Return to Tinnos

Level by Salvin

Walkthrough by DJ Full

To fight a demigod, either keep some distance to gain enough time for avoiding bolts, or get as close to the opponent as possible, as he turns around very slowly.

Go into the dark. The door opens automatically and lets some light in. Jump into the pool and resurface on the E side. Get out. Fight a demigod and climb the pyramid in the next room to reach the top of the pedestal shown by the flyby. Stand on each of the four tiles to activate 4 Lara holograms. Descend to the SW, swim across the pool and resurface to climb out of the water to the N passage. Proceed to the next room, find a corridor on the right of the pyramid, go through it, jump into the water, and swim to the S bank. Get out, fight the demigod.

Jump into the pool surrounded by lots of pillars, find a passage to the external water tank and swim around the inner one.

Go through the SW portal. Pass through some empty rooms and corridors. Find a Lara statue presenting her need for joints and enter the pool on the left of it. Swim W through the portal and then across the two gigantic water rooms. Turn N and go through the icy passage. Resurface, get out of the water and kill a harpy guarding the exit (go through it, jumping over the gap). In the last room, go to the top of the heap of golden heads and fall into the pit to finish the level.