Level by Maxime Guidoni

Walkthrough by RelicHunter

After the flyby, go straight and later take a left toward the waterfall structure. Look for a ladder on the right side of the structure and climb up into an alcove for SECRET #1, some shotgun shells, Uzi clips, and a large medipack.
Climb out and return to the ground. Go straight and then take a left to a cave. Walk straight to the end of the path, and turn around to discover a hole. Pull up, and pull the switch to open a door back down.

Go back down and run into the hall on the left. Keep running to the end of the hall as you pass a collapsible floor tile that conceals spikes. Now pull up into the next alcove and notice the smaller alcove on the left. Go up two squares from the alcove, and a boulder gets released. Run into the alcove to avoid being flattened.

After the boulder passes, go to where the boulder fell from, to a room with some flares on the left, and a small medipack on the right. Shoot the left vase on the plateau for some shotgun shells. Run through the open gate, and the doors will close behind you, and ahead of you. Look for a crawlspace in the wall and climb in.

The gate will once again close behind you. Take the path on the left and pick up the large medipack. Jump on the first slope, then jump on the next one, and grab the ledge of the higher room. Pull up. You will see four switches on the walls. Pull the third switch from the left, to open a door that leads to another jungle. The other switches will set you on fire.

Climb into the crawlspace, and climb out in the hallway you were locked in earlier. Walk out into the jungle to see a flyby of a plane crash and two soldiers. Go look in the pond for a shotgun. Now go look to the right of the shrine to find a way up into a higher platform. Locate the crawlspace on the right and crawl inside. Kill the tiger inside and find the crawlspace on the left. Inside is SECRET #2, some desert eagle clips and grenade ammo.

Backtrack to where you killed the tiger, and look to the left of the hall for a small medipack. Walk into the small room with the door with the stone face. The gate will close behind you. Crawl into the nearby crawlspace on the right and take the Anaconda Stone. The stone-face door will now open. Go back there and trigger the pendulum. Bypass it and fall through a trapdoor.

As you slide down, jump and grab the ladder at the end. Shimmy to the left, climb up a little and then backflip onto a platform and the earthquake will stop. Grab the monkey-bars above you and monkey-swing to the ladder. You will see a door open. Grab the ladder, climb down, and shimmy to the open hall. Run forward and push the block forward.

A skeleton will appear from the ground. Run to the right and pick up the desert eagle clips on the way. Run left into a room with a Shiva statue, and pick up the small medipack from the floor. Slide down the slope back into the jungle. Climb up the ladder and prepare to kill a tiger. Now go to the shrine and place your Anaconda Stone in the left receptable to open the door.

Slide down the slope, and go down the waterfall. When you land in the water, go pull the switch to open the door. Let the current carry you to the next door and it will open. Grab a breath of air, and swim toward some debris and a large circular door. Pick up a large medipack from the stone, and pull the switch behind it. You will see a door open.

Swimming back to where you came from, swim left and investigate a hidden passageway in the water. Discover SECRET #3, the harpoon gun and harpoons. Now go back to where you first came into this area and surface on the shore. Look for a crawlspace behind some grass and you will see the door you opened. Go discover another jungle area with a wall on the ladder.

Jump onto a grassy tile closest to the west wall, and jump and grab the invisible crack. Shimmy to the left until you can pull up into a crawlspace. Go left and pull the switch to open the nearby door. If you step on the brown-yellowish tile, you will hear spikes. These spikes were guarding the platform with the vase you have to shoot. Shoot it and pick up the Anaconda Stone.

Backtrack to the crawlspace you entered to pull the switch. On the right, you will see that a door opened. Walk inside and push the block forward. This will reveal a passageway on the left. Pick up some shotgun shells and shatter the vase. You will see a pit with spikes and a monkey swing above you. First, drop down into the pit for SECRET #4, two medipacks, one large and one small.

Climb back up and grab the monkey swing. Monkey-swing to the other side, and two bats will go bother you. Dispose of them on the other side. Go down, and at the end, turn around and hop backwards to grab the ladder. Climb down, and climb up the next ladder on the right. Swim back to the plane wreck and swim left and climb up on the shore. You will see a ladder that you will need to climb.

Climb up the ladder and emerge in another temple area. Go take a swim in the pond to find a small medipack. Get out and find the slanted slope. Backflip onto it and grab the ledge above. Pull up, and prepare to make an angled jump towards the alcove on the left. Once you get there, the gate will close behind you.

Take a running jump towards the next alcove, and remember to press action so Lara will look like she’s prepared to grab a ledge, so she doesn’t hit the wall and fall into the spikes. Go forward and pick up a large medipack, and the gate will open. Walk a bit forward past the gate and it will close behind you.

Sprint past the spikes, using a medipack on the way, and slide into another chamber with spikes coming from the ceiling. Look left for a switch to open a door in this room. Move the push block out of the way to reveal the door you’ve opened. Run inside to avoid being skewered by the spikes above. If you make it in time, you’ll be rewarded with the Shivalinga Key.

Climb the rock ladder in front of you. At the top, shimmy to the right. Sprint up to the ledge by the boulder and crawl right by it to avoid being flattened. Go up, and slide down the waterfall back to the pond. Climb out, and head outside through the new exit.

Grab the desert eagle from the left, and then make a running jump to the platform with the golden statue. Pick up a small medipack in front of the golden statue, and jump to the platform with the Shiva statue. Pick up some shotgun shells from behind it and go into the next room. Pick up more shotgun shells, and place the Anaconda stone in its receptable. You will open the door and summon a skeleton. Lead the skeleton to the platform with the Shiva statue and shove it off the ledge with the shotgun.

Now that the skeleton is taken care of, backtrack to the door you just opened. Shatter the vase and kill the bat. Pick up the Uzi clips, and head out to the bridge. Grab a shimmy crack above the circular door, and shimmy all the way to the left. Drop onto a platform and head for the hallway. Run over the spikes, pick up the small medipack, and place the Shivalinga key in its receptable.

The large circular door will open, and you will release a giant anaconda. Head down into the water while the locusts use up those medipacks. Go to the area opened by the circular door and climb out of the water on the first platform you’ll see, or the current will pull you into spikes. Anyway, jump from platform to platform until you get to a switch. Remember to pick up the harpoons along the way.

Pull the switch and a door will open way back where you placed the Anaconda stone. Jump back from platform to platform and swim to the shore with the ladder and quickly climb up before the anaconda burns you. Once up, make the jumps across the platforms and pull the switch to open a trapdoor back in the room where you pulled the switch. Return there and climb up the ladder.

Shimmy to the right and pick up a pack of flares. Run down the hall, and crawl through the crawlspace. Dispose of the tiger that bothers you. Notice the hole on the right, but ignore it for now, and climb up onto the platform on the opposite side of the left of the door with two torches. Jump to the higher platform, and jump onto a block in the room further. Kill the two bats, and dive into the water.

Pull the switch to open a door in the hole back down, and return over there by jumping on the platforms, backflipping on the first platform, and jumping over the slope. Drop down into the area with the hole, picking up the small medipack that is located behind a stone in front of the closed door. Go to the hole and into the hall opened by the door. You’ll summon a skeleton on the way, and pull the next switch.

You will open a door back in the pool where you pulled the switch. Go back there, and crawl through the crawlspace, under the spikes, and climb down the long hole. At the end, kill the tiger and take the Suzaku Infada to finish the level.