AUTHOR: Dark Death

Extract The Last and the files from the audio into the audio folder. Then extract the files from the sound into the audio-samples folder, the files from the wad into the graphics-wads folder and the others into the main folder. Run the tom2pc.exe and build the tut1.TOM file. After the building was completed start and enjoy!

Slide down and push away the block opposite Lara (using the binoculars the moveable blocks look darker), then pull the lever and you'll find a small medipack above. Push back the lever and start down the slope backwards, so if the balls get out you can avoid them in time by a side jump. Go down the slope, jump over the trench and pull the lever. Another ball attacks you but then you can reach the ladder safely.

Climb up the ladder and halfway jump back - you'll find yourself in a crawlspace. Crawl to the door by the fire thrower, stand up. and now you have two choices. If you are patient you can't loose health in 10 reloads.
Or pull the lever then run to the water via the newly open grate and extinguish yourself in the water.

Now climb up to the floor and pull the lever on the other side. Destroy the weak enemy from here and pick up the first INDIAN KEY. Open the door above with the artifact and slide down. Keep this room well in your mind because you will return here later. There's a keyhole on the top of the left hand
column. Pull the levers on both sides of the stairway below then climb up the ladder. There will be a timed run above so make a savegame here. Sprint to the lever on the right side, pull it, then pull the one on the left side and run out of the room by turning right so you can avoid the spike wall.

Push the block onto the pattern tile below and you will find another INDIAN KEY in the water. Now return to the keyhole you have seen earlier and use the KEY. In the new room climb up the ladder and notice the closed gate above you because you will have to return here later. Make a savegame and
above push the block totally in. As the spike wall sets out you can't save because there's a small bug here. After you have pushed in the block turn right, jump and grab the edge of the gap and pull up. Get the INDIAN KEY and climb down the left side of the ladder then jump back in time.

Go to the lever and you are outside. You can use the KEY here. Cross the bridge above and avoiding the ball climb up to the rock edge on the right. From here get up to the top of the structure nd pull the lever there, then
pull the 3 levers inside the structure too. The earthquake have made another column which is after the bridge on the right. Jump close by the wall and grab the edge of the column. Shimmy to the left until you reach the small, grated corridor.

Pull the lever and return to the grate on the top of the large ladder. Pull the block out and you will find secret behind. In the marsh jump + grab to the right-hand wall and shimmy to the right so finally you get outside. Here there are several ways of pulling the levers. Before you reach the tent
climb up to the gap on the right and stand on the small hill as shown on the picture:

(If you have seen the picture here's the world's biggest collection of bugs too:

(Should I advertise myself so much.? :-)

Behind the tent close by the left side you can climb up into a gap


without jump, just using the CTRL+up combination. There are some pick-ups here too but the main thing is to get to the lever which is on the block near the entrance.

Pulling it a grate opens in the water. Swim in and pull another lever. Then leave this place the same way we came in by a single jump on the right side of the gap.

Now turn left after the tent, go through the rowfence and jump into the water. You can swim inside the structure at the bottom of the column. Pull the 2 underwater levers on boths sides then crawl in and enter the door.
(NOTE: From here you can't use the binoculars on because the game crashes so
you must reboot - at least I have experienced this.) Wait until the ball
drop down in front of you then pull the lever and jump from the pedestal to
the storey.

Inside push the block onto the red floor tile at which Lara look carefully too. Now you can pull another lever so another grate opens. Shimmy to the other side above, pull another lever then dropping down to the pool below you can climb out to the lateral room. But before find some goodies near to the lever.

In the room push out the block on the right side and pulll the lever so you can pull the another lever safely. Leave the room by jumping backwards, grab the edge and shimmy to the right. You will have to pull another lever which will be needed for a secret. Outside climb out in the centre of the water
and now you have to get up to the tree in front of Lara. You have to work out every move


Above you don't need the shoot the monkey as he's very friendly. :-) Pull the lever and leave the tree. Walk into the newly opened structure at the back. Inside climb up to the block on which the fire has burnt out by
pulling the lever in the pool. So you will find a secret above. The door now is opened so slide down and jump over the sloping blocks. (NOTE: Don't forget that Lara can change her direction during her jumps with the arrow keys.) Then comes another spike wall in front of Lara which can be avoided
by a sprint in the final tabernacle. As you get outside you have to jump away from a ball and finally you can pick up the artifact you came for.


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Translated by Petunia of