by Peter Tedstone (Storm Chaser)

Walkthrough written by Jose Boo

You begin slipping and you fall into the water. Near where you fall, a little to the left you have a small ledge where you can go out of the water and from there, kill the sharks that attack you. Once you have made it, jump again to the water to get at the bottom, near where you are, the first "GATE KEY".

Return to go up over the ledge and advancing by the North zone. In the dark corner of the NE of the scene you can find flares. Break the wooden barrier and enter the cave, where you will have to kill a dog and several bats. Go towards the left and pass crawling to arrive at an outdoor zone. In a small cave that there is before by where you have arrived you can find some shotgun shells.

Go down until the frozen water of the pit and eliminate 2 dogs that attack you from the left. Go forward to the front door to the castle (East) and use the keys. You will have to cope with another dog. Enter and go to the right; in the right wall there is a movable block, pull it and separate towards a side; enter the crawlspace and you'll obtain the first "GUARDIAN KEY".

Go out by the door that you have opened and see towards the right (North); you will find the door in which you will use the guardian key that you have obtained. Enter and jump into the water. Dive by the tunnel until reaching the bottom of the pit of entrance to the castle; there in the end, in NW corner you will find the first "HORSEMAN'S GEM".
Return again to the zone where you dragged the block and near there you will find the door that is opened with this gem. Enter and jump to the water. In the right corner you will be able to go up over a small platform and kill the sharks. If you look for it in the water you will be able to find shotgun shells and, in a hollow that there is in front of the posters don't forget to take the LASERSIGHT. Go up again over the small platform and jumping by the East part until arriving at NE corner, there you will find the second "GATE KEYS".

Go back again next to the block that you dragged and just opposite it use the keys and open the door. Go down the stairs and at the end turn left and enter in a hollow that is to the right of the statue of the cat, where you will appear with a camera from above. Go up the climbable wall until you can stand up in a hollow. Stand back and jump to the opposite hollow. Advance and when arriving at the crossing, turn to the right and quickly run and jump to the superior hollow before the cylinder with spikes catches to you. Look to the bat and then take care of not falling into the well with spikes. Continue advancing until you descend to a zone outdoors.

Go towards the right (South) and fall into the water. Dive until the end of this water room and in the left part go in an opening and soon follow the sub aqueous tunnel to find the CROSSBOW at the end. Return by the way where you have come and get out of the water. Enter the zone with the skeletons and the tombs. At the entrance (left) there is a wooden box; pull it a pair of times and behind it you will find the third "GATE KEYS" and explosive arrows for the crossbow that will serve you to eliminate the 3 skeletons that wake up from the snow when you approach the 3 tombs. Behind the tombs there is a door; use the keys and enter with care advancing towards the end of the room and avoiding the rolling cylinders that are falling. At the end of this room to the right you climb a pair of blocks and you arrive at a small room where you can obtain (avoiding the flame emitters and breaking the small bank) the first of 4 stones: the "CRYSTAL OF LIFE".

Return again on your passages until the site by where you entered this zone outdoors and go now towards the north; enter by the window to the left in a room with a fire emitter in the center surrounded by 4 statues of cats. In the South wall a little higher is a cat, go behind it and you will find the second "HORSEMAN'S GEM". To the right of that cat there is a dark zone with a crawlspace; you can crawl and follow until the end, go up by a hollow in the ceiling and avoid the flames to obtain the CROWBAR.

Return to the main room and use the horseman's gem to open the West door. Advance and you will arrive at another room with columns and a door near the entrance to the right. If you continue walking you will notice that Lara looks upward to hollows that are in the upper part of the North wall. Go to the South wall and go over a small stone platform stuck to the wall; stay on the edge more to the West of that platform, combine the crossbow with the lasersight and shoot the blue sphere that is balanced behind one of the hollows at which Lara looked before. The door near the entrance opens. Enter and at the end jump to the right, slide down the ramp and jump to the metallic block; from there, turn right and take a running jump avoiding the fire till the corner with the pole rope; go up and jump backwards to obtain the third "HORSEMAN'S GEM".

Drop into the main room and this time go to NW corner. Enter the hollow, avoid or kill the skeletons and advance by the water; kill bats and at the end climb the blocks to find the door where to place the horseman's gem. Enter and two horsemen will attack you; kill them and one of them will leave you the fourth "GATE KEYS". To the right on a snow knoll you will find a small medipack, and to the left the door that is opened with the keys of the horseman. Enter and you will be outdoors in the upper part of a great courtyard (if you go to the left and you jump on the 2 central towers you can obtain a large medipack). Go towards the rope and use it to jump to the opposite platform. Jump to the corner and drop down until you find a hollow stuck to the South wall where you will find the second stone inside a bank: the "CRYSTAL OF DEATH".

Go out of there and take a running jump towards the platforms stuck to the East wall. Drop down and descend carefully until arriving almost at the bottom. In the East wall you will find a texture different from the stone of the wall. To the left of that texture is a movable block; pull it and push it to a side (if you want to, you can lower to the snowy ground and explore the bottom to obtain some items) and crawl by the tunnel. Jump to the water and follow the passage until getting to the surface in another zone outdoors. Kill the dogs and explore the place to obtain items. Go up the steps and enter the building. At front is an iron door. To the right there is a small put grates on room which you can enter to obtain shotgun shells but it is not necessary to make it to advance in the game. Look towards the left where the boxes are and go there; separates two or three pulling it, enter and pushing those that are movable until arriving at a box that you must push and pull towards a side to obtain the fifth "GATE KEYS".

Go out of there and open the iron door with those keys. Enter, take the shotgun shells and slide down the snow ramp. You don't need go lower to the bottom where the dogs are if you don't want, it's not necessary; in the South cave only there is a skeleton that wakes up when you take the shotgun shells next to a door (you can return later here from the other side of the door). Simply jump towards the left and break the wooden barrier with the pistols; advance and slide to the bottom. A dog attacks you from the left; kill him and go to the place where the dog appears (left) to obtain the second "GUARDIAN KEY".

Jump to the square with water and follow the sub aqueous tunnel until you can leave the water. Advance by the corridor and kill some bats. Slide down the ramp and you will find 2 hollows to the left and right side; in the one of the left there are shotgun shells. Continue advancing front until you find a zone with spikes that you must jump to fall into the water in the same place where you took the CROSSBOW before. From here return again to the room where you shot the blue sphere with the crossbow and the lasersight. Climb the platforms that are in the East wall and use the guardian key to open the door. Descend down the ladder and light a flare; you'll see shotgun shells, a metallic door and a crawlspace in a corner (in the superior bank there is nothing), go into the crawlspace. Once you can stand up, run to avoid the cylinder of thorns and then climb the block and break the bank to find the third crystal: the "CRYSTAL OF HOPE".

Return to the metallic door and open it with the crowbar. Follow the passage until arriving outdoors at a courtyard where the dogs are waiting for you. Kill the dogs and go to the East wall where you will be able to jump and grab an edge and entering at another room; go towards the right and at the end, behind a wooden box next to the great iron portal jump into the water. Dive towards the East and ignore an opening in the left side that give you access to the surface behind a box; continue diving and turn to the right. At the far end you can enter by one of both hollows at the bottom to obtain the sixth "GATE KEYS". Leaving the hollow, you go up and near that way there is a passage to the right that will take you to the bottom of a pit with a bridge to which later you will accede when you get to the surface; here you can take some breath. Dive until the end of the bridge and you will be able to take the fourth "HORSEMAN'S GEM".

Returns again back by the passage and turn to the right, diving until finding the opening next to the boxes which you ignored before and go to the surface. Go towards the East and then turn to the right (South); at the end of the room there is a door, use the crowbar to open it and cross the bridge in East direction. Open the door with the keys and enter. Climb over the central structure and behind the cat you will find shotgun shells. Go towards the East door and open it with the horseman's gem. Between the two flags you will find more shotgun shells. Go until the backside of the room (East) and next to two crusaders you will find the fourth crystal: the "AMULET OF HORUS". In the NE corner you can find an entrance, jumping from a pillar to another one avoiding the flame emitters, until you reach the third "GUARDIAN KEY" and also some shotgun shells.

Go back to the door, which you entered in this courtyard and climb the front block again to place the guardian key. An iron door is opened in the South wall. Enter, rotate and grab the edge; shimmy left until you can pull up. From here, climb up and use the zip-line there to arrive down at one more platform. Take a running jump to a near platform and from there you can lower safely to the ground. Go towards the East wall and move all the necessary boxes until you can enter by a hollow. Go into the crawlspace and at the end climb by the hollow and advance by the wooden passage until you slide (be careful at the end with the rotating cylinder with spikes). Climb at the central ledge, slide by the ramp and at the end jump and grab the opposite edge and climb (the lateral ones are kept with spikes when you come near).

Climb the blocks until the superior part. Go towards the left and the right (there is an access to the left to where you can go for a climbable wall that will take you to a already well-known cave where they were the dogs and the skeleton, near where you took the second guardian key). Follow ahead and you will arrive outdoors at a zone where 2 horsemen will attack you. Kill them and follow until the end and to the left, where you can jump to a platform that will allow you to descend to the inner courtyard, to take all the items from the blocks and finally fight the 3 horsemen mounted in their horses. When killing them, one of them will leave the seventh "GATE KEYS". Once you have the keys, you climb again by the blocks to the superior level and open the metallic door. You advance and jump to a new space outdoors covered with snow. You go towards the left and find another metallic door. This time you open it with the crowbar. Advance and the level is finished

Jose Boo.