The Lost Gems of Mahuky

Level by Diego Salvadori (Savin) (June, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

forward and dive into the water. Swim north and then swim upwards. Surface and pull up to the east and into a corridor. Go east and enter an empty room. Follow the tunnel in the north wall. Go down a slope and enter a room a pool and with four columns. Climb any column to a higher ledge. Climb any column to the top ledge. Do not pick up the gem on the platform. Go east and follow the tunnel to climb a ladder down into a room. Shoot the two boxes for the shotgun and two blue shotgun shells. Climb down the hole in the east floor to a lower room. Go to the south-east corner and pick up the crowbar. Search the coffin for the Hathor Effigy. Climb back up the ladders and return to the gem. Still do not pick up the gem. Go to the west door and use the crowbar to open it. Go back to the gem and face the open door.


Pick up the Horseman's Gem and you get a cut scene of four demigods. One demigod is shooting at you. You can either fight the demigods one at the time or just run away through the open door. When done, run through the west door and down a tunnel. When the tunnel widens to a wider corridor, you get a cut scene showing a floating gem. Go to the end of the corridor. You cannot pick up the gem yet. There is a closed corridor to the south. The west corridor ends at a black wall. There is an open corridor to the north.


Go down the north corridor and turn to the west into another corridor. Kill a harpy and follow the stairs up to a closed door. Use the crowbar to open the door. Jump to the north ledge and pick up the Ornate Handle. Pull down the jump switch on the south wall. Dive into the pool and enter the underwater tunnel in the north. Follow the tunnel to a large room. Make the Portal Guardian and use it on the stand in the middle of the room. It seems to only work from the south side of the stand. You get a cut scene of a door opening. Swim back to the pool and run down the stairs to the entrance corridor.


Enter the open door in the east wall. Follow the tunnel there to reach another large pool. Dive into the water and swim into an underwater tunnel in the north wall. At the end, surface and walk into another tunnel. Follow the tunnel north, then west and then south. Use the jump switch on the wall and the doors open to the south. Run south down the corridor and see that a block has risen under the gem. Hop to the block. Pick up the Horseman's Gem and the level ends.