Level by Alex Nierlein (Dark Death)

Walkthrough by Yoav

Note: I found one secret place; if anyone know about others please let us know.

Lara begins at the same place where she finished the first Peaceful City. Make your way in shallow water past the hill from right, pull the lever wall and enter to city. Take the left way, go through the short passage building, open the door and enter to boxes room; nothing here to do, turn and get out. Take free tour around the street, enter into next two possible building. When you get to the room with ninja shoot him (of course lol), open the door, follow up stairs; there is closed door so turn and get back downstairs, stand back to stairs and push inside the block to end, shoot the mesh from left, push the double door, shoot dog and pick up Gem from the desk, push the next double door and get out to city street.

Make your way to the building where you can use with the Gem, enter inside, go behind the mesh, jump and catch the high stairs. Follow to office and pick up two MEDIPACKS from the desk, now you can proceed upstairs to attic but nothing doing there. So open door and get out to small balcony, stand face to opposite wall, jump and grab the ladder, climb up and catch the crack, shimmy left and fall down onto black ledge. Turn face to opposite building and look for broken window, run jump over the window, catch the edge and pull Lara inside the room, proceed and use the zip line, land in corridor with few closed double doors.

Push the last double door, shoot dog and ninja, go and stand on the control panel but be careful not to fall down from the broken window. Look on left wall, jump and catch the crack, shimmy right, fall and catch the high crawlspace, pull Lara into it, shoot the mesh and crawl to maze. It's an easy maze, look for something that looks like "mesh," pull it two steps back. Now turn and go to left corridor, turn left, left and one more left, find yourself behind that "mesh," fall down to room below. Shoot guard and ninja, pick up from desk Star, now stand face to cupboard, move one step back and press CTRL, Lara will open the cupboard and take the Fuse. Kick in door then push the double door and get back to corridor, from there jump down to streets and go find the building where you can use the star.

Put the star, enter inside, jump and pull Lara onto the ledge. Do it two more times, then use the zip line, in the end catch the balcony edge, pull Lara onto it, get inside the building. Push the lever, screenshot shows the big double doors opening, turn and follow downstairs to room below, shoot dog, pull the lever wall, open the door, get out to street, go over the big open double door.

Enter inside the lobby, shoot the guard behind counter, go over there too and take from the cupboard the second Fuse, go and put them in the next corridor. The elevator opens, pull the lever and the elevator stops on 26th floor, get out to corridor, shoot soldier, turn left, you see swinging ball behind glass and key hole. Turn and proceed upstairs to next corridor with three closed doors and three key holes, shoot soldier, go and push the right door, enter to office and pull ceiling trapdoor, jump catch the edge and pull Lara into the crawlspace. Pull the lever wall, fall down through open trapdoor to office, pick up from the desk Golden Key and FLARES, push the door and get out to corridor. Use the key to open the middle door, enter to office and pull the ceiling trapdoor, it's unimportant as it brings you again to crawlspace, leave this office and go at first key hole you see before.

Use the Golden Key, enter to floor 25, shoot guard, crawl into crawlspace. Turn and fall down on a roof elevator, climable left wall, go about half way and backflip onto the ledge, look for high crawlspace. Pull Lara into it, turn and climb down, shoot the swinging ball, screenshot shows open door, turn and look for closed door that needs crowbar to open it. Get back to elevator shaft and from there to floor 25, get back to floor 26, enter to small place you just opened and push the lever, screenshot shows raised door. Return back again to elevator shaft, climable wall again but this time to end and pull Lara into crawlspace, turn and fall down to room with shallow water. Go to right and climb up, turn left and fall onto the mesh bridge, turn face to half column, take run jump and catch it, move around, climb up into niche, pick up the crowbar, screenshot shows you the closed door where you shot the swinging ball. Make your way over there, use the crowbar and open the door, enter to boxes room, turn face to exit, jump and pull Lara up above the entrance and pick up the second Star.

Get back to floor 25 and use the Star, enter to office, pick up from left desk the second Gem, shoot ninja and turn back. Use the Gem. Kick in door and enter to new office, shoot the mesh and climb on a window. DON'T USE THE ZIP LINE YET, stand back, fall catch the window edge and shimmy left to large crack, keep shimmying left to end and fall down, catch the crack below. Pull Lara into it and jump through the broken window, inside office take from the cupboard Red Key, turn and kick in door, follow upstairs, turn right, pass the boxes and climable wall to top. Pull Lara into crawlspace, turn, fall down back to elevator shaft. Make your way again to floor 25, enter to office, now you can use the long zip line. You are in corridor, go to right and use the Red Key, it opens door to secret place, pick up FLARES, turn and shoot dog, slide down to courtyard, flyby shows you've finished the level.