Church and House (Demo)

Level by Psxsaves (December, 2002)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

forward and get a flyby of the church. Notice a target on top of the church. Exit the start area and kill two ahmets. If you run to the north-west, you can jump a small fence and safely shoot the ahmets from there. Shoot the lock off the gate in the corner and the gate opens. Enter the hallway and go west into a small corridor. Take the first branch to the north and find a tunnel in the east wall. Enter and then turn around to kill an ahmet. Go back and at a T-junction, take either tunnel since they meet at the same place. Shoot four targets on the ground in this area. This opens the gate into the house.


Go east towards the house and slide down a slope. Do not shoot the man, as he is your friend.  He will kill the wild pig for you. Enter the front door of the house. Run under the archway of the stairs to the east and then run back outside. Two ahmets will follow you and your friend will kill at least one of them. Go back inside and kill any remaining ahmets. Go up the stairs to the upper balcony and all doors are closed. Jump over onto the high ledge at the west side of the building. Go west and hop onto the north block. Look west and jump up and down while shooting to shoot a target on the far west wall. It takes a little while to do this. It opens a gate in the kitchen area. I think that all the targets open gates somewhere.


Jump the columns to the north and then east to another section of the house. Go east and jump to the south-east into a sloped roof. Run east and shoot a target. It probably opens a door somewhere that was not obvious to me. That is all to do here. Go back west into the house and enter a south doorway into the upper balcony. Go back to the high west ledge and this time go over the south columns. At the end, slide backwards down a slope and grab the edge. Shimmy to the right and around a corner. Pull up onto a wall. You can jump though the north windows to pickup a crossbow and crossbow normal ammo. But you cannot get out of the room, so do not jump through the windows.  Jump to an east pillar and then east to another roof. Hop onto any block and kill the two ahmets. Go south and drop into the water. Pull up and kill a crocodile. Go north into a corridor and a gate opens for you. You are back in the house.


Go back up the stairs and onto the west ledge. Follow the same route with the shimmy to the roof over the pool again. This time jump south to land on a ledge. Climb the south wall and pull up into an opening. Just follow the path and go through a crawl space. On the other side slide down a slope and jump over a fire. Continue north down the corridor and pass an opening with a closed gate. Turn left at the end to enter a dark room. Pick up a revolver and revolver ammo by the west wall. You can walk through the wall back into the house. But go back to the opening and the gate is open. Go up some stairs to see three cat statues. Turn north and follow the tunnel to room with blocks. Kill an ahmet and climb the blocks. At the top block, shoot another target. Go back down to the statues and turn to the right. Exit the doorway onto the upper balcony.


Go down the stairs and go east into the left archway. Turn left into the kitchen area. Follow the east corridor until you reach a large outside area. There seems to be nothing to do in this area. Go west until you see a break in the wall. Go through the opening and get on the motorcycle. Drive west up some steep hills and pass some boxes. Continue the next hill and get off the motorcycle at the top. Jump over the columns to get the south wall. Ahead of you is the roof of the church. Climb down the blocks and climb up the blocks to the church roof. Near the middle of the roof area, find and shoot a target. This opens a gate into the church. Then go north and back down the blocks and safety drop in front of the first gate where you shot the lock.


Enter the gate and go west and pass the door you entered before. The gate is open in a south passageway so that you can enter the church. Go east and hop onto the slope. A skeleton will rise out of the floor. Pull up onto the south ledges. Follow the ledges to the west and shimmy around the fire. Shoot a target and jump to the next west ledge for a grenade gun. You see keys and a token on the ground. Leave them there for now. If you pick them up, the giant head will start to attack you.


Jump to the north-west onto the west ledge. Then jump to the north-west ledge on the north ledge against the wall. Go to the end to pick up a Pharos Pillar. Safety drop to the ground and exit the church. Kill the skeleton that follows you.  Go west in the corridor and turn north at the end. You enter a small maze. You may awaken another skeleton in a blue-lit room. Go in a generally north-west direction to find a crawl space. You find a closed gate. Run to the end of the corridor and wait for the gate to open. Enter into another crawl space. Follow it to a church with blocks as seats. Go north towards the laser sight. You gate a cut scene of Winston coming from behind you. He walks through the north wall as the scene ends. Pick up the laser sight and shoot the target on top of the block.


Return back to the church. Now you can pick up the Token and the Gate Key. You get a cut scene of the flying head starting. A knight will appear on an upper north ledge. If you shoot at the flying head, it just circles you without doing any harm. If you run back into the house it will follow you. If you go back to the pool, the head flies into the water and dies. There does appear to be an end trigger so just exit the level.