Babilonia: The Dream of the Darkest Night

Level by Salvin (Diego Salvadori) (May, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Slide down into a dark tunnel. Follow the tunnel to a shallow pool. Pick up the grenade gun from the water. Pull up onto the ledge to your right to pick up the Horseman's Gem. There is a closed gate needing an item in the north-west corner. Go to the north-west corner and pull up into a crawl space. Follow it into the north and around until you can stand up in a room. Go to the corner and pull up into the room above to pick up grenade normal ammo, grenade super ammo, grenade flash ammo, and crossbow poison ammo. Go east towards the water and get a flyby of an outside area. Dive into the water and follow the underwater tunnel. Pull up into a small outside area. Go to the north-west and follow the trench north to the area shown in the flyby. Shoot a crocodile in the water. Jump to the center section and pick up the Pharos Knot. Four skeletons awaken so kill them. You notice two sets of locked gates to the north. One gate above the water and another gate in the water. Go back through the underwater tunnel and crawl space to the starting room.

Use the Pharos Knot and the closed gate slowly opens. Follow the corridor to a room filled with deadly red water. Go west and pull up into a corridor. At the end, enter a room with blocks. Hop onto the blocks at the south wall for red shotgun shells and the shotgun. Go west to another block to pick up crossbow normal ammo, crossbow poison ammo, crossbow explosive ammo, and the crossbow. Climb up to a platform and follow the tunnel to the north. When you see the spike floor, go into the left tunnel. At the end dive into water and swim into an east underwater tunnel. Avoid the crocodiles and pull up into a room. From here, kill the two crocodiles and the skeleton that sneaks up behind you. Enter a tunnel in the north-west and follow it to pick up the Hathor Effigy. Use the Horseman's Gem in the receptacle and get a cut scene of the deadly water room but now the water is safe. Before you exit this area, be sure to go to the south-east corner of the room and pick up the crowbar.

Swim back through the underwater tunnel and then go back to the safe water. Dive in and follow the tunnel in the north-east until you can pull up into a room. Go into the tunnel in the north and at the corner get a flyby of stairs and more deadly red water. Follow the tunnel and you reach that area. Go pass a closed door and approach the water. You hear the door open behind there. Enter the door and face a long line of rolling rocks. Sprint though then and you should make it pass them all. Step on the blue tile to the left of the closed door, and the door opens. Enter to face a burning pit. Go to either side ledge and drop in the water. Pull up and go to the south-east to hop a block and pick up a Horseman's Gem. Go towards the locked door and it opens for you. Enter and pull up to the platform on the east. Go north to jump and grab a crevice. Shimmy left over the spike floor until you can pull up. Go down the west tunnel and down the ladder. Then go east and use the Horseman's Gem in the receptacle. You get a cut scene of the deadly red water that has turned to a safe blue. Back to climb the ladder and at the end back flip to the tunnel. Follow the crevice to a safe place to drop or just run over the floor where you saw the spikes pop up earlier. Then exit this room and get into the water. Swim east and follow the underwater tunnel back through an open gate to pull up into the earlier room.

Follow the north tunnel again to the now safe pool. Dive in and swim to the west. Pull up into a tunnel and go to the end for the Ornate Handle. Back into the water and down the stairs and return to the earlier room. Enter the water there and swim down the east underwater tunnel. Swim into a room and through the open underwater gates. Pull up to the outside area with the closed gates. Place the Portal Guardian from the north side of the pedestal with your back to the wall. Both closed gates will open and you enter an area with some ledges over water. Dive in and swim east into a large underwater tunnel. At the end swim above the blue structure and pull up onto a ledge on the north side. Kill the crocodile in the water. Dive in and pick up a Horseman's Gem from the south-west corner of the blue structure. Return to pull up onto the ledge.

Climb the west ladder in the middle of the room and pull up into a west tunnel. Follow the tunnel to a room and pry the Golden Star off a wall. Return and climb any ladder all the way to the top room. Pull up and look north for a receptacle. Go there and use the Golden Star and get a flyby of an underwater tunnel. Dive in and go north to find that tunnel. Pull up to a central platform and climb a wall to the west. Follow the tunnel west and jump to a structure in the middle of the room. At the top, pick up a Trident and get a cut scene of an underwater hole. Dive into the water and find that hole underneath the structure. Swim down and north into an underwater tunnel. At the end, pull up into a large room. Go north onto a ledge over water. Kill the two crocodiles and swim into the underwater tunnel in the north-west.

Pull up into a small room. Hop down into the tunnel at the opposite wall and follow it to another room. Climb the structure in front of you to pick up crossbow explosive ammo, grenade normal ammo, and a token. When you pick up the token, there is an earthquake and the room floods. Pull up into the outside area above the room. Go west down into a tunnel and find a room with a water hole. Dive into the water and swim west to pull up into another room. Go to the south wall and use the token in the post. An earthquake happens and a water hole appears at the west wall. Dive in and swim to the end and dive down to swim south. Go through an open gate and follow the tunnel to pull up into a large room. Climb the blue section on the north wall and shimmy around into a tunnel. Follow the tunnel and pick up a Horseman's Gem. Continue following the tunnel and at a junction turn right. Use the Horseman's Gem and the gate opens. Follow the tunnel to a steep slope. Slide down the slope and the level ends by crashing to the desktop.