Legend of the Crystal Skull - Lara's Home (revised)

By Matthew Piper (Pwhirl)

Unpack the audio.zip and copy the contained files into the audio folder. There are very good tracks in it which can be activated by pushing a button, one in the concert hall (this is a classical music) and the other in the galleried training level. Unpack the house.zip too and copy the wav files into the Audio and the house.tr4 file into the Data folders. The English.dat and Script.dat files go into main folder. Play the game and enjoy!

Open the door for some flares, then collect the ZOOLANDER DVD in the bathroom. Then go to the music hall and get the MISTERY MAN CASE from the top of the TV-set.

On the ground floor find the gym. There's a gap in one of the side walls which hides the THE TIME MACHINE CASE. Push the button on the opposite side of the pool. Here get the TOMB RAIDER CASE from the jumping block. A door has opened in the ground floor. There's a bookshelf behind it which hides a switch. Pulling it a timed door opens on the other side. Turn, spin and hit the ALT in time so you get into the room after a bigwig. Collect the TOMB RAIDER DVD and STONE ROSE inside. Push twice the button next to the door so it will open.

Go to the structure behind the hedge. Go upstairs and get the XXX CASE at number 7. On the gallery, behind one of the chairs get the ATTIC KEY and there's another button hided by the bookshelf. The door of the shooting gallery opens below but you need the Revolver with Lasersight at the moment
so you will return here later.

Get out and go to the training field behind the house. On the right side wet path get THE MUMMY CASE above. Pull the underwater lever and swim into the opening. Find the RESIDENT EVIL DVD on the right and the GOLDEN ROSE on the left. Get to the large training field, find the RESIDENT EVIL CASE on the top of one of the small pillars and the Lasersight at the funicular.

Return into the house, go upstairs and into the library via the music hall. Pull a book on the bookshelf so the fire blows out in the fireplace. Climb the ladder, use the ATTIC KEY and collect the Revolver beside the table. There's another book as well which opens the door and you reach up to the
attic. Get THE MUMMY DVD from here.

Return to the shooting room and shoot the targets. Getting out the door has opened beside the structure. Get on the motorbike. Get off when you are underground as behind a pillar on the right the XXX DVD awaits Lara. Jump over a ramp and get off again as in a crawlspace you will find the NITRIT BOTTLE. Puss the box on it's place so the trapdoor beside the shooting room opens. After you have broken the first wall by the motorbike stop at the rump following it and turn back 'cause you will find an another passage
getting out of the water. Crawl left and get the MYSTERY MEN DVD. Going on Lara reach to a door, push the button and you are in a new area.

Below, if you are enough efficient and push the blocks well, you will get the JADE ROSE. Go upstairs through the crawling ladder. Pull the book on the shelf to the right so you can collect the Shotgun from the brand and some ammo on the other side. Now you can shoot the skeletons even in the water too.

Return to the bike. Break down the next wall and get off. Before climbing up get the ZOOLANDER CASE. Go to the trapdoor next to the small structure and swim into the opening. You can climb out on the other side of the glass corridor and collect the TIME MACHINE DVD beside the sofa. Following the
corridor Lara returns into the house where the faithful Winston awaits her with a cup of hot tea. Of course if previously you haven't closed him into the refrigerating room as I did! :-))))

Go upstairs to the room with the piano and TV set. At the back of the room is a shelf on the floor, where Lara can place the DVDs.

Open the entrance door and let's go adventuring!

Written by OBig of Tombraider.hu

Translated by Petunia of Tombraider.hu


Addendum by the author: Great walkthrough but you forgot to mention the part about using the DVD, place them on the shelf in the TV room. This has no real purpose but to return them to where they are supposed to be.