Level by Piotr Klonowski (Pedros) (April, 2003)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie The Castle by Piotr Klonowski (Pedros) (April, 2003)

Go forward into an area with two opens doors and two closed doors. Kill three pigs that attack. Get behind the block to the East and pick up the Hathor Effigy. Behind the block to the West are shotgun shells. Go around the ledge above you for shotgun shells and two Uzi clips. Go to the South-West room and kill a crocodile. Go to the next room for shotgun shells on a block in the South-West corner. Go to the North-East room and follow the corridor to pick up flares. In the next room go to the back ledge and crawl under the collapsed roof and find normal crossbow ammo in a trench corner. Get back to the start room and enter the archway to the North. You face a closed grid. Go the right and kill a pig. Notice the receptacle for a star and at the end the stand for the Portal Guardian. There is also a pit near the left wall that will lead to the final exit.

For now return to the closed grid and go to the left side. At the corner, do not go straight, as you need an item that you do not have yet. Instead go into the opening on the left and follow to a room with small raised blocks. At the East wall, grab a crevice and shimmy to the right to drop into a hole in the corner. Pick up the shotgun and the Ornate Handle. Climb out and go West for Uzi clips. Then go North for shotgun shells. Go back to the first corridor and at the end make the Portal Guardian and use it to open the door. Follow the tunnel to a dark stairs and kill a pig. Light a flare and climb the stairs until you come to a hole. Then jump and grab a ledge to the upper left. Do this a few times, picking up flares on the way, until you reach the top and turn right into a tunnel. Climb some blocks, follow to stairs and go up to a room with a skeleton and a pig. Look to the North-East and see a slope that you can actually stand on. Jump up there, turn around, a climb a wall down to a grassy area with a pool. Dive in and follow an underwater tunnel in the South-East. This is secret #1. Swim around for two explosive crossbow ammo, large medipack, grenade gun, grenade shells, shotgun shells, and Uzi clips. Swim back out and start the long climb up the wall. Now that you have decent weapons, blow up the enemies. Pick up explosive crossbow ammo, Uzi clips, small medipack, and the Pharos Knot from the floor and carefully go back down all the stairs.

Go back to the closed grid and pass it. At the end, turn right and go straight this time. Pick up flares in a right alcove. Continue to the end and go up some stairs and use the Pharos Knot to open the gate there. Go inside, kill two crocodiles, and run up the steps. Get on the top ledge and pick up the crowbar. The ledges to the North are for later. Step down and get into a hole under the ledge. The left hole contains the Uzi's. The right hole contains a crawl space. Go through the crawl space and down a ramp. Drop into a tunnel and follow the tunnel to a large room with many holes. The hole to the left at the bottom of the stairs has a crawl space. First go North into a hole for shotgun shells. Exit and hop to the ledge and pry the Golden Star from the wall. Turn left and go down the tunnel and into the crawl space at the end to pick up the crossbow, Uzi clips, and flares. Exit through the other crawl space and go South for shotgun shells. Go to the crawl space in the hole by the stairs. Crawl in and stand up in a tunnel. Go to the right and pick up Uzi clips and shotgun shells and eventually arrive at a block to climb. Enter another tunnel and at the end drop down into a room. Pick up shotgun shells from a ledge and kill two crocodiles. As you approach the door in the next room a pig and crocodile attack from the back. When they are dead, approach the door that opens for you. Exit and you are back in the starting area.

Go left to the closed grid area. Go right to use the Golden Star on the receptacle to open the door at the bottom of the steps to the right. Go down the stairs and pick up flares. At the bottom of the stairs enter a dark area. Go straight and the gate opens for you. Go inside the room for shotgun shells and Uzi clips. Wait around and six skeletons arrive to attack you. Exit the room and go South into some rooms. One room is empty. The other has shotgun shells, explosive crossbow ammo, and Uzi clips. You have also awakened three skeletons that follow you into the room. Exit and go North into a room on the right for two shotgun shells and a Horseman's Gem. Also kill another skeleton that shows up. The next room North has Uzi clips. Finally go to the North wall to awake the last two skeletons. Exit this area and go back up the stairs to the closed grid. Continue and go right up to the area where you use the Pharos Knot. Go inside the door back to the ledge where you found the crowbar.

Follow the ledge to the right and jump over the stairs to the other ledge. Go left and go into the first hole for Uzi clips and two shotguns shells. Exit and go to the second hole to use the Horseman's Gem to open the door. Pick up flares and slide down to a ledge. Pick up more flares and go into a hole for shotgun shells and explosive crossbow ammo. Drop down and go the closed grid that is now open for you. Run down the stairs and enter a tunnel. Kill a pig and exit into an open area. Wait on the grass to the left and kill a pig and three crocodiles that come to you. Climb over the East wall to pick up two shotgun shells. Climb back and go West. Go South to a tree to pick up Uzi clips and kill a pig. Exit and in a South-West alcove are flares and kill a crocodile that attacks you. Go North towards the water and go East on this upper cliff to pick up explosive crossbow ammo. Hop to a lower level and go West for Uzi clips. From here you can safely kill three crocodiles as they approach the shore. Get down to the water level and pick up shotgun shells.

Get into the water and swim. Behind the first left column to the North-West is a crawl space on the floor bottom. Swim and follow the underwater tunnel to a room. Avoid the crocodile as much as possible and pick up the Gate Key from the floor at the West wall. Pick up Uzi clips near the entrance. Now swim back to the outside and surface. The crocodile may follow you out so you can kill it. Go to the island in the East to kill a pig and get shotgun shells. Now go back to the entrance at the top of the left side of the shore. Climb the steps and exit the open grid. Go left and left again and go to the hole in the floor. Climb down and kill two skeletons and pick up a large medipack. Use the Gate Key to open the gate. Go forward and kill another two skeletons that appear. Drop into a hole and run into the dark tunnel. Kill another two skeletons and continue down the tunnel as the level end.