Intrusion 2003

Author: Lionel Poucochino (Pouco2)

Unzip and let us copy audios into audio, Samples into Sound-samples and scripts into the main directory respectively, and uklogo.pak into Data directory. Let us run tom2pc.exe, by pressing Add let newcity3.TOM ahow, then Build All. When finished, launch the game.

Let us jump onto the block opposite from where we can easily shoot the enemy. Let's climb the block on the right corner, from there jump opposite and onto the roof then. Keep right, kick the door and push the button near the Lara poster. Two guards show up. After that kick the warehouse door too, search the shelves, then back to the roof. By using ventilation pipes, let us go to the opposite side because the grate of the first secret has opened, where we can have the Laser Sight. Now let's go back and keep right. Having taken care of another soldier and a Doberman let us shot the grate and climb up. Without a runup jump above the laser trap and get to the other side after the third laser trap we can shoot another grate and upon descending push the button. A grate opens down above. Let's climb down. After a fierce fight let's shoot the crate beside of us where we climbed down, push the button behind it, then go back into the ventilation tube. Crawl right, take the first recess in the wall for the medipack, and on the right in a new hall is the Canopic Jar 5 we can pick, shooting the trash bin near the coffee vending machine. Going further in the ventilation tube we arrive in an armoury on the right where we can pick up our things we need: UZI, Desert Eagle, and the HK Gun. Let's go back into the hall where we pushed the button and keep rig't. In the next hall lets run across under the machine guns, hence arriving into another hall. We will have our fights here for sure, but it's going to be way easier with great guns. Let us be economic with revolver ammo for we going to be in need at least three of it in the game. Let us pull the crate near the pole and press the button opening the door behind the laser door, however, we going to need it later only. Go up the stairs and jump to the crates we can shoot having shot the rails, which contain Canopic Jar. On the storey we can shoot one of the machine guns even now then make the other one sense us. Going back to the stairs with the railings, shooting the grate and pulling ourselves up which is secret nr. 2. by the way we arrive rear of the machine gun. Let’s shoot the second one with the revolver+laser sight combo. Pull the lever behind the machine guns and go way back to the ventilation tubes while checking the rest rooms. In the lady's room we inherit the Access Card from the guard. Let's keep left in the ventilation tube, jump over the laser trap, pull up yourself on the left. A new site we arrive at, where we can use the Card, before that we get the Cd Room Disc from a soldier. In there we gonna collect the Canopic Jar 2, pull the lever that opens a door at the ruined machine gun. Return there, jump into the aquarium and make Canopic Jar 4 yours. Upon our return where we went down previously for the first time, push the crate behind the pillar, go up and kick the door. Having killed the guard use the Disc to open the door behind us. In the left crate, standing near the wall, we will find the Canopic Jar 1. At last the laser gate opens wide back there. Look after all enemies and in one of the corners at the back we find the 3rd secret behind the crates. Go up on the storey and keep right at first. Jump to the opposite side and pull the lever. The door will open up underneath leading to the chopper. Be prepared for a bunch of guards. At the end, when going down the stairs, keep right and we can shoot the corner of the crate that will explode the chopper and the machine guns. Pick up the missing Canopic Jar 3 and upon returning and jumping over on the storey pull the other lever too. Entering the door rush keeping left in the direction of the water and the level is finished.

There is one thing I don't get, however. There are two laser gates left closed. Will the author go on editing this great level?


Translated by: Ironman from