Small Adventure in a City

Level by Damian Knurowa (July, 2002)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] There are three files to process. I started with the first city (coastal) selection in the menu. [End note]

City (Coastal)

Go west and go left around the building. Continue west and look south for a receptacle for later. Go up the ramp and find red shotgun shells behind the block. Go to a similar ramp on the north side and find Uzi ammo. Go down and through the gateway in the west. Ignore the two empty alcoves to the sides and approach the large open metal gate. Then hop back to a block to kill two crocodiles and three wild pigs. Go north past two cages with wild pigs. Continue north to the end of the street. Behind a fence is a Cafe de Flore. Go into the dark north-west corner beside it and pull up into an opening in the north wall. Get down the other side and enter an opening in the west wall. Safety drop into the pit and pick up the crowbar. Pull up to the west side at a little to the right of the middle wall. Jump the pit and return to the street.

Go south and turn east onto another wide street. Just follow the street and get into an opening in the east wall. Follow the path through the rooms to reach a closed gate. Use the crowbar to open the gate. Enter the gate and jump over the open trap door to kill two wild pigs. The trap door leads to a deadly firetrap. Follow the tunnel into the north-west corner and the level changes.

City (City of the Dead)

You start in front of a slope and you see a motorcycle. Drive the motorcycle over the slope and run over a guard. There is Uzi ammo on the ledge beside him. Continue east and drive through some barricades and run over another guard. Pick up the Uzis that are left behind. You can move the dead guard on the ground but there is nothing to collect. Go to the gate and go south in a dark alcove. Find a crawl space hidden by leaves and get on the other side of the gate. Use the floor lever and the gate opens. You get a cut scene of a guard appearing. Either shoot the guard or run back through the gate to get the motorcycle and drive over him. You need the motorcycle to get to the top of a north slope and then you have to leave it behind.

Go north down a slope and you hear a gate open. Continue and kill a guard that emerges from the open north-east gate. There is an area to the west but it contains nothing and a big gate to the north. Enter the east gate and use the floor lever and the door closes behind you. I just left the floor lever alone. You see a hole in the north-east corner. Drop and start to slide as the level changes.

Library under City (Library)

You slide down into a library room. Go west and pick up the crossbow and laser sight. There is nothing in the three vases. Go west and enter a room with a fountain. Notice a closed trap door in the water. The two vases are empty. Continue west and then north into another room. Kill a horseman that attacks. Shoot the three balls hanging from the ceiling and the gate opens in the east wall. Enter the tunnel to pry Golden Star #1 off the wall. Return to the fountain and go south. At the first junction, go west to shoot a vase and pick up Uzis. Notice a ladder at the west wall but save it for later. Continue south, past two fountains and go to the back wall. If you go by the west side, you may notice a closed gate at the west wall. At the back wall, turn west and push open a double door.

Enter the room and pick up a Pharos Knot from a pedestal. You see the receptacles for four stars and a closed gate in the south wall. Enter the opening at the west wall to lure out a horseman to kill. Move the two globes onto the yellow circles and white lights appear above the globes. Go back to the two fountains and dive it. Swim under the floor and see a hole in the floor. Swim down and then south to pull up into a room. Go forward to see two large wheels. Kill a horseman and pick up a Horseman's Gem. Go to the south-west corner and climb a ladder down into a hole. At the end of the tunnel, pry Golden Star #2 off the wall. Pick up a Music Scroll off the floor and climb back up the ladder.

Swim back to the fountains and go to the west. Use the Horseman's Gem to open the gate. Go to the back of the tunnel and pry Golden Star #3 off the wall. If you were here before moving the globes, there would have been a hole in the floor and the star would be out of reach. Return to the ladder you saw and climb up into a room. Use the Music Scroll on the podium. You get a cut scene of Lara playing the instrument and a door opening. A fire wraith attacks so drop down the ladder and run south and dive into either water fountain to get rid of it. The fountain to the north is too shallow to kill the wraith. Go back up the ladder and enter the door. Pry Golden Star #4 off the wall and return to the room needing the four stars. Use the four starts and the south gate opens. Enter the gate and the level changes.

City (Coastal)

You are in a dark hole. Pull up to the east side onto a street. Go east and kill three wild pigs that attack from the north. Go south past the empty cages and then east. Go the south-east section where you saw the receptacle on the wall. Use the Pharos Knot and the gate opens. Run down the tunnel and the level changes.

The End (Tutorial level)

The bottom of the screen states that this is “The end”. You are back at the tutorial level so just quit the game.