Level by Ruediger Abend

Walkthrough by Anurag

Note: This walkthrough is dedicated to all the persons who helped me in the "Stuck in Custom Levels" Forum & also to the author of the level.


The level starts with a cut-scene, which gives a panoramic view of the area, and shows Lara standing outside the cinema. The starting message is Into the Cinema. Turn around and turn left to where the 2 movie posters are, take another left, there is a crawlspace here. Crawl inside and take a SMALL-MEDPACK, this is SECRET #1. Return all the way back to the mosque-like structure. There is an opening in the middle of it, jump inside. Face west, then swim forward, turn right at the sloped block, enter the opening above it & then swim down the crawlspace; you will get 30 UZI AMMO, this is SECRET #2.

Return to from where you entered and exit the pool through another hole. Climb up & then continue forward. Two rats enter, there is no need to worry as they don't bite. Now there are 3 ways, take the left one first, turn another left, continue forward & then CROUCH as there is a group of LOCUSTS just ahead, they won't hurt much if you crouch and fire a few shots at them. When they are gone, continue forward, the first right is a dead end.

Continue to the T-intersection, then take a left, then another left. Take care of the BAT that charges at you & pick up 30 UZI AMMO. Return to the 3 way intersection. Now take the right way, then another right, another right. You will come to a T-intersection, kill the BAT, then take a right and another right, and pick up the UZIS from the pit, return to the 3-way intersection.

Now continue through the straight way, turn left & then right & pick up 30 UZI AMMO & return to the main way. Continue straight, jumping above a couple of pits & at the end turn right, take another right & then left, another left, right & again left. You will reach an area with many boxes. There are 5 SNIPERS in this area, kill all of them. Climb on the 2 boxes on the North side from there take a jump on the sloping ledge, while sliding jump & press ACTION, Lara should grab the next ledge, crawl inside. SAFETY-DROP below to a ledge & kill the SNIPER, from here you can also kill a SNIPER below.

Now from the center of this ledge, take a running jump on the sloped ledge, then quickly jump forward while pressing ACTION, Lara must be holding a ledge. There is a MACHINEGUN with a FLAMETHROWER so shimmy to right as much as you can, then climb up & run forward into an opening. You will reach a hall with 4 doors. The first door to the left leads to an empty room, whereas the one at the right leads to a MACHINEGUN with FLAMETHROWER. The 2nd door to the right contains FLARES & LARGE MEDPACK. The forth door leads us to the BIKE.

Ride on the BIKE & break the white textured wall. Drive forward over the slopes to avoid speed breakers, at the bend turn left. Drive above the 2 steel slopes to avoid the water below. Now drive on the slope, at the other side slow down your speed** & drive the BIKE into the pit through the slope. Get down & climb on the ledge on the opposite side, then climb another ledge. **Otherwise stop the bike get down & shimmy to the opposite side through the side walls.

There is a bug here as you will approach the burning pool, the FLARES won't work until you throw them. Now you should be in front of a burning pool. Jump to the other side as given in this screenshot. Climb up & shoot the barricade at the other side.

Enter the room; a cut-scene follows which shows you that there are 9 levers with a movie poster above it. Activate the LEVER in front of Star Wars and a door opens opposite to the side from where you entered (I would have watched ASHANTI instead of Star Wars). Slide down the chute & reach a room with large steps. Climb the steps; as you climb the last step, a cut scene follows which gives you a panoramic view of the area, from here jump to the block just ahead of you. From there jump to the sloped edge while pressing ACTION, climb up & jump to another ledge, then jump to another one, from there take a diagonal jump to the last ledge. Jump towards the sloped ledge just ahead of the flame trap, climb up & jump towards another sloped ledge just ahead of the flame trap, climb up & jump continuously to avoid the 3 flame traps. You must have 100% health before jumping; at last, jump in the water to douse the flames. Climb up 2 ledges turn left, run through the 2 posters & your job's done. Don't forget to enjoy the movie.