Sophia's Bunker V2 (Christmas Director's Cut)

Level by Psxsaves (December, 2002)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

start in a dark room but as a man and not Lara. Go east towards an opening. Two guards look at you suspiciously but do not shoot. Continue east and go down the ramp. At the bottom go left and get a cut scene of two guards. Go through a door that opens for you. Run pass the guards and enter the doors that open in the north wall. Enter the room and jump over the small platform to get into the north-east corner. You get secret#1, revolver ammo, and the revolver. Exit the room to kill the two guards and pick up a small medipack. The way back to the west is blocked by fire. Go east and more doors open in the north wall. Enter the room and kill the dog. Enter the crawl space at the north wall. Crawl to the back to get a small medipack. Return to the room to kill another dog. Exit the room back to the corridor and go to the east wall.


Climb the east wall and get into a small room. Another suspicious guard runs up to you. Notice a closed door in the south wall. There is a room to the east but the room is empty.  Later a sentry gun will appear there and shoot at you through the open door. Run down the north corridor and jump over the two deadly pools of water. Two fires start behind you. Enter the north doors and enter the room. Kill two guards and go to the south-east corner. Pull the switch and exit the room. Go south over the deadly water pools and enter the now open door in the south wall. It helps to sprint to get pass the sentry gun quickly. Enter the room for secret#2, Uzi ammo, and Uzi's. Return back over the deadly water pools and go to the east.


Climb the block and see a water trench. The far side of the water trench is deadly. Behind the middle opening to the north is a sentry gun. Swim over to near the deadly water section and pull up to the north.  Shoot the guard in the opening to the north. Jump inside for secret#3 and pick up the Gate Key. The sentry gun has probably set you on fire. You need to use a few medipacks to get back to the water. Pull up to the south edge. The sentry gun shots you in the back as you run south to the doors. Kill a guard and enter the doors. Go west down a corridor and climb the wall at the end. Go down a tunnel and emerge onto the roof of the building. Do not run around the roof or you trigger a sentry gun. Climb the box and jump forward to grab the edge of the opening in the north structure. Pick up something that looked like two CDs. Kill the guard for a small medipack. Go south back the same way and the sentry gun will not appear. Go back down the wall ladder and return to the room. Kill a guard at the door and go north. Jump onto the ledge to the east of the water trench and climb the block.


Monkey swing over the fire trench to the over side. You are on a ledge over a deep room. Shoot the guard on the north ledge. Go to the north tunnel and go through the doors that open for you. You enter a room and see a helicopter landing pad out of the east window. Enter the west doors and follow the corridor for a second Gate Key. The doors in the corner should open. Enter for secret #4 and pick up two Uzi ammo. Return to the room and see guards at the landing pad. Go back to the room with the ledges. Kill the guard at the south wall for revolver ammo. Drop to the floor and kill three guards who leave nothing. Press the button on the short block at the north wall. Run down the east tunnel and notice the doors in the left wall. Be careful of fires and wall darts.


The doors at the end open as you approach. Kill a dog and a guard for Uzi ammo. Go south and kill a guard in the room.  Go to the south-east block and press the pushbutton on the block. Run back down the corridor and run near the closed doors until they open. Run back to the room and go to the block at the east wall near the steps. Save in front of the pushbutton for a timed run. Press the pushbutton and run back through the open doors. A door has open in front of the fires in the west corridor. Run there and jump into the room before the doors close. Climb the north wall ladder to the top. Get into the crawl space and stop. You can shoot two guards at a long distance before they shoot back. Continue to the end of the crawl space and get a cut scene of a helicopter landing. When it is done, kill a guard shooting at you from the west side. Go to the north side and pick up a small medipack that a guard dropped. You can climb the green-lit structures to the north and kill a demigod on the high west structure. It just takes a little time using the pistols.


I did not find an end level trigger. I guess the helicopter pad with the helicopter is the end, so just quit anytime.