Secrets Of South America

Level by Johannes Gaechter (February, 2003)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

start in a cave and slide down a few slopes to emerge on a ledge over a deep valley. Kill a bat and go over the bridges to the opening in the east wall. Be careful of the gaps in the bridge. Kill another bat and enter a cave. Go to the south-east corner and climb down a ladder into the water. Go to the north-west corner and pull down a hard to see jump switch on the north wall. You get a cut scene of a trap door opening somewhere. There is a crawl space in the south wall but it is an exit. Climb back up the ladder and slide down the east slope. At the bottom of the slope, on the south wall is a crawl space. That leads back to the other pit in case you missed the jump switch. Kill a bat and enter a large enclosed area.


Go to the water trench and dive it. In the north-west corner you see a tunnel with bones and a closed gate. Pull up out of the water trench and climb the left wall beside it. You will climb through the trap door that you opened. Enter a tunnel and go to the end to use a floor lever. You get a flyby of the area showing a gate opening in the mouth of a statue. Climb back down to the ground. On the wall are faces but notice the face in the north-east corner with an open gate in the mouth. Go to the dark south-west corner and pick up crossbow normal ammo. You need to kill another bat. Before going into the gate, look in the north wall of the water trench for a crawl space. Swim in there and pull an underwater lever on a wall. Follow the tunnel back to the water trench.


Now swim through the open gate and enter a large lake. You can pull up to the island that you see but only in a few places. Some edges do not work for pull-ups. Swim north-east to pull up onto a platform. Look to the north and see another statue head with an underwater tunnel in the open mouth. You see some bones on the floor of the lake next to the statue head. Swim to the tunnel and quickly return to the platform. Kill the crocodile that followed you from the statue. Swim down the tunnel into an underwater maze. Take the first right branch and the take the second right branch and you are at a T-junction. Turn left and go to the end to turn left and pull an underwater lever. You get a cut scene of a trap door opening. Swim back and take the third right branch to return to the lake for air.


Dive back into the hole and swim straight. Go to the right when you have to, but go left when there is a choice. You will pull up into the trap door that you opened. You are in a large cave. Kill a bat and notice two water holes in the floor. Go west into the large cave and notice a fire and a switch on the north wall. On the south wall is a switch over a spike trap. In the middle of the room is a burnable floor.


Jump into either water hole since they are connected. Pull the underwater lever on the wall and get a cut scene of the fire stopping at the wall switch. Also search the underwater area for a hole with a closed gate and a torch that you cannot get yet. Get out of the water and there is nothing else you can do here yet. Go to the south-east corner. Dive into the water and swim back to the lake.


Swim to the south-east corner and pull up to a platform. Jump to the south and grab the climbable wall. Shimmy to the right and get into a tunnel in the south wall. Follow the tunnel and climb down a wall. Continue and go through a triangular hole to drop into a large cave. You are on the top of a hill. Stay on the west side. Run, jump, and grab the gray ledge to the north. Go to the back wall and see some bones on the floor. Run and jump into a triangular opening in the north-west corner. Follow the tunnel and pull a wall switch. You get a cut scene of a dark gate opening.


Safety drop to the ground and go down the slope. You come to the open gate. Enter and run down the tunnel to the west. There is a spike wall behind you, a spike wall in front of you and two spike pits. When you get pass them watch out for a rolling rock from the right side. There is a gem in the rolling ball tunnel but it is guarded by a fire. Go north and jump an east slope. Then retreat over the slope and into the rolling rock tunnel to avoid two more spike walls.


Return to that slope and follow the tunnel to a large outdoor area. You see columns and a bridge. Go down the slope in the north wall to enter a cave. Kill a crocodile and go to the north wall. Turn left and go to the west to pull out a movable block. Behind the block is an underwater lever. To the east is a ledge that you cannot reach yet. Exit back to the outdoor area and climb the blocks at the west wall. Go north and pull up to the ledge. Follow the bridge around to the closed gate. Go back one column to the south-east column. Drop on the east side, release and grab a crevice on the column. Shimmy to the right and under the bridge. Release and pull down a jump switch and you hear a flushing sound.


The cave is flooded. Dive in and swim to the underwater lever. Pull it and you get a cut scene of the gate opening on the bridge. In the south-west corner is a lever to drain the water. Do not use it. It is there in case you did not pull out the block first. Get out of the water and go back to the west wall. Follow the bridge and enter the open gate. Pick up the crossbow from the middle of the room. Exit and drop into the water. Swim east and pull up onto the ledge. Go south and light a flare to see a dark movable block in the middle of the south wall. Pull back the movable block onto the circle in the middle of the floor. Enter the tunnel behind the block and climb a wall. Save the game at this point.


Jump to the north-west and follow the tunnel to a floor lever. If you fall in the water, as I did, reload and go to the floor lever again. Use the floor lever and get a cut scene of the torch but now the water is missing. Slide into the water and follow the tunnel. At a branch, go to the right. At the next junction, take the right branch to the end. At the end, take the left branch to get back to the lake. Dive into the tunnel again and kept to the left to return to the blue room with the fire.


Get into the dry hole and pick up the torch. Drop it on the floor at the west side of the hole. Save the game again. Climb out the east side and go to pull the switch on the north wall. Spikes pop up behind you. Go west and then south around the spikes and back to the hole. A block has risen and the torch should be on it. If not, you have to reload, as the block rising switch cannot be reset. Drop onto the block to pick up the torch. Stand jump into the cave and drop the torch someplace where you can find it again.


Go back to the water pool and swim straight to the end. Turn right, then a right/left bend to go straight. At a T-junction go left and swim to another T-junction. Swim left and left again to follow the tunnel back to the floor lever. Pull up on the west side. Use the floor lever again and get a cut scene of the flooded torch tunnel. You know the route by now, so swim back there.


Get into the water hole and pull the underwater lever to start the fire again. Pick up the torch and go around the spikes to ignite the torch on the fire. Run through the spikes and take a little damage. Throw the torch onto the burning floor and it burns and collapses. Hop into the pit for the laser sight and a large medipack. Go through the spikes again and go to the south wall. The wall switch is safe now. Pull the wall switch and get a cut scene of a gem behind a fire and the fire stops. This was the gem in the spike wall area.


Swim back to the lake and pull up to the platform south of the statue head. Turn around and look to the north. Use the crossbow and laser sight to shoot the bones #1 and bones #2 on the lake floor to the left of the statue head. Turn to the east and shoot bones #3 on the lake floor near the east wall. Swim to the island and pull up onto the island in the middle of the lake. Look to the south-east and shoot bones #4 on the lake floor. Swim to the south-east corner and onto the platform again. Jump and grab the south wall again to shimmy back into the tunnel. Follow the cave with the hill. Get back on the gray ledge and shoot bones #5 on the floor at the back of the ledge. Jump to the north-east tunnel again and safety drop on the other side.


Run down the slope and be careful of the spike walls. If you have reloaded, the walls have been reset and start again. Go up the ramp of the rolling rock and now the fire is out. Pick up Red Rubin #1 and exit. You can return to the lake by way of the other tunnel and the flooded cave and underwater maze again. Or return up the slopes and go through a crawl space. Pull up onto a ledge and go back to the hill. Climb back to the tunnel and follow it to the lake. Either way, swim to the west wall and back through the statue head to the starting area. Swim to the other end of the water trench and the gate is open.


Follow the underwater tunnel to a place here you can pull up and kill a bat. Drop onto a closed trap door. Then pull up into another crawl space in the west wall. Follow the crawl space to the end and use the floor lever. You get a cut scene of the trap door dropping. Crawl back there and drop through the trap door. Follow the water flow to a small room. Then go east and follow the water and safety drop into a hole. You drop onto a rock in a cave. The west is the exit guarded by spike traps. Slide down to the water and swim west. Pull up on the safe square next to the spike traps. Shoot the green plant to your right and the spikes pop up and retract. Go west and drop into the water. Wade through the tunnel and exit into the valley that you saw from the high bridges.


Go over the first island and go south to the next island with the column. Kill a wild pig and climb the east side of the column. Pull up to a bridge and follow the bridge to the room in the west wall. Go to the north-east corner and pull a block out of the east wall. Move the block onto the black circle in the middle of the room. The ceiling collapses onto the block. Pull up to the ledge and you hear the secret sound. Jump and grab the crawl space in the east wall. Go to the end and pick up Red Rubin #2. Get back out and drop into the room. Go to the south-west corner and use the floor lever. You get a cut scene of a trap door dropping and a ladder.


Exit the room and jump onto the ledge to the north. Follow the bridge and jump to another ledge. Go to the middle of the bridge and look west. Jump into the opening in the west wall. You see the ladder but you cannot climb it. I guess the ladder was supposed to go back to the upper bridges in case you forgot something. Go north and place the gems in the holders on the west wall. For each gem you get a cut scene of a column rising in a swamp. Go north and follow the tunnel to that swamp. If you fall into the water, you are dead, as you cannot get out.


Jump to the first column and then to the second column. Look back at the west wall and see an alcove with a jump switch. Use binoculars and look north-west and down at the swamp. You can see a bump in the swamp. Stand jump onto that bump and you are safe. Run and jump into the alcove. Pull down the jump switch and get a cut scene of a crawl space. Run and jump back to the bump. Run and grab the slope at the north wall. Shimmy to the right as far as possible. Pull up, back flip, roll, and jump with a left curve and you will land on the dry ground. I guess that you could jump back to the column from the bump but I never managed to do it.


Go east and follow a rocky corridor to the north and over a bridge. Shoot a crocodile in the water just in case you fall in. You are in a village with three huts. The left hut has a quicksand floor. Go to the middle hut and shoot a plant in the middle of the hut. You get a cut scene of a block rising in the quicksand of the left hut. Go to the left hut and jump to the block. Run and jump to the east to grab the ledge. Pull up onto the ledge. Pull down a wall switch on the south wall. Run and jump but no grab to land on the block in the quicksand. Jump to the door and exit this hut. The last or right hut has a closed gate at the back wall.


Go to the north-west corner and find the crawl space. Kill a native and then enter the crawl space. You see a room with many fires on the floor. Back up a bit in the crawl space and stand up. Pull up to a south ledge and pull down a wall switch on the east wall. Go back to the room and some fires are out. Go to the back corner and climb the ladder. At the top, grab a crevice and shimmy to the right. Pull up into an opening and overlook the bridges on the trees and huts.


Jump to the tree and go east over the bridge to the column on the middle hut. Kill the native that attacks you on the roof. Go to the south-west corner of the roof and jump to the corner of the right hut. A few stand jumps will put you on the roof of the right hut. Drop into a hole and pull down a wall switch. You hear a gate open. Slide to the ground and enter the right hut. The gate is open so enter the gate. You get a flyby of a large pit with a gray structure and the gate closes behind you. Hop down to the gray bridge and shoot the two crocodiles on the ground below you.


If you fall into the pit, there is a crawl space in the east wall. Inside is a ladder to climb back up to the gray bridge. Go to the east side of the bridge. You see a crevice on the north wall. Start on the third tile from the end and run over the corner of the second tile to jump with a left curve to grab the outer corner of the crevice. For some reason a straight forward run and jump would not grab the crevice at all. But the angled and curved jump was successful. Shimmy to the left and pull up onto a ledge. Stand jump into the opening in the north wall. Go to the end and pull down a wall switch.


Return to the pit and see that a column has risen near the east wall. Go south and safety drop into a hole in the ground. Go north and pull down the wall switch. You get a cut scene of the structure rotating. Go back to the hole and pull up to the floor again. Go to the east wall crawl space. Go to the back and turn around. Climb the ladder up to an opening and overlook the rotated structure. Jump down to the north-west and onto the column. Jump and grab the crevice again and shimmy left back to the ledge. Jump over to the rotated structure and go to the south side of the bridge.


Jump into the tunnel and overlook a water pool. Kill a crocodile and dive into the water. Swim across the water and pull up to a ledge. Go south to pull up to another ledge and go through the doorway. Jump into the black wall at the back and the level ends.





Secrets Of South America

Author: Johannes Gaechter(technojoh)


Slide down and go through the bridges. Climb down the ladder and push the wall switch in the opposite corner. Climb back and slide down. Directly opposite, high on the wall climb the ladder and pull the lever. Swim into the underwater opening and pull the lever, altough I don't know what this can be used for and I didn't pull it during my second walkthrough. Don't forget to pick up the Crossbow Ammo from the corner as it will be needed later. Swim into the mouth of the statue and you get into a large water room.

Observe the bones in the water as you will have to shoot them later. Climb out onto the small platform and shoot the crocodile. From where he came out swim into the another statue's mouth. Continue right then at the second junction turn right again, then turn left and pull the underwater lever. Swim back to get some air and keeping left you can climb out somewhere. Jump into the small pool, pull the underwater lever and notice the torch which you will pick up later. Swim back until the large pool. Find the two other platforms in the large pool, jump from the right side platform onto the wall, shimmy to the right until you can climb into an opening.

In the newly opened room in front of the slippery part run-up and jump onto the left-side platform and from here jump into the gap on the wall. Notice the bones below as you will have to shoot them later. On the opposite side pull the lever and drop down. Get down the slope and run through the opened door, continue left, avoid the two holes on the ground and jump to the right around the corner. When the block rolls down go to the right and Lara can have some rest. :- If you are clever enough and exploit the pauses of the fire blower Lara can pick up the first RED RUBIN and you don't have to back here later. If it doesn't succeeded there's no problem as you can extuingish the fire before it. Now turn left at the next recess and go back into the passage of the Rubin as Lara will leaky. J

After the bristly wall disappeared go there and you will reach a square. Shoot the crocodile below and pull the block out from the left side corner as there's an underwater lever behind it which opens the door leading to the Crossbow. Outside, when you came into this new area you will see a fissure on the right hand pillar and a wall switch on the opposite side. Get up through the bridges and on the side in front of the entrance climb down and releasing it for a moment Lara will grab the edge. Shimmy to the left and and above the lever leave the CTRL for a moment and pull down the lever. Now the former passage is underwater. Pull the lever behind the pulled out block and go back up to the bridges. The door has opened and Lara will pick up the CROSSBOW.

Go back into the water and swimming right you can climb out (you can find a lever in the right-hand corner but this will only give way to the water). Pull the block out from the wall and push it onto the symbol and climbing up the ladder pull the lever above. This will allow Lara to pick up the torch. Now you have two choices: find the other opened underwater trapdoor or return to the large pool and swim along to the left. Descend to the small depression and pick up the torch. Go to the fire, light the torch and throw it among the spikes but let it over the spikes. Jump up from the small slope and grab the handrail in the ceiling. Swing inside the spikes and drop down. Pick up and drop the torch on the wall floor. After it has burnt out you can pick up the LASERSIGHT. Now you would pull the other lever which extuingishes the fires at the Red Rubin bit it's unnecesarry as Lara has already picked it up.

Swim back to the large pool and shoot all the five bones here and where you have opened the door leading to the spiked walls. Swim back to the first area and the grate opened in the water on the other side. Swim in and climbing out there's a closed trapdoor below Lara. Climb ahead and pull the lever in the end of the crawlspace. Now Lara can climb down through the trapdoor and drop down the small room below. Beside the spikes shoot the plant on the right side and you can get through the trapdoor now. You will get to the large square above where you began the level. Climb up onto the small bridge and jump into the small room opposite. Pull out the block from the right hand corner and push it onto the symbol. It's unnecessary to pull the lever because it opens the trapdoor above a non-working ladder. Climbing up onto the block falling down Lara can get the second RED RUBIN.

Get out onto the bridge and go along the wall. In the next recess you will see the ladder but unfortunately it doesn't work. Place the RED RUBINS in their receptacle on the right and two blocks emerge from the swamp. Jump onto them but turn back to the wall. You will see a recess there in which you will find a wall switch. If you stand opposite it up to the right corner you will see a small protrusion in the swamp, jump there and jump into the recess from here. Push the lever and get back onto the block and from there to the opposite site.

Continue your way and you will reach a square where there are 3 huts. Shoot the plant in the center hut so a platform will emerge inside the hut on the left side. Jump onto that then jump on the other side from there and hit the CTRL in the last moment so Lara will grab the outstanding area. Pull the lever and get back outside. There's a crawlspace in front of the bridge where you came in. Get in and where Lara can stand up turn, climb up, pull the lever so this will extuingish the flames in the right side of the next room. Climb up the ladder, shimmy to the right and Lara will get onto the roof of the huts. A native awaits Lara there but he's not a strong enemy so you can do any harm only when he runs towards you. In my second walktrough he fallen down from the roof so I killed him below. :-) From the right side of the column jump onto the hut on the opposite side, slide down and grab the edge of the roof. Shimmy all the way to the right and Lara can stand up. Climb up right to the top and pull the lever there. Descend and the gate opens in the hut on the right side.

You are in a huge valley. Shoot the crocodiles from above so they won't block Lara's way. Jump down to the bridge and get to the other side but approximately two blocks before its end stop and turn left. Run up, jump and grab the edge. You need a bit practice and don't forget that Lara can be contolled left-right during her jumps. Shimmy to the left, jump into the small hole, pull the lever and a block will emerge below. Descend and jump into the hole. Pull the lever below the column so the bridge will turn away. Climb out and up to the emerged block, climb into the gap and up the ladder and you can jump onto it from above. Grab the small gap on the wall and you will get up to the bridge. You can kill a crocodile on the other side and jumping or climbing up to the opposite wall you reach the end of the level. The statistics doesn't count the secrets but picking up the objects the secrets' sound can be heard. It was a great level especially without walkthrough but it took about 5O minutes for the second play as well.

Walkthrough by OBig from

Translated by Petunia from