Scotland - Mystery of the Great Pyramid

Level by Diego Salvadore

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Slide down, watch a flyby and kill three crocodiles swimming around in the pool. Swim E. When the passage splits in two, choose the left path and resurface in the room with a pyramid. Collect Pharos Knot from the top of this structure. Return to the water and go back to the pool of your first dive in this game. Swim N, ignore the first air pocket and resurface in the second one. Get out of the water and watch out for the marked square near the exit - it's a death zone. Jump over it. See the wooden wall splitting your way in two? You need to follow both paths. After choosing the left one, stick close to the right wall and reach the place with a lonely block of wood. There is an unmarked ladder on it - climb it and collect Ornate Handle from the room up there.

Now descend and find a place which the right path leads to (you don't need to backtrack, just advance through the maze and you should get there in seconds). You can recognize it by another lonely block of wood with the next unmarked ladder placed on it. Climb it and pick up another item from up there - the crowbar. Camera shows you a door that opens. The portal is located above that gas pocket you previously ignored. Get there and enter the door. Pick up Hathor Effigy from the floor and combine it with Ornate Handle to construct Portal Guardian. There is also a pack of flash grenades on the top of the rectangular block nearby.

Advance to the other side of the room and place Portal Guardian in its slot. Go across the next room, watch another flyby and go down the ramp to find yourself in the area covered by green, toxic liquid. The only one safe way through it is to use "RADIATION" plaques on the floor as a platforms. After you perform several jumps while going through this room, make it through the next one easily (the floor doesn't kill you here). Watch another flyby to realize you're on the edge of the grassy, inverted pyramid. You need to pick up Horseman's Gem from the bottom. After you stand on its square, a stone will fall down near you. Be careful not to run onto it accidentally. Get to the exit. It's in the NE corner of the pyramid base (remember the pyramid is inverted so its base is high up there). Behold the next corridor. On the right of the entrance there is a small pool. Jump into the water and swim across the huge underwater area, to find a place to resurface in its NE corner. Get out of the water. Pick up a Token and backtrack across the underwater area to the corridor you left. Proceed N to its very end and place Horseman's Gem in its slot. Enter a new room, climb some blocks at the far end of it and jump into another pool.

Get out IMMEDIATELY to lure the crocodile towards you. When you see it, kill it. Return to the water and swim N until you can resurface and get out onto the dry, open space. Get rid of two more crocs there, pick up the laser sight and notice a strange lonely block in the middle of this area... Yes! It's another unmarked ladder! Get to the top of it and pull up into the temple corridor. Go W. Ignore the double black door on your left and advance W to slide down into the next corridor, where you can wait for two wild boars to appear from the darkness in front of you. Exterminate them and advance yet farther W to watch another flyby. It shows you the goal for this location - Pharos Knot on the top of the high, lonely pillar. Again, all you need to do to get the item is to climb the unmarked ladder placed around the pillar and take the pickup from it. Now jump N and grab the ledge running around the whole area. Pick up some flares from there (you may need to duck for this) and proceed through the portal in the SE corner to exit this location. Go through another set of corridors. In the last of them, there is a hole in the ceiling.

You can get through it by climbing yet another unmarked ladder. Backflip from it to land in the upper set of the corridors. There is a slot for Token at the end of the last of them. Inserting the coin opens the door and you can go through them to find a secret pyramid. Pick up flares from under it. Collect shotgun wideshot ammo and a crossbow from the first step of the pyramide, then a small medi from the 3rd, laser sight from the 4th, and a pack of flash grenades and a revolver from the 5th segment. There is also a Grenade Gun and another large medi in this room, and both items are placed behind the arcades. After you pick up all the items from here, descend and enter the door on the E. Proceed through the corridor and climb next unmarked ladder at the end of it. By pulling up you go through that double black door you once ignored. Turn left and slide down one more time to realize the black door on your right has opened. Go through it and follow several more corridors to find a slot for Pharos Knot you have. Place the item and enter the room with some mummy dummies and a block in the center. Standing on this block launches another flyby. Grab the medikit from the top of it and go through yet more corridor. Pick up Horseman's Gem and place it in the slot several steps farther.

The door opens, allowing you to get into the dark room. Eight crocodiles attack you. It's better to retreat through the corridor you came from, backflipping and shooting at the same time. When you kill the reptiles, go to the other side of the room they were waiting for you in. The last flyby shows you large amount of grass. As soon as you step onto it, 4 wild boars attack you, so eliminate them and go S, to the other side of the open space, to find a corridor there and another slot for Pharos Knot at the end of it. Place the item and the door opens. Go through it to the last location in this game. Behold the magnificence of The Great Pyramid! (At least the ending of this game is worth seeing.) Go around it and climb it from the other side, using the last unmarked ladders and jumping onto the transparent blocks. Get to the top of the pyramid... and now the end is here.