Egypt Revisited

Level by Cornchild

Walkthrough by Sutekh

CS = Crawlspace - MS = Monkey Swing - L = Left - R = Right - N, S, E, W = Cardinal Points - UW = Underwater

SJ = Standing Jump - SJ+G = Standing Jump + Grab - RJ = Running Jump - RJ+G = Running Jump + Grab

Enemies: Tigers, Crocodiles, Bats
Items of note: Key 1, Ankh, Music Scroll, Key 2, Key 3, Stone Tablet, Key 4, Eye of Horus, Key 5, Torch, Scion
Traps - 1 Timed-Run

[Important: On at least two occasions, the order in which you perform the tasks to do is of the essence, meaning you'll be stuck and have to reload if you don't do them in the order given in the following walkthrough.]

First Steps

You start the level standing in a rocky half ruined area of what seems to be a sunken egyptian temple. In front of you (W) you can spot a wall made of rocks with a crack running through. However would you jump above the pit to get there, you'd soon realize the crack is too high to be grabbed. So stay where you are and look down and L (SW) in the pit. One block is different from the rest of the walls there: it's moveable.

So get down in the pit and pull the block twice to reveal a long alcove with a switch at the end. Save, activate the switch and immediately roll and sprint back in the pit turning L (W) as soon as you're out of the alcove: a boulder is rolling at you and the moveable block won't stop it. It is, by the way, the first of many many many traps.

Preparing the Way

Turn L (W) and pull up on the ledge next to the rocky wall. There's a block there which has been raised when you activated the switch. Pull up on it, turn R (W), grab the crack and shimmy to the R until you can pull up, entering a new room. Draw your pistols and run a bit further into the room: a tiger will attack from the L (S). These big cats are rather fragile and can be killed with a few bullets. However they are also very quick and rather harmful so keep moving while shooting.

Take a look around: On your R (N) you can see a closed portcullis with a keyhole. There's also a closed golden trapdoor in the ceiling above the arch there. On your L (S) there's another arch and yes the slope there hints very much of an upcoming boulder. You do need to go there though so run to the slope, stop before stepping on it, turn around (N), hop back once then make one step back to trigger the boulder then quickly sprint, turning either L or R once you're back in the room. You'll see the boulder stop at the portcullis and sink in the sand.

Now run up the slope and enter a room with a pool and some low ledges above the water: the Pool Room. Looking up and R (W) you can spot a high ledge and a MS running through the ceiling to a closed portcullis on the E side. Still to your R (SW) but down in the water you can see a key in an opening and if you turn around you'll spot a tiny blue thingy beside a vase that's in fact the top of an UW ceiling switch. Of immediate concern though, is a crocodile swimming around, so draw your pistols and kill the reptile from your safe dry location.

Jump in the water to the W, dive and swim S to get the Key in the opening [note: there's a little glitch with the keys name in this level, so they appear as "load" in your inventory]. Now turn around and swim N to pull the UW Ceiling Switch under the N ledge. This raises a block on one of the ledges above near the SW corner. So pull out of the water and climb on the newly raised block. Turn R (N), jump, grab and pull up on the ledge above.

The Ankh

Immediately draw your pistols to kill the 2 bats flying around. Ignore the MS for now and look to the N and above the entrance arch to locate a switch there. Go to the N edge of the ledge you're on, turn 45 R (NE) and do a RJ to land on the arch. Activate the switch which opens the ceiling trapdoor above the arch in the Portcullis Room.

[Important: there are two serious savegame bugs from this point which can have you absolutely stuck. One will send the previous boulder on the top of the arch just under the trapdoor, blocking access to it. The second will reset an upcoming moving spiked wall and may trap Lara behind. So don't save until you're done with all the tasks performed in the rooms above the arch (ie: the * below). This is also the reason why it is preferable to do those tasks first]

Safety drop from the arch to the ledge below and run N down the slope to go back in the Portcullis Room. Run N and to the R of the arch then turn L (W) and pull up on it. Jump, grab and pull up through the newly opened trapdoor and quickly run to the switch ahead (W): a moving spiked wall is now crossing the room. Activate the switch to open a stone double door nearby and wait for the spiked wall to disappear in the N wall before leaving the safe alcove you're in.

Turn around then R (S). Pick up the Uzis ammo and the small medipack there on the floor then run through the newly open door. First take a look through the bars on your R at the beautiful Sphinx in a large room below. Pick up the Ankh there on a pedestal ahead (S), triggering a harmless spiked ball trap from the ceiling. Now make your way back to the Portcullis Room below *.

The Music Scroll

Return to the Pool Room and go back up on the W ledge under the MS. Jump and grab then swing your way to the closed portcullis ahead (E). Turn L (N) and push the big square button there to open the nearby portcullis and run into the next room.

In front of you are three burning pillars emerging from a pool. Beyond the pool, on the opposite side of the room (E) you can see a large double door as well as a closed portcullis on each side. Finally, right on front of you is a pullable rope. There's a tight timed-run oncoming but you must do a little detour first lest you find yourself very stuck once beyond the double door.

Pull the rope whith Lara facing the closest pillar but with a slightly angled position and immediately SJ to the temporarily extinguished pillar. Quickly hop back while holding Action to grab its edge and shimmy around to its other side (thus facing W). There's a jumpswitch there, so position Lara right above it, let go then immediately hit Action to activate the switch and fall in the water below. Locate the ladder above the SW corner of the pool then pull out of the water on the block before and climb the ladder to get back to the pullable rope. Now time for the real thing.

Position Lara as you did before, ie: facing the pillar and slightly angled. Pull the rope twice to extinguish the pillars and open the double door then immediately SJ to the first pillar. Do another SJ to the next one then a RJ to the last. Quickly run (don't sprint) through the door, ignoring the shotgun ammo on the floor. 2 boulders will come rolling to you so hurry past the door but immediately stop there to avoid being impaled on a nasty spike trap waiting in ambush.

You find yourself in a short hallway with a closed double door ahead (E) and an open portcullis to your R (S). This is the one you opened with the jumpswitch. Run through the portcullis to the ladder at the end of the passage and climb up (there's a closed trapdoor there too). Stop when Lara's hands are one half tile away from the ceiling then backflip and immediately jump while holding Action to activate a jumpswitch hidden there. Keep Action pressed to grab the ladder again.

Now climb down until Lara's feet are just above the now opened trapdoor and climb down once more. Backflip to land back in the corridor and immediately backflip again and draw your pistols: 2 tigers are coming after you and you don't want to be pushed and go down through the trapdoor yet.

Once they're dead, run through the now opened double door to the E and pick up the "Music Scroll" there (which doesn't look like a scroll at all) and immediately hop back to avoid being crushed by a heavy section of the ceiling falling down at that moment.

Now return to the opened trapdoor to the S, turn around (N) and stand as R as possible. Hop back through it, slide down as much as you can (beware the spikes at the bottom, though) and jump to the corner with a hard R mid-air curve. Pick the small medipack there then turn to the nearby CS, do a 45 SJ to grab its edge and pull up. Crawl then run through the rocky passage until you reach another ladder. Climb to the top, pull up and turn around to spot a triangular opening ahead (N). Do a SJ to it while holding Action to prevent Lara from hitting the wall.

Run a bit ahead and pick up the key on the floor. The portcullis behind you closes and you're trapped in a small sloping corridor with a switch on your R (E) just below a boulder. Run to the switch and save. Activate it to open the portcullis, which of course releases the boulder nearby (two of them actually). Don't roll, but backflip and turn around in mid-air then quickly run ahead then L through the opened portcullis.

Run to the edge and do a SJ+G to the top of the ladder ahead and pull up. Turn R (W) fo to the next tile then turn R again to safety drop from it into the hallway below. Now go back to the Portcullis Room via the pool, the ladder and the Pool Room.

The Stone Tablet

Run N to the portcullis and use the key you just found on the keyhole. Run through the short corridor to eventually enter the Sphinx Room. Draw your pistols to get rid of a playful tiger.

There will be many things to do here high and low. For now, though, the only thing you can do is run to the arched doorway to your R (N) and use the first key you found on the keyhole there to open the large double door nearby. You're now standing at the bottom of a stairway and beholding 2 swinging blades. Dealing with them is a simple matter of timing, but they're quite close to each other so extra caution is recommended.

Once on top of the stairs, draw your pistols, enter the room to your L (W) and shoot at the tiger there. You're in a high-ceilinged room with many ledges around and a closed door up in the SW corner. Look toward the NW corner to see a different tile there on the floor then locate the moveable block against the S wall. Push/pull it on the different tile which will raise.

Run to the NE corner to the higher floor there and jump, grab and pull-up on the ledge above. There's a different tile here as well so pull the now raised moveable block on it to open the door in the SW corner. Turn around and run to the E end of the ledge then turn R (S) to face the ledge ahead and do a RJ+G to it. Pull up, run ahead a bit then turn R (W) and do another RJ+G to the next ledge.

Run through the newly opened door and immediately turn R (W) and draw your pistols to shoot at a tiger roaming there. Run through the passage and up the ramp to reach an opening overlooking the very room you just came from. Turn L (NE) and do a 45 SJ to the closest ledge. Turn R to face E, sidestep L against the wall hop back and to a RJ+G to the ledge ahead. Quickly draw your pistols to dispatch 2 bats that come trying to push you off the ledge. Turn R (S) and do a RJ+G to the ledge ahead. Run to the pedestal to pick up the Key there but immediately hop back to avoid being cut by the blades that burst out the pedestal.

Stay on the safe tile you're on, turn 45 R (SW) and do a RJ to the ledge with the now opened double stone doors. Climb on the yellow slope on the R (mind an illegal slope there), stand on its edge, turn R (W) and do a SJ to the yellow block ahead. Climb up the ladder there stopping one half tile before the top and backflip to land on a block.

Turn L (S) and run a bit on the bridge ahead overhanging the Sphinx Room. Draw your pistols as the place up there is crawling with bats (4 or 5). Once they're all down, look down to your L (E) to notice some goodies on the top of the Sphinx. Do a RJ to it from the middle of the bridge to pick up 2 Uzis ammos and the Uzi itself (you'll maybe have to kill one or two more bats there). Now turn around (E) and do a RJ back to the bridge. Turn L and run S drawing your weapon just before the end of the bridge to kill a tiger waiting in the next room.

Pull the pullable rope there in the SW corner to open the large stone double door and enter the next room. Run to the R side of the pedestal (don't stand in front) and pick up the Stone Tablet. A big block falls from the ceiling, blocking the door and a double floor trapdoor opens in front of the pedestal. Go to the R (W) side of it, turn to face E and look down: there are a couple of slopes. Jump on the lowest one, slide and jump over the hole (there are spikes in it). As soon as you stop sliding run (or sprint) across the room you're in as spiked walls start moving toward you. Don't go back in the safe doorway: the door will soon close and you'd be trapped there forever.

You're now standing next to a slicer-dicer and you'll have to deal with it as well. Turn to the door or the wall with the trap on either of Lara's side. Stand one sidestep away and wait for the slicer to be fully open to sidejump through it. If the timing is good, Lara shouldn't take any damage. Run ahead (N) a bit and draw your weapon to take care of the bat flying around there.

Climb on the block on your L (W) to pick up the shotgun then turn R (N), grab the ledge above and pull up. Turn R (NE), do a 45 SJ on the ledge ahead and pick up the Key. Turn SE so the opening is on Lara's back and backflip to the slope in it. Slide down while holding Action to grab the edge at the bottom. Now let go to safely slide down the steep slopes below and land back in the Sphinx Room.

The Eye of Horus

Turn R (W) and run to the tall stone door. Use a Key on the Keyhole to open the door. Run S a bit through the doorway, stopping just past it to avoid some spikes bursting out the wall from the right. Run across the next room past the tall column in the center and enter the blue corridor ahead (S). A tiger will immediately attack so take care of it accordingly. Run down the stairs until you reach a short CS. Crawl through it then drop down in the corridor beyond. Turn L (N). The block ahead is moveable so push it once. This will trigger a short earthquake and change the configuration of the room with the column.

Go back there and climb on the now broken pillar. Turn E to face an opening and do a RJ+G to it. Pull up in the rocky passage, run a bit then draw your pistols to kill the 2 bats. Resume running to the next room and stop by the small pool. Don't jump in the water yet: a crocodile will soon show up so dispatch him from your safe position first. Now dive and swim E across the pool to pull up in a new room. Kill the 2 bats.

Turn around (W) and locate the CS in the SW corner. Do a RJ+G to the rocks ahead and crouch. Don't crawl in yet: there's a nasty round blade trap in there. The best way to deal with it is to first "follow" it (without going too fast) then continue crawling when it's on the other side of the CS. Now go pull the pullable rope to open the portcullis in the pool room and return there cautiously dealing with the blade trap again.

Jump over the pool and run E to the closed double door. Turn L (N) and push the big square button to open it. Go through the doorway to enter a sandy hallway. Stop past the entrance and locate a moveable block in the middle of the L (S) wall. Pull it then push it aside to reveal a short corridor with a ladder at its end. Climb up stopping about half a tile from the top and backflip.

You're now in a small room and there's another moveable block to your R (E). Push it N once then go back down in the sandy hallway. Run E then around the corner until you reach a closed double door. On your L (E) is yet another moveable block as well as a different tile. Push/pull the block on it, eventually opening the nearby door.

Run S to the pedestal in the next room and again stand on either side of it (not in front) to pick up the Eye of Horus and immediately hop back as a series of traps will be triggered in the process. A door has opened in the wall above the pedestal, revealing a small sloping passage with a switch at its end. Jump in it, pick up the Key on the floor and go activate the switch. This will raise two blocks in the Sphinx Room allowing you to climb on the sphinx's back.

[note: I couldn't find any use to the last Key collected]

To the Scion and Leaving the Place

You now have to make your way back there, via the hallway, the pool, the broken column room then through the N exit. Turn L (W) and spot the two blocks you've just raised. Climb on the, turn toward the sphinx and, with Lara's feet against it, do a SJ to land on its back. Turn R (E) to locate an opening and go use the Key on the Keyhole. Immediately, you hear a loud, unsettling sound which means you just activated a new trap. And yes, you'll have to deal with it.

Get down from the sphinx then run E in the Sphinx Room, then between its legs and to the W. There's a wall hammer trap there you'll have to pass. This one's isn't as tough as it looks. Just wait for the walls to start going away from each other to sprint between them. Run W and notice the four receptacles near the black door. Use the four items left in your inventory on them to open the door.

Pass the open door and quickly draw your weapon as 2 tigers attack. Dispatch them then, if you're not already on it, stand one tile away from the low yellow block W and SJ on it. Turn R (N), jump, grab and pull up on the nearby pillar. Turn 45 R (NE) and do a RJ to the pillar against the opposite wall. Repeat with the next pillar to the NW and eventually turn R (NE) and do a RJ into the wide opening in the N wall.

Run a bit and draw your weapon as a tiger and 2 bats attack. Dispatch them quickly while not falling back in the room below. Run N and around the corner until you reach a short low CS, crawl through it to enter a new room.

There's a small medipack there hanging from a rope in the center. If you think you may have unfinished business back in the level, save here as you're about to reach a point of no return. Pick up the medipack. This triggers a boulder, a set of spike traps and opens a floor trapdoor just under your feet. Slide down a bit, jump over the spike trapped hole, land in the room below and prepare yourself for the grand finale.

As soon you as you land, immediately turn R (N), sprint, dodging no less than 4 skeletons, a horseman and a tiger and quickly jump, grab and pull up on the high block in the N end. You're safe up there and can quietly take care of the tiger and the horseman (the skeletons, of course, are another story but we'll get to them later). Take the tiger off (this should be easy). The Horseman requires a lot of patience but can be dispatched with your simple pistols. Just wait for him to face you so you may see the blue gem on his chest and shoot. You'll know you've hit when he makes a "han" noise. This can be long, but he'll eventually get down of his horse. Now continue shooting using the same method until he falls in a satisfying metallic noise.

If you get bored, and at any point along this long target practice, you can climb on the ledge behind and go fetch some revolver ammo and the revolver in the SW corner. Just stay high.

Once he's down for good, get down from the pillar (sorry about that), sprint S dodging the skeletons and dive into the small pool at the other end. Pick up the revolver ammo then open the UW door in the SE corner of the pool by positioning Lara close to the middle of it and hitting Action and activate the UW ceiling switch. No, whether you want it or not you gotta get out this pool, so do so, run a bit ahead (N), turn R (E) and jump on the grassy ledge.

Turn R (S) and run into the room ahead. Go directly to the sandy slope in front of the entrance to pick up crossbow explosive ammo and the crossbow. Load the latter with the former, have a big grin, and return to the hallway to blast them up skellies. Alone at last!

Now go back to the small room, Turn R (W), activate the switch on the wall ahead which will raise a block in the N end of the hallway. Pick up the torch before the switch then return to the hallway and run back to its N end. Now that you don't have to hurry you may notice the large closed stone double door L (W) on your way.

Jump on the newly raised block, the higher one and eventually the grassy ledges. Notice the fixed lit torch to the S. Run on either side ledge and from it do a 45 RJ to the ledge with the lit torch and use your torch on it. Make your way down to the room below via the side ledges and the block and turn N to notice a fixed unlit torch on the wall and go light it with your torch. Now turn around (S) and run across the hallway. Turn R (W) before the pool and jump on the grassy ledge. Turn L (S) and run to the end: there's another fixed unlit torch, so light it as well, opening the double door in the process. You may now drop your torch.

Go back to the hallway and turn L (N), run to the middle of the hallway, turn L (W) and pass the newly opened door. Run W to the pedestal and pick up the Scion (which is called "Horseman Gem"). Stay where you are a moment as two big blocks falls from the ceiling. Turn L (S) and run to the ladder in the SW corner.

Climb it to the top and pull up to find yourself outside the temple. Turn R (W) and run to the dunes ahead, ending the level.