As the level starts you are standing in a dark sandy room looking at two windows
atop a sandy mound. There is a slight tremor. Turn around and go to the wall and
pull out the block. Enter the room behind the block and pick up the golden rose and the small medi-pack. Then climb up to the next room and head to the door behind you and to the left. Be careful going through the door, as there is a swinging axe waiting to slice and dice Lara as she enters the room. Once past the axe, pull out the block on the wall to your left. Pull the block out and place it on what looks like a trapdoor that opens the real trapdoor to your left. Then enter the little room the block was hiding and use the lever there, which lowers a part of the wall to your right giving you access to a uzi. Then go to the open trapdoor and down the stairs.

As you go down the stairs you notice a place to put a gem and a closed gate at the bottom of the stairs. Go left at the bottom of the stairs (the only way you can go at the moment) and push the doors open at the end of the hall.

As you enter the room there is another set of pushable doors ahead of you. To the right and left are two open doorways. Let's go to the right first and pick up the gem we will need to open the gate; but instead of going and opening the gate now we will leave this room and go across to the other open doorway and jump into the pool.

Once in the pool pull open the underwater door and swim through the tunnel to the next room. Swim through this room and into the next room. In the next room you see some golden stairs ahead of you. Surface and walk up the stairs. As you get to the top of the stairs be careful, because the wall in front of you will start to open and close, trying to crush you. Once you are past the crushing wall you have to contend with a swinging axe, a spike trap and poison darts. Once past this very dastardly series of death traps, push the button on your left to open the doors.

Once through the doors you see some stairs to your left and a closed door ahead of you.
Go up the stairs to your left; at the top of the stairs is a closed gate, to your right are some closed doors and ahead of you slightly to the right is an open doorway.

Let's go through the open doorway. In this romm you see a cell on the left and right,
each holding a skeleton. Go past the cells and pull the wall lever ahead of you. Once
you pull the wall lever, you can either take care of the two skeletons that you have
just released or head out of this room and leave this room back into the hall and through the now open doors to your left. The next room is filled up to the doorway with water.

A bridge runs the length of the room with a gate at both ends of it. There is a golden
vase on the bridge. Go and push the vase to the tile at the east end of the bridge. But
be careful, because there are twin hammers just waiting to smash Lara once the vase is
on the tile, so back flip once you have placed the vase on the tile. The vase is now
destroyed and the gate at that end is now open, revealing a wall lever. Pull the lever and go to the other end of the bridge to the now open gate there and pick up the key.

Then jump into the water and go open the underwater gate. Swim through the door into the next room and surface. Get out of the water. Once out of the water you see a keyhole ahead of you, a door to your left, a doorway ahead of you and another doorswitch to the right next to a closed door. First, go through the doorway ahead of you and slightly to the right and get the key out of the big box. Then leave this room and go to the left and open the way out of this area.

Next go and use a key in the keyhole. As the doors open you see a hall with more closed doors at the other end. Head to the doors and watch as they open to a room with water and a statue of Poseidon ahead of you that needs the trident on his staff. Jump into the water and go to the underwater door and open it.

Inside the door is the trident. Pick it up and go and place it on the staff. Now leave this room and head out the door you opened to leave this area.

Once through the door you find you are at the beginning of where you entered this area.
Head up the stairs to the right and through the now open gate. Once through the gate,
fall into the water in the next room and pull the underwater lever under the small bridge there. Surface and go to the open gate and get the shotgun in the big box. Leave this room and go across the bridge to the crawlspace. Be careful, because this crawlspace comes out next to the swinging axe you had to pass at the very begining of this area.

Once past the axe you still have to get past the crushing wall again. Once past the crushing wall go into the water and swim until you can surface. Once you are out of the water go through the doorway. Open the doors to your left and go and get the rose out of the big box, but watch out for the ball that will drop out of the ceiling that springs blades to cut Lara up.

Now leave this room and use the gem to open up the gate. Go through the gate and pull
yourself up into the next room. Ahead of you is a doorway. Go through it and into the
next room. In this room you see two keyholes and a closed gate ahead of you, a door to
your left and windows to your right. If you go and look out the windows you will see
where you started this level.

Now let's go and use the key to open the doors. once you use the key to open the doors, the doors will open and you will see a big golden ball in a room with lava. Enter the room and the ball will open. Inside the ball is a big box with a key for the gate inside it. Go get the music scroll and leave this room. Use the key to open the gate. Go down the stairs to end this level.


As the level starts Lara is facing an open doorway and a closed gate with stairs is behind her. As you head to the open doorway two bats decide they want your blood for dinner, so get rid of them and their dinner plans. Now go through the doorway and cross a bridge to the next building. Once in the next building go until you come to a room with a broken bridge and lava. Well, since you cannot jump to the other side of the bridge, you will have to find another way to continue. If you look to the right you will see a small place you can jump to. Jump there and push the block there in.

In the next room is yet another crushing
wall. So, get past it. Go to the block ahead of you and climb up til you are in a hall. Now go to the end of the hall, face left and climb the wall to the next room. This next room is a treasure room filled with gold (too bad you cannot pick any of it up), a rose and some other goodies. Pick up the rose and goodies and open the doors. Once you are through the doors you are on a ledge overlooking another room. To your left is a doorway with stairs. The stairs lead back to the lava room you entered when you first started this level.

So, let's find a way down from this ledge. Jump back off the ledge and grab and hang. Then climb down the wooden wall to the room below and turn around. Ahead of you are giant doors with two keyholes. There are doors to your left and right. Let's go open the left door and go down the stairs there first. At the bottom of the stairs you come to another treasure room where you cannot pick up any gold coins (bummer). You will, however, notice that this treasure room has an invisible door to the left that is keeping gallons of lava from entering the room.

To your right is an arched doorway with two giant cells filled with yet more gold you cannot pick up. As you go to the wall ahead of you past the cells, they start to open and close to squash Lara like a bug (who built this castle, the guy who invented RAID?). So, get past the crushing wall. To your left you see a pushable block and to your right you see an arched doorway.

Go through the arch doorway first and get the key lying on the floor. But be careful, because columns will come down to crush Lara.

Now go to the push block and pull it out once. Side jump to the right and pull the block out twice. Side jump to left and go to where the block was. You will come to a room with water and a pull chain. Pull the chain once and go through the open gate behind you(shhh it's a secret).

Now head back to the room with the giant doors. Use the key you picked up and the other door will open. As you go through the open door you come to a wooden bridge over some lava. On the bridge is a golden vase (hmmm, we've seen this before) that needs to be pushed. however as you near the vase a pesky skeleton arises from the grave to play
with Lara. So, give this skeleton some well desirved timeout and push the vase to the other end of the bridge and jump back as twin hammers come swooping down to shatter it.

Once the vase is in a million peices a gate to your right and behind you will open. Jump over to the now open gate and go into the next room. In this room is a wooden ramp, and a boulder hanging from the ceiling by a rope. Luckily there is an unlit torch on the floor next to a wall torch that is ablaze (you think someone knew Lara was coming for a visit?). Pick up the torch and light it,
then use it on the rope. Watch as the rope burns, sending the boulder crashing down to the wooden ramp, causing twin hammers to destroy another golden vase and open the gate it was behind. Go through the gate and pick up the key and leave this room.

Head back to the giant doors and use the key. Enter the doors and end the level.