Cold Winter Nights


Level by Alex Nierlein (Dark Death)


Walkthrough by Yoav


Lara slides to an ice area; a short run and you are in place with two huts, shoot the dog and go to the faraway hut. Kick door in, shoot the dog and go to room above; shoot small box, pick up Universal Key. Outside the hut shoot the soldier, use key, get in and go to room above, pick up Yellow Fuseand uzi clips. Get out, go to left side of hut and pull switch. Get in to ice area, climb down hole, kick door to get in office, follow up stairs to next office, shoot soldier and dog.


Pick up Yellow Fuse, pull switch to make ceiling trap door open, jump and pull Lara up to room above and pull switch there, camera shows open gate somewhere in ice. Get back to hut area, see that you can climb on ice and jump to hut roof from there to second roof. Notice the small dark blue ladder in the corner. Jump up on the left side to grab it, pull up and use the lever. The trapdoor opened in the first hut you visited, get back down there and enter the 1st secret to collect large medi, Uzi and clips. Pull the lever, the door you see remains closed for now, you need to use the lever in the 2nd secret as well to open it, both will come much later. Jump up the roofs again, and this time, follow way by jumps until you see hole. Slide down and go through the gate you opened before.


Place those fuses and open iron door. Now you're between two kicking doors, inside there is a jump switch but you can't pull it, it's a trap. So leave it and slide to ice cave, shoot dog and doldier, climb to boxes place. Nothing do to, so proceed moving toward passageway with shallow water. In front of you two iron closed doors, look for crawlspace, crawl inside and pull underwater lever. When you get out from water, look that you can jump to upper area.


Get in big rusty room, pull four jumpswitches, go through open gate, pick up flares. Now go to other side and climb wall, when you get up there do savegame.


You need to be quick enough to pass these moving spikewall traps. Ok here we go: pull switch, roll fast and run to open door; when moving
spikewall stops, pick up flares and small medipack and savegame again. Slide down, two spikewalls moving from both sides, run and do curved
jump to hole in wall, jump and run faster. Jump above hole and when you slide down immediately do roll, jump and catch the edge. Fall down,
don't waste time, pull the three levers and go to open door. Wow, that was close the spikewalls almost killed Lara. Ok, do savegame.
Climb on ladder up, jump to water place, pull Lara up to rusty ledge, pull switch. Swim around, get out from hole to next water place, jump over
railing, pick up Yellow fuse on barrel, pull switch, get in room, shoot soldier, jump to water, swim to next kicking door. Pull switch, shoot soldier,
get out of ice place, place fuse.
Do monkey swing and climb up, proceed to control room. Before you pull the switch, look for high hiding crawlspace in left side wall. Get in rusty
place, go to end and slide down to secret room, pick up medipack and uzi clips, pull the switch and back to control room. Now pull the switch,
start running faster, did I mention it's a timed door, pass the iron door and pull jumpswitch. Proceed to big room and pull another switch, get out
to train station. If you pulled both levers in the previous secrets, the door of the 3rd one at the left is open, go in, shoot the soldier and pick up
the large medi. Open the wagon door and pull switch, flyby shows train ride to end.