Return to Maria Doria

Level by Jamie White (November, 2002)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

You start in a water filled room. Swim down and to the east to surface into a rusty room. Go east and pick up Uzi's from the floor and go into the opening in the south-east. Run to the north to pick up a crossbow. Stand in the corner and kill a harpy. In the middle pick up a hard-to-see explosive crossbow ammo. Climb the blocks to the east and enter a room with alcoves. Pull the four jump switches, one in each corner, and four fires start. Go to the north-east corner and climb up to a ledge. Jump into the water and wade to the end. Dive in and swim to a room. Notice the closed door on the north wall. Pick up the crowbar from the floor in the north-east corner. There is a crawl space in the middle of the west wall. Pick up four large medipacks and two small medipacks and then swim into the crawl space. At the end, pull up into a large yellow room. Go north and see grenade shells outside a window. Stop when you reach a deep pit and notice a jump switch high on the north wall ledge. You come back here after the room is flooded. Use the ladders and climb down to the bottom of the room.

Go east and up a ramp. Turn back and kill two harpies that have appeared. Go back up the ramp and pick up three large medipacks and the broken glasses. Get into the crawl space in the north wall. Pry the black beetle from the wall. Pick up the Hathor Effigy from the south-east corner and exit this room. Use the black beetle in the remaining slot of the black pyramid and crawl inside to pick up the Ornate Handle. Combine the two to make the Portal Guardian and use it in the north-east to open the door. Go inside and battle five demigods, two at a time. First go east and search one coffin for four Uzi's, two Uzi clips, revolver ammo and a revolver. Search the other coffin from the wall side for four Uzi's, two Uzi clips, revolver ammo and a revolver. Now go fight the demigods but keep some explosive crossbow ammo for later. Go to the south-east corner and go up a ramp to the upper ledge. Climb down a ladder and go west to pick up the Horseman's Gem from the coffin. Kill the two skeletons and get back down to the first floor.

There are two doors at the side walls. Go north to the pillar in front of the short door and use the Horseman's Gem. This opens the short door behind you. Enter and pull a jump switch that opens the tall door on the south side of the room. Go there and pull a jump switch and get a cut scene of the underwater door opening where you got the crowbar. There is an opening in the east wall but first go to the underwater door. On the way there, or the way back, you have to kill two harpies. Swim inside the door and up a ramp. Get secret#1 and pick up three grenade shells. You can get air at the top of the room before you swim back. Now go back to the ledge in the south room. Follow the hallway there to drop into some water. The hole in the ceiling is for air. Dive and swim into the crawl space in the south-east corner. Follow to the end and swim up an incline. Pick up three explosive crossbow ammo from the floor and swim north to pull into in front of a large structure. Pick up five revolver ammo from the floor. Go east and use the columns to climb up to the roof of the structure. Go east and north and jump to a climbable column. Climb up and shimmy to the right to a ledge. Get secret #2 and pick up explosive crossbow ammo. Use the climbable column and back flip back to the roof. You may also see a hole in the top of a blue structure.

Go west and then jump north to the column against the wall. Climb up to the next block and use the monkey swing to get over to the top of that blue structure. Climb down and go west and pull a jump switch in an alcove. You get a cut scene of a door opening somewhere. Climb back up and drop from the blue structure. Kill a demigod on the roof. Then go to the north-west to another blue structure. Drop into the hole in the roof and you see the door you opened to the west. First go east to pick up a large medipack. Get into the hole beside it for secret #3, grenade shells and the grenade launcher. Now go west, through the door and up the ramp. Be prepared to kill four harpies when you reach the top and drop into the room. Go to the other side and climb the ladder. At the top, drop into some water and swim into a crawl space. You are now outside in a large underwater area. Swim towards the ceiling and to the west to see an opening in the ceiling.  Enter and pull up into a room. Kill a skeleton and jump up onto a ledge for a Pharos Knot. Dive in, stay near the ceiling, and swim west to pull up into another room. Kill two harpies and pick up four Uzi ammo from the coffin. Dive in again and stay near the ceiling and swim north to the top of the structure and see a tunnel. There is an opening in the ceiling to the north-east but it just has air.  Enter the tunnel and at the end pull up. Use the Pharos Knot and the door opens. Inside, dive into some water and swim down. Just follow the tunnel and pull up into an open area.

Wade to the west and climb onto a ledge. Pick up two Uzi ammo, large medipack, and a small medipack. Enter the open doorway and notice a closed door to the left. Hop to the blue structure and pull the jump switch. You get a view of a room underwater. At the back windows you also see some underwater openings. The underwater room is far away. Swim back to the Pharos Knot room. Swim back to the opening the east wall and be careful at the end for a large drop. Use the ladder to get down, into the next room and up the hole in the ceiling. Over the rusty structure and down the other side. Swim through the tunnel and enter the room where you fought the five demigods. It is now filled with water. Swim through the doorway to the black pyramid and up into the next room. Surface and pull up onto the ledge. Go north and pull the jump switch and get a cut scene of that door opening. Swim all the way back there. You know the route.

When at the door, follow the tunnel to an empty room with a water hole in the middle. Dive and follow the tunnel to the area outside the windows. Pick up a Horseman's Gem from the top of the boxes and swim into the north tunnel. At the end, pull up and climb down into a room. Use the Horseman’s Gem at the east wall. An alarm sounds and a climbable column rises behind you. Climb the column to the top. Climb another wall and pull up into a tunnel. Run down the tunnel and enter a room as an earthquake starts. Go the right and into a hallway to the east. You end up in water filled tunnel. As you start to swim, you get a cut scene of the outside area that has partially collapsed and the level ends. This is the ending according to the author's readme.txt that was included in the zip file.