Resident Evil - The Raccoon City (DEMO)

Level by Tertio (Level Planet)

Walkthrough by Anurag
Note: This walkthrough is written to express my love for two of my most favorite games, Resident Evil & Tomb Raider.


The game shows Lara standing in an area, move forward & turn right. A cut-scene gives a panoramic view of the next area infested with zombies & twisted vehicles. Turn right, then at the end again turn right. At the end there is a ladder in the Northeast corner, climb it & press the SWITCH, descend the ladder & push open the door below. Kill the 2 rats that charge at you. Turn left & again left to enter an open door, pick up 30 CROSSBOW EXPLOSIVE AMMO & the CROSSBOW, then climb up the stairs. As you approach the Coffin, a mummy rises out of it, but there is no need to panic it is just a robot. Turn left & another zombie awakens, run & jump from middle & press ACTION avoiding the swinging CHAINS, Lara must grab the opposite ledge.

Don't fall down as there is a flame trap below. Crawl in the crawlspace & get the keys from there. Return from where you entered & jump to opposite side again avoiding the CHAINS. Turn left and use the KEY. The door besides it opens, enter it, turn right & descend the stairs, 3 zombies get awakened, quickly kick open the door ahead & come to an open place. Cross the street filled with deactivated ZOMBIES, & open the door ahead. Go to the Northeast corner, This is SECRET #1, pick up 6 SHOTGUN WIDESHOT AMMO and 12 SHOTGUN NORMAL AMMO along with SHOTGUN.

Return through the door and turn right. At the end of the street turn again right, continue forward turn right & pick up the JEEP KEYS from the pedestal. Return to the JEEP in the previous street. The ZOMBIE in this street are know awake, avoid them & board the JEEP. Go to the place from where you got the JEEP KEYS, continue forward & break the barricades. A cut-scene shows an open area & then the black sky.

Congratulations, you have escaped from the raccoon city.