Escaping With The Artifact

Author: Cagatay Caliskan

Extract the, the english.dat, script.dat and uklogo.pak into the main directory, and copy the others into the Graphics-Wads folder. Run the Level Converter, build the aft.TOM, escape.TOM and kac.TOM files ONE BY ONE. Wait for some minutes and check in the Data folder if it was succeeded to convert them one by one into their TR4 versions. Run the game and have a good time!

1. Afternoon.

Kill the two horsemen by left-right jumps in front of them. But there's a more simple way. Go to the small house on the right side, shoot the lock with pistols, get onto the bike and run over them. Get down inside the big structure on the right side and you will see the end of the level. Continue to the right and behind the last door on the right side pull the lever. You can open all doors, there's always something behind them. If a fierce ghost occurs lure him back to the fountain, jump into the water and get the UZI. There's the Revolver on the top floor and the Laser Sight on the lower floor. So this is much easier to fight, you don't have to economize with the revolver ammo, just keep one for shooting the GOLDEN STAR in the Big Library.

Explore all floors. Downstairs, in the last room pull out the shelf completely. Pull the sphere out from the first room into the back corner onto the floor tile of different color. You can see that two grates opened in the other structure where Lara will find the GOLDEN STAR. Moving down you can look behind all doors, you will find some ammos. After you have got down on the first floor, get back to the palm trees, up the stairs and at the back of the terrace get the CROWBAR. Get to the fountain then into the another, white structure, strain the GOLDEN STAR. Return to the fountain, combine the Revolver with the Laser Sight and shoot the star on the Library. The door opens. Run over this horseman with your bike. Don't forget to pick up the Crossbow he dropped, it will be important in the next level.

Don't start exploring the area for the time being, instead go to the other side of the white structure and make your way up to the stairs. On the first floor jump through the window into the opposite room and get the GYM KEY. Climb up the bookshelf and get the WOODEN HANDLE. On the second floor in the left-side room pull the lever behind the bookshelf, and a grate opens below the palm trees. Return to the bike and run through the opened grate and the grades until Lara can't move on with her bike. Get down there and climp up the wall collect the NITROUS OXIDE CANNISTER. Pull the lever and return to the main square. Get back behind the temple onto the training area, climb up the wall,l jump back and get the HATHOR EFFIGY. Use the GYM KEY above and climbing up get the ORNATE HANDLE.

Now enter the Library. Push in all doors on the first floor and in the bathroom, when the camera view changes, strain the VALVE PIPE. On the next floor collect the BA CARTOUCHE from one of the rooms. On the next floor the STONE BULIDING KEY awaits Lara. Get back down just to the palm trees and use the KEY there. Enter the opened door and pull the right hand switch, the other one is a hook. Climbing back get the second motorbike. Tackle the combined NITRO + VALVE PIPE and ride back into the Library, on the most upper floor. From the room opposite to the stairs run up and jump into the opposite structure. From the right side corner strain a book out from the bookshelf, THE BOOK OF THE TOMB RAIDER LEGEND. Take it back to the room from which you have jumped out and put it onto the rare bookshelf. In the white structure the grate has opened on the most upper floor and collect the METAL BLADE. Get back to the fountain, then to the structure below. On the right side of the structure, on the white spot combine and dig out the BLUE DIAMOND. Return into the structure, place all the objects you have in their receptacles and collect the THE HAND OF RATHMORE, the CRYSTAL OF TRUTH, the DAGGER OF XIAN and THE IRIS OF ARTIFACT. In the end get the AMULET OF HORUS and enter the next level.

2. The Escape With the Artifacts.

Collect all objects because unfortunately you will heavily need them later. Leaving the room three Demigods attack Lara. Take care of them with the Explosive Arrows, get THE HORUS SYMBOL and use it. And now DO NOT place it into its receptacle but jump into the gap and enter the gym. The author may didn't planned that this way but you can save a Symbol so Lara can get a SECRET too. Now get onto the other side where you have digged the GEMs out and decide if you would like to battle or not. If you would like to fight I suggest climb up from below and kill all the Demigods with pistols. They drop many ammo and medipacks. Certainly if Seth approaches jump back into the ditch, they won't follow Lara there. If you wouldn't like to fight run to the palm trees and use the Symbol.

Now climb up the stairs. As you have saved a Symbol get up to the right on the slope, sprint and use it. You will find ammo and medipacks and Lara can have some rest as they won't follow her there. You must fight with countless demigods now too but back in the small courtyard when you have found the bike kill them. One of them drops the RED RUBINT which is needed for ending the level. Use it on the other side of the big structure from where Lara came from after getting off the bike. There's a small lake there. After you have placed it into its receptacle, run through the opened door and the level ends.

Walktrough by OBig from

Translated by: Petunia from