Level by Daniel Tooke (Dan the Jazzman).

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

For the story of the level, have a look in the Read me file of the level file. (It wouldn’t fit on this page ;^))

The Start Pit Run.

When the level starts, you are sliding down a slope to certain death, if you don’t take action. Save as soon as you gain control over Lara near the bottom of the slope and jmp onto the breakledges, run and jmp to a breakledge below, you have to land at the start of this one. Now run and jmp, you have to land on the far side of the next single tile, standjmp and runjmp from the next to the last ledges, run onto the last Tile (this one won’t break now) and wait for the Boulder to pass and stop at the closed door. Standjmp/grab the Jmpswitch, get the Ammo on the spot where you land and run to the Boulder, jmp over it into the door you opened and get the Uzi and Ammo on the floor in this passage.

Go through the Alien room and it looks like somebody is watching you. The door will open for you, get the Ammo and MP in the next room, go on and runjmp over the slope into the L passage below, reach the Lavapit.

The Lava Pit.

You can do this room the hard way or the easy way, there are a lot of doors and switches you have to use in order to get a door open from where you can go on, the hard way is to the R, the easy one L.
Standjmp around the L corner to a ledge you can see below, shoot the Lavabird that will appear and drop to a pillar in the Pit and from this one runjmp/grabbing into the dark corner where you can see the switch, use it to open the door up the ledge and runjmp back to the pillar, climb up and at the door, only use the “Ctrl” and “up” keys and get the Ammo inside. Shimmy R to a sloped alcove, pull up and backflip to the bridge behind, go to the sloped block in SE corner and backflip onto this block, jmp and grab the higher bridge, go over to where the bridge touches the N wall and runjmp-grab the higher bridge, go S, pull out a weapon and runjmp shooting to the ledge where the Dog is waiting for you. He is soon joined by a second Dog. Go on into the passage and shoot Dog 3, looks like the walls are alive! Runjmp-grab into the passage in NW corner and reach the top of the Alien room.

Room With 5 Switches.

Go over the bridge and follow the path to a room with 5 switches, dive into the water and get the Ammo L, look around the UW door, there are 3 patterned Tiles, remember them and swim back, pull the 3 switches with the same pattern below them. Don’t touch the others. Swim through the door and pick up the Ammo in the corner, go on and the current will take you to the next room, take some Ammo in the centre of the floor and swim into the small tunnel R, get Secret #1, a MP.

The Room With The Glass Floor.

Swim to the surface, climb out and backflip, get the Ammo and shoot the Lavabird, follow the passages to a room with a glass floor, you will fall through if you step on it. There are only a few Tiles safe, they have a golden edge.

Stand opposite the door, L side of the room, runjmp/grab the Tile on W wall and look R at the pillar you can see the Ammo, which is Secret #2, jmp to it and jmp to the tile N, go runjmp/grabbing over the next Tiles to the switch Tile, save in front of the switch, pull and turn R, step back so you can runjmp/grab the corner Tile on L side, close to the wall, pull up, turn R and do a runjmp with a L curve in the end to land back where you came from, run into the open door before it closes again. Go around R corner and STOP. Standjmp to where you can see the ½ MP in next corner and stand still, get the MP and go into the next passage, line up for the door. (Better save)

Jump the Start Pit-1.

Here you have to run to the door chased by a Boulder and do a long jmp/grab over the Start Pit. Slide down the slope and jmp onto the ledge in front. Follow to the Mirror room, go on the ridge between the 2 pits and look in the direction of the Mirror, look down and see the different structure in the lava, slide down to land on it and you will not burn, it is the Lara reflection that does the same as you and then dies, you drop through the floor. Nasty Earthquake btw.

Follow the slope down and runjmp onto the break floor, run to the end and jmp/grab the crack in the wall, go L and drop, get the Ammo and start shooting the Dog and Lavabird. Follow the passage and jmp the Spike pits, reach the room with the Under Water doors.

The Under Water Doors.

Under the glass are several UW doors to open by stepping on triggering 5 Tiles in the room. First Tile is in the SW alcove, go to the opposite corner and from the sloped floor part, jmp/grab the ledge above, shoot the Dog and go to the part of the ledge sticking out into the room, from here you can runjmp to the sloped block on other side, shimmy R and pull up . Get the Ammo and turn L, runjmp with a L curve midair to the sloped ledge going N, follow up and on next ledge a Boulder is waiting for you runjmp onto the ledge and hop back onto the Tile, immediately jmp back to the lower ledge you came from. Jmp back onto the Boulder ledge and go where it came from, jmp to the ledge in the NE, drop back from the ledge to grab the lower ledge, go R and pull up to the Tile and drop back to the groundfloor. Shoot the Lavabird and climb back to the ledge you just dropped down from. From this ledge you can runjmp/grab to the bridge S, climb into the passage SE and follow around to the top of the room, on the stone ledge on N wall, are burners, between them is the fore last Tile, jmp on and off to the S, Runjmp/grab the ledge in the SW and get the Ammo, you can drop into a triangular hole in the corner, onto the last Tile, hop back up and make your way down to the water.

The Lava Pillar Room.

Swim into the R hand tunnel for the Goodies and in the L to follow to a cave with a strong current, stay close to the bottom and to L wall, so you can turn sharp L into the next cave. You reach the Ammo in the end, get it and swim up, pull up and backflip to the ledge behind. In the Lava Pillar room, go into the cave on opposite side and follow to the pit in the end, standjmp/grab from the L side with a R curve into the alcove with the switch, pull it and see the Lava rise in the room, hop back to the path. Save, take a flare and run around the corner and L, jmp over a pit into a safe alcove, while the Boulder crashes by, get the MP and head back to the room. Some pillars are broken and have fallen into the lava, climb the one lying R and turn facing W, behind the tall pillar is a small one, runjmp/grab this one with a curve around the tall pillar, turn R and jmp to the next low one and to the low one NE look in the dark corner to get Secret #3, a Shotgun. Jmp back to the low pillar and runjmp/grab to the slanted pillar bending over towards you, runjmp to the tall pillar in front of the passage N. Runjmp/grabbing into the passage and jmp/grab up on L wall, hang on L side and pull up, slide jmp on the opposite ledge, get the ½ MP and stand at the corner of pit/sloped ledge, so you can standjmp into the passage up over the sloped ledge.

The 1st Breeding Room.

There are 5 Big Eggs hanging in the Breeders, shoot them all, but one by one, try to avoid shooting the others prematurely, this way you can take out the resistance one by one. Under the Eggs were Step Tiles, step on all, also the one up the N ledge and the N door opens. Go out and here is another passage leading to the Start Pit.

Jump the Start Pit-2.

This is a very tricky one, as the Boulder will chase you very close, so you can’t see where to jmp. Be sure to save and have a go at it, wait long with the jmp/grab or you will fall short, after a few tries you will manage. Go Slide down and get a ½ MP, go up to the Teeth doors.

The Teeth doors.

Jmp through the doors, slide and run forward to get off the breakledge. You see a pack of Shotgun Ammo fly away; it’s a Hint for later. Runjmp over the side of the wall and slide into the water, get the Ammo on the small ledge at the pillar and climb the pillar, turn around and runjmp over the light coloured one, slide and jmp/grab the crack in the wall in front. Shimmy L to where you can pull up and runjmp around the corner to the light pillar in the NW corner, go S and see the Ammo on an invisible ledge, runjmp/grab and get Secret #4, Shotgun and Ammo. Jmp back to the bridge and go pull the switch to lower the pillar at the entrance, a water hole appears, run off the bridge from the switch to the E and find the tunnel in N wall where you land. Follow to the end and there are slopes all around, climb up E side in R corner and backflip, jmp R curve to land next to the slope, while drawing the gun to shoot the Dog. Go over to the N wall and on the red bloody path, jmp/grab the crack and go L, pull up in the alcove and runjmp/grab the bridge, get a ½ MP R at the crossing and follow the path over a pit and to the top of the big room.

Go to the MP at the end of the bridge, take it and hop back once, turn R and walk to the edge, line up for the water hole in the pyramid, save and do a long runjmp down into the hole (holding the “Forward” key), there are Teeth doors at the entrance you can do nothing about, if you are lucky you survive, otherwise try again. Immediately save after these doors and swim high at the ceiling around the corner, go over the 1st Teeth doors, around the corner (in the centre of the tunnel) slowly and get close to the doors and time the swim through. The current will take you to the end of the tunnel, save in the water and climb out, stand and wait for the Boulder to get dangerously close and backflip, jmp from the slope behind, so you go over the Boulder back to the passage. Go up the passage to a room with pillars and a big slope, get some Ammo in the corner and in this corner you can grab the ledge above, walk in the direction of the entrance and runjmp/grab the crack in the wall there, shimmy R and pull up, see the Spikes in the short screenshot. Runjmp over the slope to where the Dog is. Jmp a bit R, because the first square behind the slope is a trap. Get up into the passage in the corner and get the MP.

Jump the Start Pit-3.

No Boulder but Teeth doors this time, time the runjmp/grab to the other side and enter the lava room.

Lava Jumps.

Shoot the Lava bird and standjmp/grab the sloped block R, facing S slide and jmp to next (with a little L curve so you will slide forward off it), jmp hard R when you touch it and here you have to land on the slope going S of the 2 sloped block, if you happen to miss, just jmp back to the start. From the S slope, just jmp all the way over to the other side of the room, saw the MP? It’s Secret #5, along with some Ammo. From the low flat ledges in the lava you can standjmp to a L sloped block (with a little L curve), jmp hard R and land on the flat block next to the Secret, climb up and get it, face S walk back to the edge and standjmp to the slope, taking you back to where you were. Follow the passage and jmp over the pit into passage, run up L side to the next pit and jmpgrab the edge of the slope in L corner, hang there while the Boulder goes overhead, pull up and jmp back for the Ammo, now follow the slope up to the 2nd Breeding room.

The 2nd Breeding Room.

Pick up the Shotgun and from where you stand, shoot the 1st Egg, opposite side with pistols, take out the Shotgun and shoot the Dog. Now the one next to it and shoot the Lavabird, one more opposite the last, with a Dog and leave the other 2, no need to break those (unless you want the ½ MP and Ammo from under the Eggs). Use the 5 switches you revealed and the door opens.

The Lava Slide.

Stand on the 2nd Tile from the R, look at the ceiling and see a different Tile, there’s a Secret there, standjmp and jmp to land on the safe Tile there to get Secret #6, MP and Ammo, and runjmp to the water, swim through the tunnel get a MP there and pull up in the other end, backflip and runjmp back over the sloped part at the water, at the next slope, standjmp over with the Shotgun out, shoot the Dog and jmp over the Spikes, go R and to another Spike pit, runjmp to the L into this pit and walk to the door, you’re back in the Lava pillar room, now top level, shoot the Lavabird before she pushes you into the Spikes. Runjmp/grab the tall pillar and runjmp to the lower slanted one, to the tall one at the passage and get in there again, up the L wall, slidejmp/grab the other side and jmp up in the R opening. Run through the 1st Breeding room and reach the passage where you triggered that nasty Boulder before, now you can open that door L shoot 2 Dogs going into a huge cave. Go up the slope to the SW and climb the pillar, jmp/grab the crack in the W wall and go R, hang in the centre of the slope at the Teeth doors. Save here and drop (when open), slide and jmp/roll (hold “forward” key) and if you did right, you are safe on the ledge, get the Ammo ext to the door and go E, runjmp/grab the bridge, pull up and shoot the Dog on it, go to the other side and pull up in the alcove, turn and runjmp/grab the floating block, roll and runjmp back to the alcove, roll and shoot the 2 Lavabirds. Jmp back to the block and go straight to the next 2, on the last, turn L and runjmp/grab the R hand corner of the burner block, turn R and standjmp into the passage. Follow, slide and end the level.

Perfect Level!