Hidden Temple of Ramhaktak

Level by David H. (September, 2002)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] A reviewer noted that the monkey swings are very steep and impassible at any angle. He used the fly cheat to get around the problem. Unfortunately, I have to admit that I did the same. It will be noted when it occurs. This level also crashes a lot and there are places that are unplayable and/or unreachable. There are some areas that I could not access and probably a few secrets that I could not find. [End note]

[Opinion] The author states in his notes that he tried to make the level as hard as possible. I think that he missed the entire point of making custom levels. This level is not fun at all. He also stated that there are bugs but he was not interested in fixing them. Read the reviews about the level to see if it is worth playing or not. I wish that I had before I started the level. [End opinion]

Go forward and slide down the slope backwards. Grab at the end and safety drop onto a platform. You get a flyby of the area. Run and jump to grab the rope and swing into an opening in the very dark south-west corner. You should check with the binoculars before jumping to the rope. Jump over the flames to a south-west alcove. Get secret #1 and a small medipack. Exit and jump down to the ledge. There is nothing to do here yet so jump to the ledge at the west wall.

You need to save a lot inside the tunnels. The author uses triangular slopes in crawl spaces that are difficult to traverse and in many places you will get stuck and cannot recover. Basically you move, save, move, save, etc. Inside to the north is a spike pit than you cannot get past without dying. Go south, west and south again and drop into a water pool. Pull up into a crawl space to the west side. Follow this through a place where you can get stuck (a sticky place). Go west again and look through a gap in the north-east to see flares that you cannot reach. Continue west until you see an opening to your left that goes to a trench with water. But first go to the right through another sticky place and drop into a hole. Pull up and at the next hole, shimmy around to pull up to the east. If you fall into the hole, it is a spike trap. Go east, drop into a hole and pull up again. Go north down a slope and then follow another upwards slope to pick up Uzi's. Go back and at the junction go south into a hole. Pull up the other side and go left to get the flares. Notice the picture of an angry animal on the wall. Go back the way you came and this time go left and drop into a trench with water.

Follow the trench and go left into a crawl space. Go up the slope and sown the other side. Go east and then go into another sticky place. Go west up a small ramp and look south and see a pole. Go a little further and then south down a ramp. At the bottom, go west until you can stand up and look around for flares. Then go east and very carefully go around the rock hanging from the ceiling to get into a corner and stand up. There is a spike ball will drop on you if you get onto the colored tiles. Stand on a north block with the spike ball above your head. Run to the west over the tile and jump to the pole and climb up. Climb very high as the spike ball can still reach you. When the spike ball stops, back flip over it and pick up the old temple key. Now go back to the water trench. On the way back you may see a water hole behind a plant. You can go there for crossbow normal ammo and then return to the trench.

Continue down the trench, as the water gets deeper. You will find a ladder on the north wall. Climb it and enter a small room. Drop down the other side and go north to the back wall. Then return south to pick up the laser sight and run out of the way of a falling spike ball. Climb out of the pit and back to the water trench. Continue in the trench until you can swim. Swim into a crawl space to the left and follow the tunnel to an underwater door. Pull open the door and enter to pick up a gun called Carrier. Return and continue swimming down the trench. Stand up on a pillar and jump up to grab a rope. Swing over a ledge with a gate. From there you can safely kill the crocodile. As you move around notice that Lara looks up into the north-east corner. Dive into the water and swim to the south-west floor area to get the crossbow. Go behind the large plant at the west wall and swim inside to get secret #2 and Carrier electrified ammo. Again use the rope to get back to the ledge.

Although Lara can see a large medipack on the north-east column, I could never get it. As much as I swung with the rope, I always seem to get deflected by an invisible wall. The same thing applied trying to swing to the north-west corner. Go to the gate and use the key and the gate opens. Go inside and the gate closes. Kill an Amazon woman and go east to pick up the Bindianas' Shovel. Continue up the steps and go north to get a flyby of the area showing some tiles on fire. Go north to the closed gate and find a cube with a cross. Carefully move it between the fire tiles and onto a tile in the north-east corner. You get a cut scene of the fire stopping. If you turn and shoot the box, you will see an item surrounded by fire. Go around to the other side and pick up the old temple key from the pedestal. Go to the south wall and use the key. You get a cut scene of a cage rising in the middle of the floor. Stand by the purple column and jump to the grab the cage and pull up.

At this point, I agree with the reviewers in that the monkey swing is impossible. You know where it goes so use the fly cheat to go there. You hear a door open. Follow the tunnel to the open door. Now you should monkey swing to the north-west corner. Again the monkey swing is impassible so use the fly cheat to get there. Shoot the box and pick up Carrier charged ammo. Save the game at this point. Use the switch on the north wall and immediately side flip to avoid a falling spike ball. You will hear a gate open. Drop into the water and kill another crocodile and use the rope to get to the ledge. Go up the steps and then go to the north-east. The fire is out so pick up the jar of zuluzalu. Now run to the south-east corner and use it in its receptacle. You get a cut scene of a gate opening.

The gate is in the east wall. Go there and jump over a fire tile to grab a ladder. Climb up and pull up into a corridor as the camera view changes. Go up all the ramps to the top and the camera view changes to normal. Notice a box on the floor. Go back to where the camera view changes and use the crossbow and laser sight to shoot the box. Then start running down the slopes as a falling spike ball chases you. Be sure at the end to jump clear of the fire tiles and run out of the spike ball's way. It takes a few tries to memorize the route without hitting a wall. Go to the north wall and into the open gate. Pass through the two pillars and get a cut scene of an underwater gate opening. Pick up the Sword of Ramhaktak and exit the alcove. Swim back through the water and the trench. Go back through the triangular spaces back to the entrance of the maze.

Now go to the right and underneath a triangular crawl space. If you came here earlier, the level would have crashed. Follow the crawl space to get to a plant. Go forward a little and shoot a scorpion before it traps you. Follow the crawl space a little more and drop in a hole with water. You get carried by the current into an underwater maze. This maze is simple enough but the block positions and narrow crawl space placements make it difficult to swim through. There are a few places where you can swim through a wall and are stuck and need to reload. It is just painful to play. When the current stops you can either swim left or right onto crawl spaces. If you go left you will get into a room I will call room A for later reasons. Go right and follow the twisting tunnel until you get a choice for an upper and middle crawl space. Enter the middle crawl space and follow it through a triangular opening to get air. I could not pull up into the crawl space. Now return and go through the upper opening. Follow it to open and underwater door. Do not go after the large medipack, as it is a trap. Go left to open a second underwater door. Open it and go immediately right into a triangular tunnel. At the end go to the back wall and surface for air.

Then swim back to that second door and swim west towards a blue colored section. Open another underwater door and then go left to swim into a large room and quickly surface for air. I will call this room B. Go back to the second door and go north to open another underwater door. Open the door and enter the tunnel for a large medipack and Carrier electrified ammo. Then swim back to the room for air. Go to the north-west to pull up out of the water. Monkey swing to the south-east corner. Monkey swing east and when the ceiling looks dark turn north and follow the monkey swing to a dark north-east corner. You can light a flare and see the author's changes in the wall pictures. Monkey swing south and drop beside a closed door. Use the reach-in switch and the door on the other side of the wall opens in room A. Beetles will pour out of the hole as well.

Now use the air holes and swim back to the where the current carried you. The beetles follow you all the way, of course. Swim through the other side and follow the tunnel to an underwater room. Swim west through an underwater opening in the wall and you arrive in Room A. Swim west to pull up to a ledge. Kill a crocodile from the ledge. Jump south to a ledge and the east to another ledge. Monkey swing north and pick up a small medipack from a pedestal. Enter the open door and go forward and push open the double doors. Enter and press a button to get a cut scene of the door in room B opening. Swim all the way back to room B.

Follow the monkey swing again and reach the open door. Enter and get a cut scene that ends in a door. Go forward and step on a platform. This is the start timer for the door. Follow the tunnel and kill a dog and pick up a large medipack. Learn the route and watch out for the spike pit in front of the door. Then go back and kill another dog before you try the timed run. When you make it, you enter a tunnel. Follow the tunnel to the end and climb a ladder. At the top you get a flyby of a large room. You are on a walkway with transparent walls.

Go down the walkway and kill a dog. Enter a room and the camera view changes. Go left and climb a wall ladder. At the top, use the binoculars and look east to see a jump switch on the north wall in a dark corner. Monkey swing to the corner and pull the jump switch. You drop and the gate opens. Kill an Amazon woman that appears. Enter the door and the camera changes again. You can see a spike ball above your head. The camera view just makes the race more difficult. Sprint and go left, left, right, right hair-pin turn, left hair-pin turn, right turn and straight to a jump switch. Pull the jump switch and a gate opens behind you to stop the spike ball.

Get into the open corridor and go to the end. Jump to a column and then jump to a lower column. Jump into a tunnel in the south wall. Climb a wall ladder and at the top back flip into a tunnel. Notice a switch but first kill a dog and go to the end of the tunnel. You pass two closed gates, three openings and a trap door. At the end climb down the pole at the end. Pick up flares and Carrier charged ammo. Climb back up the pole and go back to the switch. Save in a few slots and this procedure cannot be repeated. Use the switch and run down the tunnel into the west open gate. At the end use the reach-in switch and exit. Turn left and run to the east open gate. At the end use the reach in switch and exit. Pull up on the west side of the trap door and sprint up the ramp before another gate closes. If you fail, reload since the switch cannot be reset. It's a pity because the rooms contain useful ammo but you have no time to pick up the ammo.

You face some partial blocks with thin walkable spaces between them. If you go south and follow the thin openings you can get a revolver. Go back to the closed gate. Go west through the thin spaces and pass a middle thin opening into a corridor. At the end is a series of blocks with a spike ball at the top. At the bottom of the blocks is a doorway to the left with a statue and a mummy. Enter the doorway and lure the mummy away to the back wall. Go to the north side or front of the statue. Push back the cover and pick up the Sun Bird. Then exit the room and avoid the mummy. Climb the blocks and when you hear the spike ball falling, drop back a block and stand against the wall and the spike ball goes over your head. Go back to the top and get into the crawl space in the upper west wall. As you pull up you hear a door opening. Down into a tunnel and face a pole and three openings.

Ignore the pole for now and go south to exit back into the starting room. Use the rope to swing over to the east ledge. The gate there is now open so enter the area. You see several floor levers and wall switches behind gates and transparent partitions. Drop into the hole in the floor and grab the wall. Shimmy to the left and drop onto a ledge. You may to release and grab again to pull up for the final shimmy to the ledge. Pull up to a wall switch. Save before each switch just in case. Use the switch and hear a trap door drop. Go back by the wall and pull up out of the hole. Look to the south wall for a crawl space. Get inside and drop into a hole. Get into the triangular crawl space and go north. If you drop into the hole, the game will crash. Instead go to the right and up a ramp in a crawl space. Save and the get around some sloped ledges (sticky places) to eventually stand up. Look south and pull up into a crawl space. Drop on the other side to a switch. Go south to pick up an old temple key from the floor. Use the switch and you see the gate open beside you. Back to the crawl space and start area. You now have a choice of two possible routes.

Preferred Route A (the easy route).

Now get into the hole to shimmy around the wall again. Pull up the ledge and go through the open gate. Go to the east wall and use the key. You get a flash cut scene and hear a trap door drop. Back to the hole and shimmy back to the starting area again. Do not pull up into the trap door. Jump up to grab the wall on the west side. Climb up and do an extremely long miserable wall shimmy to pull up into an alcove. Save again of course. Use the floor lever and hop back to avoid a falling spike ball. You get a cut scene of another trap door falling. You can jump to grab the ceiling and monkey swing at an angle to get over the deadly floor and drop back to the start area. Go left and climb into the other trap door. Follow the tunnel to the end and drop to a floor lever. Be careful of the fire and use the floor lever. You get a cut scene of a gate opening. This gate is back at the first wall switch so back into the hole to shimmy around the lava again. Pull go and follow the open gates to an upper opening.

Pull up and slide down to a ramp. Run down a ramp and pass a closed gate to arrive at a button. Save again of course. Push the button, roll, and run up the ramp into the open gate before the spike ball drops on you. Enter and turn to the right as the gate drops. Sprint to the bottom and turn left to avoid a spike ball. Turn and sprint up the ramp and into an opening on the right side before another spike ball flattens you. At the end of the last ramp, climb a ladder up to some steps and hear a gate open. Follow the steps and the tunnel to drop into a hole. Use the floor lever and see a gate open in front of a box that is besides you in the next partition. I guess the idea is to grab the climbing wall and go back through the ramps and lava hole again to get to the start area for the trap door. However, you can walk the south wall to get back to the start point so take advantage of the mistake. Or from the floor level tile, actually jump up and you are in the tunnel. Get into the tunnel above you and go to the box. Shoot the box and get a cut scene of the door in the south-east corner opening and there is a fire beside it. Pick up a jar of zuluzalu and go back to the corridor. The flame is a fake and does no harm. And, of course, the door opens the wrong way so you cannot enter it. Exit this area and go back to the pit with the rope. Go to the section called Final Exit.

Alternate Route B (the much harder route).

Return to the pit with the rope and jump into an opening in the south wall. If you go south into the cave, you follow it to a dead-end with a high waterfall and a water pool. That is probably a route from the badly opened door that I could not do. Safety drop and shimmy around the pit to a closed gate. Use the key to open the gate. Follow the tunnel and climb a wall. Jump to the west ledge and use the rope to swing over to the north opening. Ignore the pole and shimmy around the hole to enter an open door. You are in a room with four holes. Enter the north-west hole with a blue color. Slide down some ramps and at the last ramp, jump forward with a right curve to avoid a falling spike ball. The other three holes are deadly. You are in the cave below the transparent walkway.

Go to the north-west corner and jump to grab a pillar. Pull up and use the rope to swing to the top of the walkway. Go north for Carrier electrified ammo. Go south and jump to a grate in front of a fire. Drop and shimmy left of the fire and pull up into the crawl space. Go to the back of the room for a jar of zuluzalu. Carefully get back out and safety drop to the floor. Go north into the water and swim west and pull up on a ledge. Slide down to a platform. Turn around and grab the slope. Shimmy to the far right and pull up into the crawl space. Look north-west behind a ledge and see a box. Save the game again. Use the revolver and laser sight to shoot the box. Also shoot a box on the west ledge and two boxes on the south ledge. The four tiles rise over the lava. Crawl back to the corner and jump to the first tile. They are timed and I think they may be order specific but you can manage to get across after a few tries.

Follow the ledge into a doorway. Go up some steps and down a tunnel. There is a harmless spider there that you can ignore. You enter a room with face tiles that are deadly and beetles attack as well. A few trips back down the tunnel and you should be to get rid of most the beetles in the lava pit. There are two buttons in the south-west and the north-east corners. Ignore the buttons as they close gates. If you go to the south wall and get into the open gate, then you can go east through another open gate. If you climb the north wall, the level crashes. I suspect that this way goes back to the pole area. It always crashed, so I do not know. Forget the gates and climb the west wall by the first gate. At the top shimmy to the left. Go east to the tunnel end and jump into the south opening. It is possible with a bit of difficult twisting and maneuvering to get through the sticky place in the corner and grab the edge above the water. Shimmy to the right and follow the crawl space back to the pit with the rope.

Final Exit:

It is possible to end this misery now. Swing to the north opening and slide down the pole to the very bottom. The opening you slide past is an exit from the area below just in case you went there earlier without the required three items. Drop in some water and swim east. Let the water current carry you to a place where you can pull up to a ledge. Go to the south-west corner and carefully pull up beside a pink pillar. You can see a closed gate in the south wall. Go east to use the Sun Bird. Go north to use the Sword of Ramhaktak. Go west to use the jar of zuluzalu. The gate at the south wall opens. Go through the gate and enter a cave. Go to the north-east corner and climb the rocks. Go around to the south and watch out for a pit. Jump to a black rock in front of a pillar. The pillar is movable so push it aside. Pull back the pillar in the opening and push it aside. Jump into the south opening and the level ends legitimately.