Level by Fabrice (January, 2003)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Go to the north-east corner and follow up the ramp. You see an open door but do not approach. It will close and a skeleton will appear. From the west part of the ramp, jump to and grab the south ledge. Then shimmy left toward the open door. At the end, pull up and enter the tunnel. At the end, pick up red shotgun shells from a ledge in front of the chain. Pull the chain and the east door opens. Do not run for open door, but go south to the wall and follow the wall around to the open door. If you run directly at the door, it closes. In the next room you can see a crowbar behind bars to the south. To the north is an upper opening for later. Go forward and pick up a small medipack from the water.  Go north-east and find a section of green wall that you can walk through. Follow the tunnel but be careful of the spike trap. Just behind the spike trap, pull up to an alcove for secret #1 and the Uzi's. Get down and pull the jump switch on the west wall. Exit and go back to the opening you saw in a north wall.

Climb the wall and go down the tunnel. Climb down a ladder to the floor and enter the north doorway. Enter the room and you can shoot some empty boxes to the sides. Go to the middle of the room and kill a demigod. When done, go north to shoot empty boxes and enter the doorway. The tiles with circles are firetraps. Go up the stairs and go south over a bridge.  Jump to the east side for a Horseman's Gem. Continue south and avoid the fires. Hop a block in the south-east for a revolver. Enter the south doorway and you are on a ledge above the room. Look left and use the Horseman’s Gem to get a cut scene of a door opening below. Get down and enter the new room. Go to the north-west corner to pull a jump switch on the north wall. Pick up a winding key, revolver ammo, small medipack and flares from the floor. Watch out for the four skeletons and exit the room. Go north and enter an open doorway to the west side. Pull a chain and get a cut scene of the other door in the starting open opening. Go west into a big tunnel and then south-east into a small tunnel. You may be able to kill the harpy from there.

Exit and go back to the ladder and down the tunnel. Up the stairs and jump into the other open doorway. Drop in the hole and run to the north-west into a corridor. Enter a room and avoid the skeleton and the scissor trap. Pick up the crossbow and pull a chain. Exit the room and go west and climb a ladder while avoiding a second  skeleton. Enter the next open door and it closes behind you. Pick up normal crossbow ammo. Pull the jump switch in the north-east corner and get a cut scene of a door opening. Drop into the hole in the floor and you are back in the starting room. The skeleton awakes this time for sure. Again go up the ramp and jump to the ledge to shimmy to the open door. Go back to the big tunnel where you killed the harpy. Go to the north-west end and jump north into a tunnel. Slide and jump over a firetrap. Pull a jump switch and the door opens. Pick up the shotgun and go to the north-east corner. Go up the stairs and face a room with some spike traps.

Start at the north-east corner. Go south three tiles and turn west. Go behind the pillar for flares and return to the east wall. Continue south to the pedestal and see Lara behind some bars. Go around the pedestal and continue south near the wall. Turn west and skip the first tunnel. Get into the second tunnel for secret #2 and a large medipack. Exit and go to the south-west corner. Use the binoculars to see a receptacle for an item. Go east and enter the other tunnel and exit back to the big tunnel. Jump into the next opening to the south. Follow the tunnel to pick up a small medipack. If you had been here earlier, a door would have blocked your way. Enter the open door and get into the crawl area for Uzi ammo. Get into the water and swim down into a hole in the floor. At the bottom swim south and west and into a doorway. Swim west for secret#3 and revolver ammo. Roll and swim north and east to pick up a Pharos Knot. Quickly go back for air and notice a closed underwater door on the south wall. Exit back to the spike room and go behind the second column. Approach it from the east side and go to the left to get behind it. Use the Pharos Knot and get a cut scene of a door opening. You can also pick up a small medipack from the floor.

Exit back to the big tunnel and go east. Pull the chain and then quickly avoid the skeletons and get back to the ladder and return to the starting room. Get into the second doorway and drop down the hole. Avoid the skeletons and go north to reach-in swing. Reach in and get a cut scene of the underwater door opening. Go back to the room with the scissors and pull the chain. Then climb the ladder, go through the open door and drop back into the starting room. This time you can get rid of the skeleton with a shotgun. Use the ramp and shimmy to the door and go back to the big tunnel and into the south-east opening. While you are here, notice that the closed door to the north-east was your exit door from the spike room. Follow the tunnel back to the water. Just before you go into the water there is another closed door to the west. In the water swim through the open door and follow the tunnel up to a room. Follow the corridor to a large sandy room. Shoot the skeleton into a pit and then kill a demigod. Continue east to find a room with shallow water. Follow the water to another room and pick up blue shotgun shells. Beetles attack so jump into a hole and fetch the crowbar from the far side. Get back up the hole and back into the sandy room and then swim back through the underwater tunnel. Exit and go west and use the crowbar to open the door. The tunnel to the north is a spike trap.

Enter the door and go down so steps and enter a large room. You get a flyby of the area. Go west to pull a chain and get a cut scene of a door opening in the place you got the shotgun. Go to the north side of the room and shoot the two boxes. Pick up a large medipack, and kill a demigod. Light a flare and search the north-east section for Uzi clips and a jump switch. Use the jump switch and exit to see a stairway of blocks in the north-west corner. Climb and follow the corridor to a room with a water hole. Shoot the skeleton into the water.  Dive in and go into the north-east hole. Enter a tunnel going east and follow it to the end. Pull up into a room and shoot the box for a grenade gun. At last, you can get rid of the pesky skeletons. Use the reach-in switch and get a cut scene of a room with the mechanical beetle. Swim back and go west for flares and south for a small medipack. Then get out of the water and look south-west for a corridor needing the mechanical beetle. Go north-west and back to the big tunnel and return to where you got the shotgun. Enter the open door and search the coffins for two large medipacks, flares, and revolver ammo. Pick up the Mechanical Scarab and go back through the spike room. Go through the big tunnel and into the south tunnel and back to the room with the blocks in the corner. Go to the room with the pool and use the Mechanical Scarab with key. When the spikes are finished, go through the tunnel. Turn right at the end and slide down as the level ends.