Christmas Special

Levels By Christian Schleicher

Walkthrough by Yoav

Level One - Western Adventure

Begin somewhere in the Nevada Desert near a Research Camp. Lara is dressed as an cowgirl and standing in a room, outside the room you can hear footsteps of a thug. Get out of the room and take care of the thug, look to the left side for a closed door. Now if you take a look around you'll see there's nothing interesting here, so go back to the closed door and open it. In the room from the right wall you can press on the switch, it will open the double door, but wait, don't go over there to get outside!! Draw your pistols and take a shot on the brackable windows, then drop down outside to a small area. Look for small Computer Parts, you can see it well in the bush, then head over to the wall, climb onto it and jump forward to a large town area.

Follow the path between the two buildings and turn right, cross the main path toward the next building and place the Computer Parts in a wall receptacle to open the door nearby. Enter into the building but be ready for cowboy attacks from the back, the room is empty so jump and grab the wooden ledge right above you. In a second floor there's cowboy at the top of the stairs, get rid of him and pick up the second Computer Parts. Get out of the building and turn to the right, follow the path further to next open building with few boxes in the corner, climb onto the first one and jump over the next for the Flares. Turn to face the faraway wooden ledge, take running and jump grab the edge, pull Lara onto it and get out to the balcony, from here you can take a look around the town.

Get out of the building, cross the path toward the opposite detention center, take care of the cowboy there. Hmm, Doberman in a custody, well ok place the Computer Parts, it opens the cage, shoot the Doberman, then get into the cell and take the Flug. Get out of the detention center, you can go to east side where you can see the faraway receptacles for the Flug, but first go the west side toward the faraway structure with firing thug at the roof. Climb up the ladder and show him with whom he must deal, then climb down back to the ground and look into the deep pit, there's a closed gate on the north wall.

Now make your way over to the faraway Flug receptacle, put the Flug and pass the gate to new large area desert. In the east side there's a closed gate and in a front large canal full of water, had to west side, you will come to place with bunker, press the switch to open the gate and climb down. Inside light a flare, follow the passage, you'll see a closed gate that needs a chip to open it, turn and get out of the bunker. Don't leave yet, look for a jumpswitch on the desert wall right in corner it opens the first gate you saw earlier, go over there, you'll see another closed bunker but nothing to do here right now.

Leave the bunker and head toward the large canal, slide into the water and swim into the tunnel, get out of the water and drop down into a deep place. Light flare, you'll see three rats come over to you, get rid of them and proceed forward, turn the Valve in the right wall, it opens the east bunker. Climb into the opening and follow the passage, shoot the cowboy on the way and avoid the zombie you will come to at the deep pit you've been to before. Climb up the climbable column and get rid of the eagle attacks, back the long way over the east bunker, enter inside and stand one step back from the cupboard, press Ctrl to open the doors and take MP5-Navy with 30X9mm Clips and Battery. Now go over to the second bunker and place the Battery, it opens the gate, press the button there and finish the level. Well, I know it sounds like a mistake but it's really the end.

Level Two - Russian Rooftops

Start in Russia in Lara's Hotel room. Lara stands in her room with some Alien sleeping in her bed. First take the Revolver and the Flares from the desk and light one, now go behind the flowerpot and press the switch, it opens a gate further in the level. Follow to the next room, head to right into the short passage and pick up more Flares and Large medipack, turn back to the balcony but take care for black clothing guy attacking from the back.

Stand face to wall with the slopes, then run and jump over the slope, slide and jump the next, slide and grab the edge, shimmy right over the wall. Backflip and you'll land onto the ledge behind you, turn and pull Lara onto the high opening and drop into the building.

You are in a big room, shoot the rat that comes over to you, then notice for closed gate at the left wall, draw the pistols as soon as you pass the low slope with the "not exit" text, you will have to deal with three guards. Pick up the Uzi Clips and Small Medipack they dropped and go over to the last alcove, draw the pistols again and shoot on the high up small box. The door behind you is open, turn over it and follow downstairs into a room with lever floor, pull it to open the gate you saw before, back to the room above. Pass the open gate outside the building, follow to the small power station, get down the stairs, proceed forward between the projector and the wall, in a corner turn the Valve. Now go around the place, then pass the gate you just opened, left on you there's non-useful machine gun, take short jump over the blue ledge next to the column and do the zip line toward the opposite building.

Climb onto the block, shoot the thug and stand face to the slope, do savegame as you're going to attempt a series of slope jumping. Slide down, jump over the column with the slope front of you, jump left then forward over the next and another one over the last column with slope, you stand in front of closed door. Press the switch to open the door but take care of the thug as he will jump on you, kill him and notice for the Crowbar that he will drop. Enter the room and climb onto the high stair, turn face toward the room, jump and grab the opening up to you and pull Lara into a short passage, pick up Flares and Small Medipack, light one and look for another opening in a left wall. Pull Lara over there, go forward and drop down the place where you end the zip-line, go over the edge of the area, you'll see a street down below. Turn with the back the street drop and grab the edge, it might look for you too much high but you can drop down the street with not fear.

Go forward and look for opening in a left side, drop down, turn to face the closed door. Use the Crowbar to break into the room and don't forget to pick up again the crowbar, first take the battery from the speckled sofa, now enter the second room with switch and keyhole, leave it a while and back to the first room. Climb into the opening into short passage, turn left, in front of you a closed grate, proceed to the right and use crowbar to break the door, turn left and climb down the ladder, go a few steps and stop at the edge, look into the room, you'll see the missing Key behind half cage. Take jump over the column, from there to the next with the slope, one more jump and you land onto the column with the half cage, pick up the Key. Drop down to the floor, go behind the column near the high opening you came here and climb up onto it, back to the room. Use the Key and press the switch, back in the short passage the grate is open, place the battery, it opens the door nearby.

Enter the room but leave the switch, climb onto the block then jump grab the ledge above and pull Lara onto it, press on the switch left on the block. You hear the door closed, drop down and press the switch, the door will open and you can see a new passage. Follow the passage to end, climb into the next passage, draw your pistols before you get to the end as you have to deal with four ambush thugs. Show them who is the boss here, then shoot the exploding barrel, it opens the gate, go through the gate over the building and finish the level.