Level by Atsushi Yamakawa (Blacksheep)

Walkthrough by Jenni

Kills: 13-18 (some enemies can be ignored and some donít always appear)
Items: 18 (including 2 canopic jars, a guardian key and Golden Vraeus)
Secrets: 0 (if anyone finds one or more, please provide the information in a trailer post)

Objective: to obtain the ankh

Important: revised wads are required to play this level.


Before you climb the wall at the end of the passage, turn around and jump up in to the crawl space to collect the shotgun.


Climb up the wall to emerge in to a large open area and head toward the structure in front of you heading SE around the structure to get the blue SG ammo.

Now go back around to the front of the Eastern structure to face the canopic jar in the ledge in front of you. Monkey swing left to the button on the ledge (which opens a door around the corner and above where you are). Drop down and make your way back to the open area at the top again. Head N and slide all the way to the bottom. Jump up to the lowest ledge on the W side and climb to the top of the high pillar. Jump to the NE alcove and push the button which opens the door in the E wall. Jump back to the climbable pillar to run-jump (donít grab!) to the now open door. Shoot the croc in the pool before you jump in to climb out on the W side (or you can ignore the croc and run-jump to land on the W side). Shoot the cream-coloured urn to get the flares. Go in to the passage and climb up in to the alcove to push the button which opens a gate in a cave. Exit via the climbable wall at the entrance of the pool room. (The closed door in the pool room will be opened later, remember where it is).

Run-jump grab and climb to the top of the climbable pillar. Face W and Run-jump to the sloped pillar, slide and jump to grab sloped pillar in S, pull up and slide to jump to shimmy ledge. Shimmy all the way left and around the corner and pull up (you can drop down to pick up the large medipack but will be coming back this way at least once more so can pick it up later). Head S and go in to area which houses the 2nd canopic jar that can be seen through the bars. Shoot urn in the SW corner for red SG shells and collect blue SG shells from niche in NW corner. Go outside in to a large area with 4 pillars. Along the N and S walls beside the structure housing the 2nd canopic jar are niches to place the jars when you retrieve them. Head to SE corner of pillar area and run into passage, turn left, drop down and head in to cave. Shoot 2 scorpions which emerge from the cave. Donít run into the open gate just yet. Half way in to cave turn and head N and jump up the slope and use the niche at the end to get some red SG shells. Head to the niche in the S wall to open a door that houses the guardian key (access S niche by climbing on to small block in middle of the cave, face S and jump to the ledge then do an angled jump in to niche entrance). Head out of the cave, shoot the ninja that appears as you climb out of cave area and make your way back to the crawl space. This time, shimmy around the corner and pull up facing S and crawl through. Run-jump to the ledge in the E, then run-jump to SE ledge and jump into the doorway. (Shoot the croc in the water if you wish or ignore it as itís not necessary to go in to the water) Run-jump and grab the rope (Lara will just make it) and swing to get the guardian key. Pick up red SG shells on the floor behind the guardian key pedestal. Swing back to the other side and make your way back to the cave.


This time, go through the open gate at the end of the cave. Head in to S passage and shoot the cream urn on the first left niche to get red SG shells. Use the guardian key on the gate at the W wall of the central brick structure. Jump in to there and check the burning floor panels and the closed door above them. Return back to central brick structure room and head to the N wall and look for a passage above. Shoot the cream urn in the niche on the right and use the niche button to open the door blocking the above passage. Run-jump and grab the monkey swing above (grabbing monkey swing on the left where itís lower) and monkey swing to passage. Slide down in to room. Climb on to the ledge the burners are on and a cutscene will show one of the panels is not burning in the burning floor panel room (the left or bottom one) (run up and down the ledge for the cutscene to kick in if need be). Climb the corresponding pillar (the one nearest the W wall) and the pressure pad on the top of the pillar will temporarily put the fire out at the button. Quickly climb down to push the button before the fire comes back on again because itís timed! Then run along the ledge again to see another cutscene of the floor panel fire off at the other end as well, so go to the pillar at the E wall and repeat the steps of climbing the pillar and running to the button (this also raises a cage to exit this room). Do the same for the central pillar and button. (TIP: get down from the pillars quickly by hanging, then before Lara brings her legs up as if to climb a ladder, let go then quickly grab again Ė repeatedly do this quickly to get to the bottom fast). Go back to the burning floor panel room and jump over to the floor panels now that the fires are safely off. Climb up on the ledge on the N side and drop in to the niche to push the button there, do the same for the S side to activate the fountains (and emptying the water in the pool rooms). (Note the door is still closed above you, you will be back here later - remember this room).

Drop in to water around central brick structure and climb out on the S side, run to the end of the passage and around the corner on the right (pick up the large medipack there) to see the area around the 2nd canopic jar is flooded with water so can backtrack to retrieve it but first get the 1st jar. Face the central brick structure from the E side (facing W), jump and grab and climb to the top. As soon as you pick up the canopic jar the floor panel will catch fire so immediately jump back in to the water below.


Swim in to the passage on the W side of the brick structure (that runs under the passage to the fountain room) and swim around to the right to open an underwater door. A croc emerges, so quickly swim back to the brick structure to shoot it from the side. Hop back in to the water and through the door you just opened and swim climb out on to the ledge at the end of the passage on the left. Use the niche button to open the door in the first pool room. Swim along the tunnel, going past the entrance to the brick structure and two left turns to turn left in to a beige passage which takes you back out to the bottom of the climbable pillar. So climb up the pillar again to run-jump in to the pool room of the E wall again. Take the laser sight from the pedestal and return to the open area with four large pillars (as you climb out of the pool, a ninja attacks so take care of him first). If you havenít collected the 2nd canopic jar, go and get that now (but watch out for 2 crocs in the water surrounding the canopic jar that may or may not be there).


Use the canopic jars at the niches described earlier. This lowers the 4 pillars to form pits with buttons to push. Drop down in to the SW hole pit and push the button. A screenshot shows a gate opening releasing a croc back in the underwater passage near the brick structureÖ.. it also releases 4 ninjas above so climb up and take care of them. Use the button in the SE pit to turn off the fire in the NE pit. Press the button in the NE pit to show a door opening revealing the revolver (this is the door in the fountain room). (The button in the NW corner cannot be pushed as itís impossible to escape the fire in time.) Run back to the cave, shoot the croc in the water (there may be two), get the revolver, then drop in to the water behind the revolver pedestal. Take the first left and climb up to get the Golden Vraeus from the pedestal. Swim back to the cave, climb up and use the golden vraeus at the gate at the end of the passage.


Slide down to the bottom and pick up the revolver ammo from one of the pressure pads. Look closely at each star on the pressure pads. They all have a different amount of small circles on the points of each star Ė the number of circles indicates the order in which the fires are triggered. So the star with one circle on one point is the first to be activated. The star with two circles on two points is the second and so onÖ. A flyby shows a door in the pit opening. Drop down there, go to the edge of the pit, equip the revolver with the laser sight and shoot the urn thatís above the pedestal and below the monkey swing. (You can shoot the crocs down below if you wish but you wonít be going down there so there is no point.) 4 glass boxes appear Ė use them to reach the ankh on the pedestal. A rope appears when you take the ankh, use it to swing to the button on the E wall which lowers the two cages covering the buttons on the W wall. Use the 2 buttons on the W wall to open the door to the exit and use the rope again to swing up to the doorway to exit the level.