The Spirits of Egypt 2

Level by H. Pisti (August, 2002)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

start with a flyby of an area that looks like the TRLE title screen. Light a flare and go south to pick up a shotgun. Enter the east corridor to pick up an Eye Piece and use the floor lever. You get a cut scene of two large doors opening on the ground floor. Continue south to a ledge and go west to find a ladder. Climb down to the ground floor and see the open doors to the west. Enter the west corridor and near the middle, pick up red shotgun shells and blue shotgun shells. At the end, dive into the water and then swim back and pull up to the ledge. Wait while a shark appears and swims close enough to kill.


Get into the water and swim up the channel but keep to the left side wall. As you enter a pool area, two spike balls fall near you. Pull up quickly to kill a crocodile in the water. Dive back into the water and pick up the Eye Piece from the south-east corner. Swim into the other corners for three red shotgun shells. There is a closed underwater gate in the west wall. Then pull back up to a ledge. Go to the north-east corner for two flares. Go the south-east corner and use the floor lever. There is a flash of a cut scene. Go to the west wall and pull up into the tunnel. Go to the end and climb down a ladder. Go down the north tunnel and kill a ninja.


Enter a small room and go down a corridor in the east wall. At the end, pull up into a north tunnel. Run down the tunnel and pass a closed gate and a receptacle. At the end, climb down a ladder into a room with two doorways. Enter the north tunnel and get a flyby of the room you are about to enter. Go north and up the big steps to the door. Make the Eye of Horus and use it to open the circular door. Enter the dark room and see ladders on the walls. Climb the east wall ladder to pull up into a dark tunnel. Go to the end for the Ba Cartouche and red shotgun shells. You may notice on the way back that the west tunnel has a closed gate at the top of the ladder. Climb down and back flip near the bottom to avoid a spike trap.


Go back to the receptacle that you saw in a tunnel. Use the Ba Cartouche and the gate opens. Enter the tunnel and kill two ninjas. Continue to enter a room and see a skeleton dropping from the ceiling. Run up the ramp and shoot the skeleton off a ledge to the lower floor. It does not destroy him but you get some free time. Go to the north-west corner for two blue shotgun shells. Go to the south-west corner and use the floor lever. Exit the room and at the receptacle go down the south tunnel and climb down into a room.


Go north back to the dark room with two ladders. The gate on the west ladder is open. Climb the west ladder and go to the end for red shotgun shells and use the floor lever. Exit the tunnel and be careful of the scissors trap at the exit. Back flip over the spike trap at the bottom of the ladder. Go south all the way back to the entrance room.


This time go east, through a scissors trap and kill two ninjas. You can climb the ledge and walk through the doorway, as the ropes (or whatever they are) are not solid. The vases at the back are empty. The door is open, so enter. Run towards the ramps and avoid all the spike balls. Try starting from the right side and then go diagonally to the left. Drop off the end and see a closed door and a floor lever. Use the floor lever and it triggers spikes behind you. The south ramp has no spikes so go to that ramp and pull up. Go around the spike balls and up the ladders and tunnels back to the pool.


The underwater gate in the west wall is open. Swim inside until you see a shark and then retreat back to the ledge of the pool and wait. Kill the three sharks as they emerge from the underwater tunnel. Swim through the tunnel into another pool. Pull up to a ledge and use the floor lever in the south-west corner. You get a flyby of the door by the spikes opening. Also notice that more spikes have appeared at the bottom of ladders. Kill two crocodiles in the water and swim back to the first pool.


Go back through the upper west tunnel and be careful of the spikes at the bottom. Climb down the ladder and you can shimmy to the left onto the wall before you release to avoid the spikes. Go back through the tunnels to the room with the spike balls. Jump the spikes at the bottom of the ramps and go to the open door. Climb down a ladder to get close to the bottom. Then back flip to avoid the spikes at the bottom. There are also spikes behind you so do not back flip to far. Kill the crocodile and avoid the mummy. Go to the east wall and use the floor lever to end the level.