Goodbye, Lara!

Level by Salvin (Diego Salvadori) (February, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

You start
with a flyby of a very dark room. Go around the ledge and jump to the west ledge. Pick up flares and a large medipack. Dive off the ledge and into the water. The hole at the bottom is for later. Pull up to an opening in the south wall. Shoot a vase for Uzi ammo. Use the floor lever and the west door opens. Enter and avoid the mummy. Follow the tiled walkway between the fires and get into a crawl space. On the other side, monkey swing over a pit to pick up the Horseman's Gem. Retrace your path and go back to ledge next to the water. Use the Horseman's Gem at the east wall and dive into the water.


Enter the bottom tunnel and swim though the open door in the north-west corner. Go through a small room and pull up. You get a flyby of the room showing three colored pools. Evade the skeleton and go west towards the three pools. Dive into the west green pool and swim south through a crawl space. Pull up and run to the west to a bird statue to get rid of a wraith. Look for a short tunnel in a north wall. It is hidden in the dark corner just before the bird statue room. Enter and climb a ladder to pull up to a room. Pick up the Pharos Knot from the central platform as four skeletons awake. Avoid them and climb back down the ladder. Swim back to the colored pool room.


Dive into the purple south pool and swim east through a crawl space. Follow the tunnel to pull up into a room with large columns. Go to the south-east corner and look up to see an opening in the east wall. The wall to that opening and the column next to it are climbable although they are not clearly indicated as climbable. Climb up and enter the tunnel. Go forward to a T-junction and take the north branch. Follow the tunnel and take the first left branch. Avoid the mummy and pick up a shotgun and three crossbow poison ammo. The last tile is actually safe. Avoid a second mummy and return to take the south branch. Go to the end to get a shotgun from a steam trap. Roll and return to take an east tunnel. Follow this tunnel and take the first left tunnel for three blue shotgun shells. Exit and continue east into a room. Hop onto the north-west block to get the Pharos Pillar. Then exit this room and follow the tunnels back to climb down to the water hole. Swim back to the colored pool room.


Dive into the red north pool and swim north-east through a crawl space. Pull up into a small room and use your two items to open two doors. Enter and run down the north tunnel. Go forward to a ledge and get a flyby of the room. There is a pit with three floor levers on the bottom floor. Safety drop to the floor and use the north lever. Four doors open the corners of the room. Enter the south-west tunnel for the grenade gun. Enter the south-east tunnel for the crossbow. Enter the north-west tunnel for revolver ammo. Enter the north-east tunnel for the laser sight.


Use the west floor lever and a door opens in the west wall. Follow the tunnel to the end and use a floor lever. Return and enter a north tunnel. At the end wall, pick up the Horseman's Gem and three grenade normal ammo. Go around the end wall and go down a north tunnel to destroy three mummies. Follow the tunnel to kill a skeleton and come to a closed door. Look to the left for a short tunnel. Enter and use the floor lever to open the door. You emerge back into the pit with three floor levers.


Use the east floor lever and a door opens in the east wall. Follow the tunnel to a large room. Climb the pillar in the south to pull up onto a ledge. You get a flyby of the room as a skeleton attacks you. Shoot three skeletons off the ledge and go east to climb up onto another ledge. Follow the ledge around to climb a pillar to a higher ledge. Shoot another skeleton off the ledge. Pull up a large block onto another ledge. Shoot another three skeletons and follow the ledge to the north-east corner. Shoot two skeletons and pull up onto the top ledge. Follow the ledge and shoot two skeletons. Follow the ledge to enter a tunnel in the east wall.


Follow the tunnel and get a flyby of a room with water and a closed door. Either jump the tiles or swim over to the tile in the middle of the north wall. Use the Horseman's Gem and get a cut scene of electrical arcs on the tiles and the open door. The tiles are safe so use them or swim over to the door. Pull up and face a slope. Slide down the slope to the bottom. Go east towards the open door and the level ends.