Castle Doomsday III - The Final Battle
Tina Barret / Data

Walkthrough supplied by the author

(The lower hallway)

Pick up flares. Proceed to a doorway that is blocked and use the 45's to shatter the wood panel. Enter a long hallway.
A spider will drop from above so shoot it. Make your way to the wooden bridge over stagnant water and look down to the right to see a door blocking the tunnel. Underneath the bridge you will see another tunnel blocked by ironwork, and behind the ironwork you will see a 'canopic jar'; you will not be able to get this just yet.
Also in the hallway you will see eight alcoves in which skeletons are chained to the wall. In one alcove you will see that the skelton has fallen from it's shackles and is laying on the floor. Above this skeleton is a wood panel; shoot this with the 45's and jump up into the new opening. Walk carefully to the edge and look around. You will see three openings, one down to the left, one higher up straight ahead and another at the same height to the right. You need to get to the lower one which leads to a tunnel and comes out at the top right opening. Jump foward, slide down and drop onto the raised floor and turn left. Jump and grab onto the woodwork and climb up to the opening. Enter and proceed down the tunnel. Along this tunnel will be two more spiders, so again, just shoot with the 45's. When you reach the top opening, you need to do a rather tricky run - jump - grab to get into the other opening at the same height so save before jumping. When you have succesfully jumped across, activate the switch and the underwater door will open. Before returning to the hallway, stand at the edge of the opening facing out and jump - grab and pull up to a higher platform where you will find a 'small medi pack'; you will also be greeted by another spider, so you know what to do!!. To get
back to the hallway, face the opening that you jumped up from and jump forward. You will hit the slope and fall safely onto the raised floor down below. From here jump - grab onto the woodwork and climb up into the hole you originally entered this room by. Back in the hallway, go over to the bridge and wait for a crocodile to emerge. Shoot it. If it does not emerge, you will have to jump in and coax it out. Once the croc has been killed, enter the water tunnel and swim to the end and pull up out of the water to operate a switch; this opens the door at the other end of the hallway. Swim back to the hallway, climb out and proceed to the now opened door.

You can now go either way, however if you wish to enter a secret room at the end of the level you will need to collect a special key. To get this special key, turn left as you go through the doorway instead of going up the spiral staircase.

(The special key room)

Follow the corridor and a door will open. Enter and it will close behind you. On the floor you will notice spatters of blood,
this denotes that two skeletons will rise from the ground. Go right at the junction and folow the corridor around to the left and enter a dungeon. By this time the two skeletons are hot on your heels. As you enter the room, immediatly to your right, there is a switch on the wall beside the doorway. Wait until the skeletons are in the room with you and then close the door shutting all three of you in. From the switch, turn around 180 degrees and look over to the left hand corner of the room where you will see a wood panel half way up the wall. Now, whilst avoiding the slashing and cutting of the skeletons blades, shoot out the wood panel and climb up into this new area. Now shoot out the panel on the other side (if it has not been shot out by the previous shots) and climb down into the safety of an empty room. The door is closed here, so make your way down the stairs and into a small room where you will find some shotgun shells. Go back up into the previous room to find the door now open. Leave the room and enter a corridor which will have one left turn (this leads to the door you originally came in but is still shut) and two right turns. The first of the right turns will lead you into a room with a switch which opens the other right turn door. Find the jump switch, avoiding the pits, then make your way to the end room where the door is now open. Walk down the stairs and pick up the special key from the raised surface.
Now, press the button at the bottom of the stairs and this will open the original door that you came into the special key area by. This special key will be used near the end of the level where you can gain
an extra prize from Lord Doomsday.

(Spiral Staircase and steam hallway)

Now you can make your way up the spiral staircase. Go to the very top, and on the way you will find a small opening that gives you a glimpse of what is to come. At the very top you will find a door closed, to open this door, look behind you. On the wall above is a jump switch. Enter the wooden walkway and make your way to the end avoiding spiders, steam and gaps in the walkway. Go through a doorway and jump over to a small ledge, turn to the right, jump and grab into another doorway which leads into a hallway. Proceed toward the picture of Lord Doomsday where a headless manifestation will greet you. Do not bother trying to kill it as it is impervious to all weapons. At the end, near the picture, turn right and look up onto the wall to find a jump switch. This will open one of the large double doors to the Great Hall.

(The Great Hall)

Now enter the great hall and look down over the balcony to see a large spider coming for your blood. Shoot the spider as much as
possible from the balcony until it comes up the stairway toward you and then jump over the balcony and wait for the spider to come back down again. Keep shooting till it is dead; all the time avoiding the lava pits.
Once the spider is out of the way, take a look around the room. The headless creature will hamper your moves, however, it cannot be killed so just avoid it if you can.
There are two boxes in this room on opposite sides. There are also two eyes painted onto the floor. The two boxes must cover the eyes to make the exit door open. Behind one of the boxes is a wood panel to shoot out, behind this is one of two canopic jars that will be needed later. Behind the box on the other side of the room is a watery tunnel at the end of which is the second canopic jar (the one you saw through the ironwork earlier on). To get this canopic jar, take a look in the fireplace and locate a switch to one side, this operates the underwater door. Collect both jars and proceed up the stairs toward the exit door. As you climb the stairs, a skeleton will appear. Climb the ladder on the wall. Near the top, backflip onto the wood beam. Up here you will find a shotgun, shells and a medi pack. Colect these and carefully climb back down again. Use the shotgun to shoot the skeleton into one of the lava pits.
Now go up toward the exit. As you near the exit door, a camera fly-by will show where you must go next. As you walk through the door you will see another picture of Lord Doomsday, this time with two skeletons. In a last ditch attempt to kill Lara, two skeletons arise from the flames that are in front of the picture. You can do one of two things here, either lead them back into the great hall and shoot them down one of the lava pits, or try to avoid them. To open the small door at the end of the hall on the left, you will need to locate a jump switch. This jump switch is round to the left as you come out of the great hall, and is behind the stone door post.
Go through the door and find a ladder that takes you up into one of the towers. It is opposite one of the windows.
Climb up here and place both canopic jars in their respective alcoves. This will open a door below. Climb back down and enter the Lava room.

(The Lava Room)

In the Lava room, you need to use the rope to swing up into a small green coloured room up to the right, near the ceiling. Position Lara toward the corner so that the small room is on the right of the corner. You need to swing at least four times and then jump right at the top of the swing or she will not make it. There is a shimmy ledge just to the left of the small room that she will grab onto and the shimmy right and around the corner, and pull up into the small room. The switch in here operates a second rope. Once pressed, jump back down to the ledge below. From here take a diagonal jump onto the wooden bridge in the middle. Explore the room off from the bridge to find a medi pack. Go back to the bridge, jump onto the rope and turn again slighty right and swing up to the next small blue coloured room that is in a similar position to the gree coloured room. The switch in this room opens the exit door. After pressing the switch, go back to the bridge, jump back on the rope and swing up toward the door. As you leave the lava room avoid the blades in the doorway.
Also avoid the lava pit just beyond where the bannister is missing.
Exit through a doorway and make your way down the slope to the bottom. To the left is the courtyard and to the right is a door which leads to Laras bonus prize. If you have collected the special key, use it now to open the door and enter the special area.

(Special area)

To get to the secret bonus you need to work your way through a few obstacles to start with. You will then come up against the dreaded crusher (two of them) which will squash poor Lara without hesitation. When past all the obstacles you will come to a long room with lava and a number of flame stoves. You need to jump from one stove to another however some will alight which will burn Lara. To see which stoves will light up, check the ceiling as only stoves that alight have chimneys overhead. When you reach halfway you will have to jump/manoeuvre Lara around a hanging skeleton. Once you have your bonus prize, make your way back out over the stoves and through the obstacles and then enter the courtyard.

(The Courtyard)

A camera will show you where you need to go.
When you enter the courtyard, two harpies will attack, so finish them off with the remainder of your shot gun shells. Around to the left as you enter the courtyard, near the corner, is a much needed grenade launcher. You will also find some more shotgun shells elsewhere in the courtyard. Make your way up to the battlements where the switch is via the roof of the outhouse and the sliding/flat platforms. At the top, another harpie will attack and so will a small spider. Kill these and head toward the push button, when pushed, this will lower the cage that surrounds a key that will give Lara her freedom. After the button has been pushed another harpie will attack so kill it and then jump from the battlements onto the roof of the outhouse and then run and jump onto the column that has the key.
Collect the key and jump to the ground to find a giant spider. use the grenades on the spider to finally rid the world of Doomsdays terror.
Take the key and go down the steps in the outhouse to find a key hole. Use the key to open the main castle door and make your way back up to the surface avoiding the flames.
Leave through the front door happy in the knowledge that once again you have saved the world.

I hope you have enjoyed the series as much as I have making it.
Happy Raiding. :-)

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