right of the desk. There is a switch there for a timed run. But first we should find the correct door. Exit the building and go west to the church. Then go to the north-west corner and go between the two gray walls. Turn north and enter a doorway. There should be two long tables to your left. Look to your north and up and see a hole in the ceiling. The wall below the hole is climbable. The timed door is up there.


You still have work to do before the timed run. Exit the room and go east to see a closed door in the north wall. Open it and the room is empty except for a fireplace. Exit and go east to see three closed doors in the north wall. Open the left door for an empty bedroom. Open the middle door to another bedroom. There is an adjoining bedroom to the east. Enter there and pull down a jump switch on the south wall. The third door leads to another empty bedroom. Now go back to the switch and pull it. First, shoot the windows in that building so you can save time by jumping through them. Actually, you have to go that way. If you use the door, you will never make it. Pull the switch, run and jump through the north-west window. Sprint down the street and into the room with the two tables. Climb the north wall and sprint to the end of the corridor. Run into the open door to your left. Enter the room and the door stays open. Go west into a small room and pull down a jump switch on the west wall. Exit the room and go back outside.


Go west and you enter an area with a fountain. Jump on the middle of the fountain for Uzi's. Swim near the bottom of the fountain and pick up twelve Uzi ammo. Get out and go south to kill two guards.  Look to the west wall for a door that you can open. Enter and see five closed doors. Open the north wall door first. Inside the room is a wall switch. Use the wall switch and steam appears on the floor. Exit and you can open the other four doors. The doors open to small rooms with toilets. Exit this room and back into the street. Go to the south-east corner and enter an area with four water pools and a mound in the middle. Go to the mound and you can see ammo in the room below. Do not drop in there because you cannot get out. Exit the room and just run back to the church.


In the church go to the dark block in the south-west corner. Pull out the movable block and push it to one side. Kill the guard who has sneaked up behind you. Enter the opening and climb down to a tunnel. Follow the tunnel to the south and then west to kill a guard. At the end of the tunnel, climb down the wall and enter a large room with steps in the middle. This is the room that you saw from above. Kill four guards and go to the central steps. Enter the shallow depression at the top for the revolver and three revolver ammo. Go to the south-west corner and safety drop into the hole in the corner. You enter a room with barrels along the walls. Go north to the next room, go west, and north again to pick up the crossbow behind a barrel in the north-west corner. Go south and find an exit in the south-east corner.


Enter the open door and follow the corridor. This is a collection of many alcoves, each containing a desk. Search all the alcoves for two guards and a large medipack. When done, exit into a tunnel in the east wall, near the entrance to the corridor. Safety drop on the other end of the tunnel and you are in a library maze.



In the map above, "S#" is a switch that opens door "D#". The maze is more confusing than it appears because of the library bookshelves that confuse your view. When you get to "X" and hop onto the block to pick up the Breast Plate, the level ends.