Level by Johannes Gaechter (Technojoh) (December, 2002)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Run to the west down the valley and kill a wild pig. Continue to the end and find a hole. It is possible to climb the rocks behind but that is for end of the level. Follow the tunnel and kill a bat. Enter the opening on the left side and go left for a small medipack. Go straight and climb a block to continue down the tunnel. Kill another bat and at the corner kill a dog. At the end of the tunnel you reach a ladder. Start climbing the ladder and then drop again. Kill the bat that just bit you in the butt. Climb to the top and go forward until you see a rock rolling towards you. Just before it hits you, do a side jump to the wall and you will jump back after the rock has passed you. Go to the end of this canyon and go east into an opening. Drop down the other side to kill three wild pigs and a monkey. Go to the north-west and drop into a valley. You get a cut scene of a guard on a mountain top. Wait and kill the two scorpions that come to sting you.

Go east and climb the rocks at the back for the Uzi's and two Uzi ammo. Get down, go west, then north to kill a scorpion. Go east again to kill a wild pig. Look up into the mountains for a tunnel. Climb the rocks and reach the tunnel entrance. Before you enter, go to the north-east to use a switch. You get a cut scene of the tunnel entrance and a gate that is opened. Follow the tunnel and kill a dog. Go further and the camera angle changes. If you look up you a see something that is out of reach on the ceiling. Follow the tunnel and eventually pull up onto a path above the canyon. Follow the path and move to the side as a rock rolls towards you. Follow the path and enter a different colored floor area and kill three guards and two wild pigs.

There are two ways to go. There is a hole in the top of the hill to the south-east. But first go south and follow the rocks until you see a pole in the distance. Slide down the pole and kill a bat and two guards. Go west and see guard on a far ledge. Go there, kill the guard and pick up the Ignition Key. Notice the black column, you will return here later. Go back up the pole and back flip to the ledge. Go to the north-west and look down to the left to see a cave and a crevice on the north wall. Drop and release to grab the crevice. Shimmy to the right and drop into the cave entrance. Enter the cave for secret #1, a shotgun and three shotgun shells. Get back to the entrance, drop and grab and shimmy to the right and drop. Get back to the pole and climb again to the ledge. Follow it to the east wall and pick up Uzi clips. From there go west and up the hill to the hole.

Fall into the hole into a water filled tunnel. Follow the tunnel to a cave and go to the bottom of the rock projecting from the ceiling to find a hole. Go up there for air and see a closed gate in a wall. Dive back in and swim to the north-east. Go into tunnel and when it splits three ways, go to the right tunnel to pull an underwater switch on the ceiling. You get a long cut scene of the gate opening. For now ignore the other underwater gate and swim back to that hole and up for air. Go into the gate and follow the cave to an open area with a lake. Kill a monkey if you have to. Dive into the water and notice a closed gate to the west and a tunnel to the north. Try to lure the two crocodiles to a place where you can kill them. They may also get stuck against a wall if you are lucky. Swim into the north tunnel and always go right until you pick up a small medipack from the floor. Roll and swim straight and into the second left tunnel, then left for a small medipack and return to swim upwards. Emerge on the rock ledge above the water and kill a crocodile.

Go west to climb the rocks and then south to jump around a rock and land in front of a cave opening. Go inside and kill a dog. There is a closed gate to your right. Go left and follow to a ladder. Climb it and pick up Uzi clips in front of a closed gate. You will be back here later as well. Go south and reach a crawl space. Crawl through to a platform overlooking the lake. Go left to use a switch and get a cut scene of a gate opening inside the cave. Dive into the water and swim back north to the ledge, and get into the tunnel again, you will see that the gate is now open. Drop inside for secret #2, two Uzi clips and a large medipack. Get back to the platform and get ready to use some ropes. Use both ropes to swing east to a ledge. To your right you can see the hill with the hole. Go east and climb down a few blocks and get into a cave opening. Inside kill two dogs and two bats. Use the switch to get a cut scene of an underwater gate opening. Go south behind the switch to a crawl space. Follow it the end and drop into water.

You have dropped here before so go east to the tunnel and through the open gate. At the end of the tunnel swim south-east and upwards to the surface and pull up. As you walk inland, kill the two guards that attack you. Also turn and kill the two crocodiles that have tailed you in the water. Go south-west behind the tree and get the jeep. Drive north and turn to the left. Follow the path and jump a gap and get out. Go back to the gap and find a ladder in the corner. Climb down and use a switch. You get a cut scene of a gate opening high on a mountain. Climb back up and drive down the path some more. Notice a second jeep in a corner. Run over a dog, four guards and two wild pigs. At the end drive down to where you started the level. Go forward and run over two guards. Drive up the back hill and park the jeep in front of the still closed gate. You have to go back to the gate you saw opening at the top of a mountain.

[Short route] The short way back to the mountain gate is as follows. Notice the opening to the right of the closed gate. Go inside and follow the cave to a pool of water. Dive in and go through an underwater gate into the lake.

[Long route] The long way back to the mountain gate is as follows. You have to back track a lot on foot. Go down the hole you went before. Follow the tunnel to a ladder. Climb up and follow the path to the end and turn right. Through a tunnel and the area with the tree. Out the far opening and go north and then east to get to the cave. Go to the end of this cave and facing a vibrating rock. Carefully climb onto the corner of the ledge the rock is on. Turn around, jump and grab a ledge, Pull up and back flip over the rock. Go up the path to where you see a green plant on the floor and look up. That is the gate you have to reach. Continue up the path to the hill with the hole. Jump in and swim into the hole in the under hanging ceiling. Go through the gate and follow the cave to the lake.

By either route you have arrived at the lake. Swim north, through the tunnel and swim upwards to the ledge, Go north to the other tunnel and up a ladder to where the gate on the right side should be open. Slide down backwards out of the gate to stop next to a switch. Use the switch and get a cut scene of the gate opening back where you left the jeep. Face the open gate and side flip to the left. You land on secret#3 and pick up a large medipack, Uzi clips, and two shotgun shells. Slide down the mountain up the path. Go back to the hill and turn right and go back to the pole. Slide down and look west. Get to the tall black column, as there is a door at its base. Slide backwards into the gate and end up at the second jeep. Of course you could have by the water route and jumped the gap to end up here. Take the jeep and drive as before to the gate. The gate is open so drive through and make a final jump. As you land on the other side, the level ends.