Aftermath 3

This is an unauthorised walkthrough by Monika Pietsch.
It has all the important pick-ups and items mentioned.
It will not contain all pick-ups, all enemies and maybe not all the secrets.
This walkthrough is meant as a guideline to get you to the end of the level, even so there might be other ways too.


You start in a room with a pool. Look for a crawlspace on the left side.
(The other entrance is still blocked by rocks.) Climb up and pull a switch.
Collect some ammo. The switch opens the door into the next garden.
There you find 3 lava pools and hedges. On one pedestal in the pools is a key.
When you enter the garden 2 fire wraith appear. Run back to the pool to extinguish them.
On the left side of the hedges you can climb up. Jump to high switch and pull it.
This raises a block in front of another. This gives you admittance to a Golden Star (when you have the crowbar). Get up onto the block with the spikes and run/jump over to the next to collect the UZI. Drop down quickly not to be caught by the upcoming spikes.

Go towards the big building. There is a keyhole next to the door.
Go to the left side and make your way down to the water hole.
There is an underwater maze.
In one room is a Bird Statue, in the next is a switch and spikes coming up.
You have to find another switch, which will put out a fire in a hole by the hedges.
You find another switch, which will open a timed door. Behind it is another switch
(on the wall is a Golden Star). Pull it and a block in another room will sink down.
Go there and pass the spikes to collect the shotgun and a secret.

Now go and make your way back up and find the high switch in the greenery.
Pull it and it opens the low door in the hedge (?).
Now go to one of the lava pools which has turned to water. Go down and find a switch. Got to the next one and find a lever and to the third one. Collect the Key.

Go to the building and use the Key. Watch out for a giant spider (it is poisonous).
Kill it and enter. On the right far corner is a breakable tile. Break it and then go and collect the Blue Star from the pedestal. A white wraith appears. Hurry to the opening, drop down and stand behind the Bird Statue till it extinguishes. Collect some ammo.
All the time you get bothered by bats. Donít shoot the vase on the middle left side. Just another white wraith will come out.
Before leaving pull the switch between the 2 doors. This opens the underwater door in the 1.pool
On the right side in a window niche is a Golden Star.
Leave the building and go to the left. The low opening in one hedge is open now.
Enter. (You could just push the block on the left over the burning pedestal and collect the crowbar). Make you way up to the third floor by pulling blocks and killing spiders.
When you reach the 3.floor and you see a Bird Statue in a niche, drop down and a giant spider comes at you. Kill it.
When you go on a white wraith flies at you. (It is difficult to extinguish this one.
I didnít just turn back when it came but continued to the end of the passage, turned and picked up some ammo and then dashed back, to climb up and stand next to the Bird Statue. This did the trick for me.)
You have to find a place to put in the Blue Star. This will stop the fire on the pedestal with the crowbar on. After that go and collect the crowbar.

Now go and get 3 Golden Stars. One is in the underwater maze, one in the building and on at the pillar.

Go to the first pool and the underwater door is open. Go down and pull the lever to start an earthquake. Now the opening to a wooden door is clear, bur first you have to hurry back to the pool to avoid 2 fire wraith.
Jump over the lava and use the crowbar to open the wooden door.
You come to a staircase blocked by several clinking knife doors.
Make your way pass them. When you reach a breakable tile, break it and then climb down there to pull a switch. This opens a trapdoor at the beginning of the clinking doors. So go back, climb up and pull a switch. This will open the door behind the last clinking door.
Make your way there. When you enter the big room there are poisonous darts and coming up spikes. Collect the 4.Golden Star on the left side.
Then dash down the room. The door at the end is timed and closes if you donít arrive on time.

There is a crossroad. Go to the right first. In the corridor appears a goon behind you.
Kill him. You see a room with sloped blocks.
You have to make your way to a block with a switch. Hurry, because big green balls come down as Lara jumps from block to block.
Pull the switch and then use the other blocks to go to the opening. Inside pull a switch.
Drop down into the room and collect the 5. Golden Star.

Leave this room by climbing up.
Go to the opposite side. You come to an area with swishing blocks. First make your way to a torch (right corner in the first room). Leave again and go to the spikes/darts room and lighten the torch. Go back and find your way to 2 wall torches. Light them and a door will open. Inside collect a Blue Star (Magic Star). Kill a goon.
Go on till you see a wall switch. Pull it. Kill a goon. Make your way back to another room. You have to pass an open door with a swishing block in front of it.
Inside is the Golden Key. Take it.

Make your way back to the entrance and go down the passage with the Stars on the floor. Use the key. Climb up and enter.
Use 2 Golden Stars on the right side and the Magic Star to open the door to the Revolver and a secret.
Use the 3 other Golden Stars and the door to the Mystic Star and the exit opens.
Hurry to pick up the Mystic Star and jump back, because a block falls down.
End of Level