Level by Alessandro Abrahao

Walkthrough by Cher

Thanks to rjb for providing hints as to the location of three additional secrets, contained in parenthetical phrases inserted in Cher's text.

Start by picking up a Small Medi, the Revolver, Flares, a Large Medi and some Revolver Ammo.

Make your way to the ice ledges across the chasm North, when you get as far as the brown pillars on the Right, Lara must jump up and onto the ledge to her left to continue down, and curved jump Left onto the block that is too far. Continue into the building.

Stop and pick up another Small Medi, a Ninja fires on you, he drops some Revolver Ammo after youíve killed him. Climb the wall in the North East corner and make your way to the floor lever, shooting another Ninja on the way. The camera shows a cut scene of a lit torch on the face of the cliff overlooking the chasm and a door opening. Before going back, go up the ladder where the Ninja was and pick up the Uzis.

At the entrance, use the slope to hang from and backflip across the chasm where you began. Hop back across to the ice ledges again, the dark rocks are climbable, go down to stand on the ledge below. Jump across to grab the brown pillar (explore this area carefully for a secret), and then again to jump/grab the opening. In the back right corner of the room, enter a passage, ahead is a hole to slide down, light a flare and be ready to shoot a couple of scorpions. There are some Flares and a Small Medi to grab, another scorpions scuttles out. In the South West corner is a space to crawl into (look carefully for the nearby secret), and then, a rocky cavern to climb into. Work your way up the rocky path, at the top, to the Right crawl through into another cavern. Make your way downwards to the water and as you wade through, into another area, 2 guards shoot from above. Make your way upwards on the icy blocks and climb the ladder, midway up, backflip onto a ledge and climb another ladder to the top.

Drop down into the hole and you are back where you slid down to the scorpion area. This time jump over the hole where you slid and follow the passage to the outside, a Ninja is patrolling, shoot him and continue to find a set of doors. Jump onto the icy block in the corner to pick up a Small Medi, the door will open.

There are 2 more Ninjas waiting inside, when youíve shot them, one drops some Uzi Clips, the other a Shotgun Mount the stairs and go inside, look waaaayyy up, see the ropes? Go to the right and pull the statue away from the opening, crawl through for a Secret, 2 boxes of Shotgun Normal Ammo. As you pick up the Ammo, a Ninja fires, kill him and grab the Shotgun he drops, go back to the main room. Go to the left and pull the statue away from an opening, crawl through. Climb the blocks to get to a ledge and then a ladder, part way up backflip onto a ledge. Jump over the slope to grab the rope, turn Lara towards an opening, 2 scorpions are waiting. Inside, work your way downwards and you end up above the big room with the ropes.

Run/jump to catch the 1st rope, turn left and swing to the 2nd rope, turn right, swing to the 3rd rope and into the opening ahead. Follow the passage downward to a very long slide into an enormous pool. Notice the monkey swing on the ceiling high above you. There are 4 doors leading out of the pool, head to the East door first, climb down, as you approach the door, it opens, push the floor lever. Next the West door to push the lever there. The North door next and last, the South, the underwater door opens.

Swim into the opening and into another room, swim around to the extreme Right corner and you can get out of the water to see a closed door with scorpions behind. Swim back, and Right again to another opening. Get out of the water into a dimly lit room, there are 2 Ninjas here. After killing them, pick up some Flares, Shotgun Normal Ammo and the Uzis. Another scorpion attacks also. Swim back out and right again, and into one last opening. Swim around a closed gate, and straight back into another passage bringing you to a huge water filled room where you see 2 boulders suspended from the ceiling. Pull into an opening on the left and walk into the door, the camera shows you some tiles on the ceiling, step on the corresponding floor tiles to open the door and push the lever.

Swim back to the very first opening where the door was closed and scorpions were scuttling about, that door is now open, get ready, for this is a nest of scorpions. When youíve killed them all, push the floor lever. The camera shows you the boulders in the water area, falling, you hear a door opening. Climb up the ladder on the West wall, in this room, kill a Ninja, he drops a Large Medi, continue to end up overlooking the room where the boulders fell.

Jump onto the slope in the now dry room, walk down and push the floor lever in the corner to open the doors. Outside once again, slide and hang from the slope to the Right and shimmy left until you can safely stand. Work your way all the way back to stand on a ledge on the back wall (look around carefully for a secret). Jump to grab a shimmy crack in a brown column, shimmy Right to stand in a doorway.

A Ninja is waiting for you, shoot him and continue up some steps to push a lever, enter the doorway and you are at the top of the huge pool with the monkey swings on the ceiling. Have a good look at where they lead, some are dead ends that will drop Lara back into the water. This may be a good time to Save your game. Head around to the Right to stand opposite where you started, go into the opening and face a slope. This is a boulder trap, the boulder falls and starts rolling as you approach the doorway so be ready to move quickly. Sprint towards the slope, sliding down and jumping left or right as you get to the bottom, it appears as though itís dangerous but the landing is safe. Watch the cut scene, notice the eyepiece surrounded by fire, go to the rear of the room, between 2 blocks there is a water hole.

Swim through and emerge in another room, push the floor lever, creating some sort of earthquake and opening a door, climb the ladder, backflipping onto a ledge near the top, go through the door. Following the passage to slide back down into the room with the Eyepiece, itís safe now to pick it up. Go through the door opposite, climbing up the icy hill to go outside again. Hop onto the brown block and the run to grab the ladder. In the room at the top, a Ninja fires on Lara, kill him and pick up the Shotgun Normal Ammo he drops. Kill another Ninja and collect his Shotgun Normal Ammo also. Climb the shortest block and the jump to grab a slope slide/jump to the flat block ahead, jump onto the ledge ahead, kill a Ninja and grab his Revolver Ammo shooting another in the process. Climb yet another block and grab the slope once again to slide and grab the ledge ahead, shimmy Right or Left and stand to face another Ninja. Back to the Left is a crawlspace to grab and go through, at the end, climb up and thereís a tricky little jump grab to the left to reach a ledge with one more Ninja waiting. Grab the Large Medi he drops and continue climbing upwards, out of this cavern. Jump into the opening, notice the tire tracks? Slide down to the waiting jeep where you begin to presumably drive off with half an eyepiece.