Tower of Sumpta - Beneath the Tower
By Sue Wicks (Isis)

Extract the and copy the files from the into the Sound/Samples directory and the setup.exe into the Program Files/Core Design/Trle directory. As we run the program it will install the files there. In the case your program is not there, copy the tower and tower 2 files into the Graphics/Wads directory, and those from the Audio into the Audio directory. The others should go to the main root. Run the Level Converter and build the tower.TOM and tower2.TOM files. Run the trle.exe and enjoy the game!

1. Tower of Sumpta

Jump to the waterfall, climb up and move left, behind one of the trees there’s some ammo. Pull the lever and descend. On left side of the structure, in the rear corner you will find the secret #1: the shotgun.

Enter the large gate. Go left first, shoot the vase and jump onto the block; as there’s nothing there you can get the secret #2 here. Then continue right until you reach another area with pool. Jump into the water and lure the crocodile out. After killing him jump into the water again and on the other side, high on the right side of the ceiling, pull the lever. Climb out and shoot the first Shiva. There will be enough of them; but they aren’t too difficult to overcome, as you can always hide away or climb up somewhere where you can shoot them easily with pistols. Lure the fire wraith back to the water then back on the left pick up the first TOWER KEY. Get another shotgun next to the KEY and go back. In the right corner where there’s a large medipack climb up and pull the lever in the hole. Swim back and you will see that near the large pool the moveable block has got out of the water. Push it as long as you can and the large gate opens next to you. It’s not worth it to do harm to the monkeys so they won’t attack you either. On the other side of the area there’s a crawlspace in a small square. Here you can get the secret #3: the crossbow.

Jump in the water, pull the underwater lever and swim through the open grate. Getting outside, there’s the secret #4: large medipack in a small alcove behind you. Timing your run well, mind the blades and the fire blowers, then standing back to the abyss after two single jumping back runs, jump back again and run right immediately. In this way you have avoided two spiked balls and the fire too. Continue ahead. Shoot the crocs and go right but be prepared to shoot another croc attacking from the crawlspace. You can climb up in the middle and collect the SMALL WATERSKIN. (There’s the secret #5 at the end of the crawlspace.)

Go back to the large pool and across to the side room. (There’s the secret #6 behind the waterfall.) Collect the CEREMONIAL OIL from the right side platform and climb up the outstanded grate. Get the GATE KEY from one of the vases on the right. Go to the other side via the small corridor and get down to the left. Use the KEY here. Get back down to the small waterfall, fill your waterskin (standing in the water select the skin from the Inventory and USE). The grate on the right has opened. Below stand face to the fire vessel and pour water on it. If you stand on the wrong side or get too close Lara catches on fire; but if you are too far from the vessel, Lara pours the water beside it. :-)

You can cross the extinguished fire above and via the crawlspace collect the TOWER KEY #2. Backwards a croc attacks you. Go back to the large chamber, up to the stairs on the right and place the KEYS in their holes. Next to the vase, where a large medpack can be found, stand on the edge of the platform and after a single jump hit the CTRL. Climb the ladder and after a bit of hopscotch reach the other side. (NOTE: If you push the arrow keys during jumping Lara changes her direction in the air.)

Reaching across, don’t enter the door but follow up the slope and on the other side; a bit lower you will find secret #7. Now enter the door and shooting the vase you find 2 torches – altough you will need just one. Get the torches via the sloping section to the now off tea-light, because after you have pulled the lever you have to be there in time so you won’t have leisure to pick it up. So pull the lever, get across and light the torch.

Below pour the Ceremonial Oil into the bowl and light it. Jump into the water which is fairly opposite to the grate, pull the underwater lever and swim through the opening. On the other side, timing your run, mind the spikes but take care of the spiked balls crashing down from the other side. Pull the rope and enter the door. Find the torch, light it and use it at the hole in the wall. Lure the wraiths to the grate where you have entered so they won’t attack you later, but leave the vase in the wall hole so there will only one of them. After eliminating the two other Shivas you have two EYE PIECES. Combine them and use them in one of the Shivas’ recess so you will get to a new area. If the fire wraith is still keeping after you, jump into the water away from him. Pull the underwater lever, climb the emerged block, pull the lever above too and below you can enter the next level.

2. Beneath The Tower

Pull the lever on the other side of the pillar and return via the corridor you came in. Climb up somewhere and get the TOWER KEY. Explore the pool well as it hides many pickups and secret #8. Jump to the open grate opposite and take over the two skeletons waiting for Lara here. Now you can use your keys. Continue the way and push the grate block once and enter passage. Make a running jump from one of the blocks to the area above and shoot in the air. Get to the ladder after a block has risen next to Lara. Abandon the skeletons. On the other side jump back, grab the edge. Let Lara fall for a second then grab the edge below. Crawl and you will enter a large room.

Two spiked balls set out. Work the move of Lara and the fire blowers well as they change after every other exercise. Jump on the pillar on the right, then on the opposite one. Pull the rope at the back. Now jump onto the lower pillar to get some ammo and to the moving balls again from here. Then select the left direction, working your jumps well. Do the same by the wall so you can climb down the ladder into the deep pit, where you will find the secret #9 in a side opening. Get everything from here and from the water then get up to the open grate and enter.

Now you are in a new area. Jump into the water to the right, lure the croc out and take care of him. Then going straight leave the tree and enter the opening to the right. Find the TORCH and pull the grate which looks like a door. If you have pulled the lever outside you can light your torch inside. In the next room jump on the platforms and light the two tea-lights. After the platforms have sunk down pull the lever outside again. Now get the other half of the EYE PIECE. Return to the starting point via the small lake.

On the left side of the entrance stand to the pillar in the middle and with a back-forward jump get up. Jump to the opposite side and go around the trees. Before jumping to the door notice the crawlspace high on the wall. Here you will find the other half piece of the key. Explore this area carefully as there’s a timer on the door which leads to the EYE PIECE #2. Combine them and find yourself in a new area.

Pull the underwater lever and follow up the opening. Above jump back into the deep, grab the edge and shimmy to the right. From the small depression jump through the door which opens as Lara approaches. Get the first TOWER KEY. Descend to the lower level. From the vase on the right side of the door a fire wraith will attack Lara; from the one on the left side, a blue wraith. (My solution was that I lured them to the entrance door where they passed out so Lara escaped. :-) Pick up the TORCH from the shattered vase, light it, pull the lever and get up into the corridor above via the sinking platform.

Light Shiva. Run back in the corridor and destroy him from here. (NOTE: In the case you play only the second level get the SMALL WATERSKIN from the left.) The door opens behind him, collect the TOWER KEY #2. Jumping out from the passage place them in their receptacles then fill the waterskin. Pour the water in the bowl next to it. Enter the open door behind Lara and reach the other side of the room. Stand directly on the right side of the platform and jump to the opposite side. Now jump into the opening on the right, pull the rope and return to your former point. Climb the ladder, halfway up jump back and climb up through the emerged grate.

Climb another ladder. Pull the lever in the hole and climb down carefully. Collect the SUMPTA’S SWORD from the full flower and after a back jump slide down. When Lara can hang on pull up, jump back and you are in the final area.

Four Shivas attack Lara at the same time but abandon them and climb up the wall on the right. Here Lara can destroy them with pistols safely. Then push the block which looks like a door, then push the one on the right too. Pull the lever in the hole and your final task is leaving these marvelous two levels via the open door.

Translated by: Petunia