The Golden Mask
By Seemeister

According to our information, this is an unauthorized walkthrough written by Obig and translated into English by Akci. We appreciate this addition to our walkthrough collection and invite others to make similar contributions for the higher-rated levels.


When Lara gets back to her London home after a successful adventure, she reads an interesting article in the Times: The famous Egypt-Researcher, Robert Bauval, thinks that in the valley of the kings the golden mask of the Pharaoh "Echnaton" must still be hidden. Echnaton was king of Egypt during the 18th Dynasty, and governed from 1364 to 1347 BC. His actual name was Amenophis IV. This golden mask has never been found, and as she reads on, Lara gets this gleam in her eye.....


At the end of the slope jump to avoid death. In the small gap find the vase, shoot it into pieces to open the door. Go up the block at the right, jump from there to the ceiling. Monkey-swing to the corner, then turn left to the wall; you need to be in the middle of the texture, before the wall. Release ctrl and quickly draw pistols and shoot, while falling. If you could shoot the vase in the crawl space, the way forward is opened. In the next hall there is a
waterfall ahead, and a lever on this side. But a boulder is coming, so jump into the water behind the lever (to escape the currents). Go back to the lever, pull it; it's timed, but don't go toward the
open door, first there is another opened in the water.
Get the scroll. At the ramification swim left, so at one place you can get some air, then collect the lasersight. At the same place if you able enough, you can get a small medi. Swim back to the ramification and go up now. From the middle of the ladder take a backflip with turning around (+end) and get the crowbar.
Then climb up, slide down, hurry to the waterfall and jump down before being
flattened. There is a gap at the end of the waterfall; inside is the first blue crystal, it is a secret. Collecting it doesn't realy matter in order to accomplish the level, but collect it anyway just for the sake of fullness.

There are three of them in total. Pull the lever again and hurry toward the door, because it will close soon. If you run beside the wall, and jump in good time, you will succeed. Pull a lever in front, from a standing jump, then crawl back, (keep in mind that Lara can draw pistols while duck) don't jump, just run, started from the very wall, so you can get back where you were before of the jump. Now climb up into a new room. Notice the torch, but you'll need it only at the end. Get the key for the mechanical scarab from the water, climb up the ladder, then watch out for the firesplitter when climb down, and if you climb to the right at the middle of the ladder you can get the second blue diamond. The third will be at very end of the level.
Return to the previous room, put the scroll to its place, behind the newly opened door you can see the frames of two stars, still need to be obtained.

Climb up the ladder, jump carefully to avoid the firesplitter, and get to the top of the column. From its ledge take a standing jump, then grab the ledge. After drawing up, take a turn around back flip, and grab ledge again.

So on, on the way down, in the last jump draw pistols and shoot the wooden crate, that will open the flap door downstairs. In the lava room before jump get the shotgun from up there. You'll need it. Jump onto the block without ctrl, then go for the lever up there, which opens a platform, through it you
arrive into a new corridor, but hurry because it's timed. There is a lever on the wall, but ignore it for the moment, go to the ladder at the left, upstairs in an alcove pull the lever, which releases a rope in one of the previous rooms. Move along, jump the pit, but you need to retreat twice,
because of the boulders. Climb up where they came from, and get the Golden Scarab, which combined with its key, you can use on the scarab figured floor, a bit later. Force the first star out of the wall, then return to the left alone lever at the bottom of the ladder. Pull it, turn right, and hurry
through the timed door, and while running let Lara drop onto the platform, right from the door. Reach the rope, jump with it. With the first ladder you can acquire some ammo, but the one in the end of the corridor is
matters. Climb to the middle of it, then backflip, behind the large medipack push the block. Pull the lever, then push the block again to get the revolver. Go back to the ladder, pull the other lever up there, then at the moveable block, at the lever climb up the ladder. Make it through the blades and spikes in the lava room, but before that, shoot the vase in an alcove at the left with the revolver, combined with lasersight.

Next, do some jumping lessons on the other side of the room. When jump forward, push
the left or right arrows, so you can advance. In the next room, shoot the vases, except the first from left on the right side, otherwise you'll have some spiky experience. A rope is been dropped. Use it for both sides, get the pickups, now you can shoot that vase, it opens the door in front. The door leads to a huge, many floors high hall. There is a lever on the wall at right, it lifts up a block behind you, which if you are fast enough takes you to the first floor. Behind the gap at the right there is a lever, drops a rope, which can be used for the climbable column. Upstairs kill the skeletons, shooting them into the abyss with the shotgun. Where they came from, at one
place there are some ammo, in the other you can go up. Move the statues to their places, then go up the stairs. On the first step turn left, up in the gap push the handle. Now go to the top of the stairs, kill the demigod, and from his nest get the second gold star, and of course the Golden Mask too
from the platform, that is why you are here in the first place. Go down the stairs, push the handle there. Slide down the slope, jump twice, before the spikes to get down safely. Now you can see what the boulder had done, as
it was in the cut scene. Throw the torch through that opening. Put the stars to their places, and go through the door. Climb up the ladder, then go right, in the first alcove right again, and downstairs at the mummy you can get the torch. Go back, then slide down into the first room with it. Light
it up, and the other two with it to open the door. Crawl through the gap and turn right. You could finish the level this way if you wouldn't break for perfectness, getting the third blue crystal from a gap, opens from the
corridor. Go back to the ramification, and to the other direction, on a column take the crystals to their places, and through a door just opened, to the surface. Run toward the jeep, the level is completed.

January 6, 2003 OBig
translation: Akci