Sintech Heist 2: Escape from Sintech City

Level by Devoid

Walkthrough by Yoav

Note: I could be missing a few pickups, like ammo.

After a short flyby of helicopter trying to land, the level starts.

Lara finds herself in some room; look for a high closed gate, go and kick in door, pull switch in the second room. The gate opens, go back to first room and pull Lara into the doorway, stand and shoot the mesh and look outside to small courtyard. You see fire on part floor and burning barrel, do one step and slide down, jump over the fire and land onto small block. From the block you can easily jump forward over the burning barrel and catch the big block. Stand close to wire, turn, face to small courtyard, you see opening way from left. Run and jump over there and pick up FLARES and CD-ROM Code Key. Run and jump back to big block (take care for two thugs), get down floor, from your right there are two vans but nothing to do there.

Look for high crawlspace, pull Lara into it; crawling straight will bring you nowhere, so take left turn and fall into the passageway. Front of you double gates closed, so kick in door office and put the CD-ROM, follow through the open gate, pick up UZI CLIPS from left. Thug comes, shoot him, notice he will drop the Guard Code Key. Go to other side, shoot the mesh and pull Lara into high crawlspace, turn right and stand. Pull the mesh trapdoor, fall down to paint room, shoot thug, open door, flyby shows you the next room.

Follow behind the boxes, shoot the two thugs near the closed gate, don't get inside the office yet, proceed further. Shoot doberman, look behind the closed gate (you see motorbike), open the bathroom door and pick up UZI AMMO. Go back, shoot thug (he will drop UZI), get into the office, shoot the thug, notice there are two card holes. Use Guard Code Key, the double gate opens.

First, get rid of the sniper on the balcony climb over him, shoot closely and push lever. Get down floor, go to right, shoot doberman and climb onto one of those blocks front of you, balcony run and jump over there. Follow to corridor, there is blue door, shoot soldier. Go behind corner, dead soldier lies down, pull him and pick up crowbar. Use it to open the blue door and pick up ROCKET and BAZOOKA. Jump to floor and go left to end where the camera angle changes, use the crowbar to open another blue door. Pick up Warehouse Code Key, return to office and use Warehouse Code Key. The gate to room with the motorbike is open.

Drive the bike outside, turn left and follow way where the wooden barrier is and find yourself in other city part. The camera angle changes again and spoils a little the fun drive. Run over those thugs and get off the bike; a few gates closed. Follow through passageway, under the building from the right there is closed gate, turn left, climb gray wall onto balcony. Run and jump over the space to next building, shoot crow, proceed toward the zip line. Do the zip line; in the meantime the gate that you see from your right is open now. After you land on the floor turn and go back a few steps, open the door, enter to room with two mesh boxes. Pull them one by one and pull switch (it opens small gate to enter to climbable wall room). Shoot thugs and pick up MP-5 CLIPS, get out, turn right, follow through the open gate, shoot doberman, proceed in corridor to dark place.

Light flare, climb onto the slope, slide and jump into doorway. From your left another doorway with short bridge but there is closed gate and from right a switch that you can't reach from here. So climb wall to left until you can't proceed further. Do backflip and catch the wall, climb up and pull the switch, it turns off the fire onto the black mesh. Now fall onto these black mesh, jump and pull jumpswitch, the gate in the other doorway is open. Enter the room, shoot soldier and pull switch, some gate outside opens.

Get back to streets, take the motorbike, drive through the open gate and stop near the wooden barrier. Shoot this one, use the crowbar to open the blue door, get in and pull switch (it opens gate before the slope). Get out and climb onto the wooden box, from there jump onto the balcony, pick up AMMO. Turn with face to wall, jump and pull high jumpswitch. Take place on motorbike, drive and follow through double gate you just opened, keep driving and pass over the small water gap, proceed to end of the way, shoot a few thugs and look for blue door, use the crowbar to open it and pick up MAGNUM. Get back, pass again the smaller water gap and stop, get off the bike and jump into the water, swim to bottom and pick up Old Key's.

Get out of the gap and drive out, the passage turns right, keep driving but not faster and smash wooden barrier, stop before the slope. Get off the bike and look for open gate from right, jump over there, climb onto the boxes and pull jumpswitch, double gate opens. Jump back to slope, take momentum and drive onto the slope to cross the pool, land onto second slope, drive a little and stop the bike. Shoot those thugs and dobermans, jump to water and pick up LAKOZADE, MP-5 CLIPS and MAGNUM CLIPS. Get out of water, proceed to passage, light flare, use the Old Key's to open the double gate.

Drive the bike through the passage, follow the road, drive onto small slope to cross the space. Turn left, enter office, keep driving but fast; when you get onto the gray slope cross to other building, stop and do savegame. Take momentum and drive onto the small slope straight into smash wall right in front of you, keep driving into the mesh AND STOP FOR MOMENT.

There are two ways to finish this level. One: keep driving in the corridor into next mesh to break out to the roof and flyby shows again the helicopter awaiting Lara.
Two: get off the bike (when you get into the corridor) and look for high crawlspace, pull Lara into it, shoot two soldiers, pick up the MP-5, shoot the mesh and run toward the helicopter to finish the level.