Island Of The Death

Level by Dennis De Grande

Walkthrough by Yoav

You begin after a short flyby that will then focus on Lara. Follow the road alongside the front of the closed building and turn east while some soldier is shooting on you from the back. Turn around and you can see this soldier standing on the roof. Kill him, then turn around again and move a little bit forward, pull the jumpswitch at the north-east wall to open the gate ahead. Pass the gate you opened to a small courtyard, see the opening at the north wall, then go west and push the lever. A block rises up so you can climb onto it to reach the north opening by a simple jump into the passage. Step a little bit forward and take a jump over the hole, follow the passage upstairs, kill the soldier on your way while the brown door opens for you.

Follow into a large courtyard, kill the soldier in front of you. At the faraway north-east corner you can see the busted sentry gun, so it will not bother you. Go to north-west in the hole where the dead soldier lies down, get the Lasersight and Crowbar. Turn around and go the west wall, use the crowbar to open the blue door to enter a secret place. Drop down to the passage below and pass two dead soldiers. At the end, pick up the Revolver ammo and large medipack, while a block is raised to lead you back to the courtyard. Now go to the north wall, look for a jumpswitch, pull it down, it opens the trapdoor nearby.

Give Lara full health before you fall down into the hole, otherwise she will not survive the fall. When you are on the bottom, use the crowbar to open the blue door. Step forward, drop into the next passage, turn east and come to a place with two friendly soldiers standing next to a closed gate. Combine the revolver with lasersight and shoot on a frozen swinging blue ball. Go through the opened gate and while you get an earthquake in the background take a run up along the road (part of it by angle camera). As soon as you pass the next gate a flyby will show you the place ahead. Climb the east wall and shoot on the wooden barrier, take care of two soldiers shooting from both sides of you. Step forward to slide down the slope and be ready to jump above the deadly gap onto the rising walls.

Jump down to the floor and step toward the hole in the middle. Drop into this hole directly into a pool below and take a short swim east into an underwater passageway. Keep swimming down to next passage until you reach the exit opening. After you climb out, get the final flyby of the last place showing you opening gate with some lever and closed brown door. Head south but the level will be cut short (by crashing to the desktop) as soon as you pass the gate...