Author: Debbie Overstreet

This level was not made and is not supported by Core Design Ltd. and Eidos Interactive.
This level was made for entertainment purposes by the author.

The outfit and several of the textures within this level were made by the author. If you have any questions regarding their use please send an email.

Sandcastle: Walkthrough

Lara begins her adventure in a desert. To Lara's right is a buried structure with a door. That will be opened later. For now pick up the shot gun, kill the scorpions and run forward up the hill in front of you. Run along in the direction of the moon to find a large medipak. Run back the way you came and turn left towards the large structure. There is a small hill at the front where Lara can pull up. There is a puzzle hole in the room between two pillars and some ammo nearby. You will get to those later. For now there is a dog to kill and a baddy running to grab the small medical pak on a ledge. Try to stop him and then get the dog. When you are finished exploring there is a tunnel that Lara must crawl through. A bat will bug you and there is some ammo to stop and pickup along the way. Once inside the main room look for a switch to pull on the wall to your left. This will raise a box for Lara to climb up. Climb the box and then climb the ladder and pull up. There is a lever to pull which will open a door ahead of you. Go through the door until you are on the ledge with the flares. Jump to the magical platforms. On the second platform back up as far as possible and make a running leap and grab to make it to the ledge. Watch out for the steam. Pull up and quickly grab the large medipak and then when it is safe pull the lever. Drop and grab the ledge and shimmy around the corner to your right. Keep shimmying until you can drop to a ledge. Go into the short hallway to claim secret #1 (large medipak). Then come out and grab the ladder and climb down to the bottom. There is another hallway here and secret #2 (arrows). Now climb all the way up to nearly the top of the ladder and do a back flip with a twist to land on the ledge above. Jump up to the lever and pull it. A camera shows a door opening. Now turn and face the front of the platform. A rope will drop. Run and grab the rope, turn to your right and swing out and drop over to the next ledge with the lever. Pull the lever and a skeleton will emerge when a door opens. Grab the goodies on the ledge and drop down to the rocky ledge below. Then drop onto the ledge below that. Blast the skeleton with your shotgun and follow the path until you find a lever to open the door. Run through and to your left. Keep moving past the lever that you pulled earlier. You can see an open door ahead of you between two columns. Go into that opening and at the end turn and climb down. You are in a room with a well. First pull the lever switch to your left next to the wall. This will raise the next block for you to climb in the main room. Now climb down into the well. Go down the hallway at the bottom and pull up at the end. Grab the golden puzzle piece and then pull the lever switch. The well will flood with water. Swim back the way you came. At the top of the well two baddies will be waiting. Take care of them and then climb back out the way you first entered this room. Climb back down into the main room with the large blue pool. Go to the next raised block. Climb up. At the top you will be in a room with jade green colors. Go into this room and watch out for the baddy. Go to the center of the room and stand on the platform. Look up. There is a ladder. Jump up and grab the ladder and climb up into the small room. Grab the golden crowbar and then climb back down. There is a small pool of water nearby and close to that is a jade pedestal and a ladder. Climb up. You are in the lava room. There are several golden faces within the lava. Each one is burning with a deadly flame. Jump to the face straight ahead and the flame will go out. Turn left and jump to the next one and so on. At the end grab the puzzle piece on the golden platform. There is a movable block to push. Push that and watch out for wraiths. Run through the pathway and at the end be sure to jump and grab the switch which raises the next block. Lara will fall into the water below and the wraiths will die. Climb out of the pool and go back out the way you entered and climb down into the main room with the pool. Go to the next raised block. Climb up and into the next room. You should be standing in a sandy area. Watch out for the scorpion. Pull the lever and watch the camera shot. Next to you is a trapdoor which will open the second Lara steps on it so make sure Lara has full life and then from the center of the trapdoors turn, drop and grab the edge before letting go. At the same time Lara slides into the pit three skeletons will do the same. Grab the shotgun and blast them until the sand raises enough where Lara can grab the right edge. Pull up and climb and then pull the switches which opens doors to the left and right. Don't forget the puzzle piece. Go to the left drop down and climb the ladder. Pick up the small medipaks and climb the ladder at the end. Grab the blue puzzle piece on the pedestal and watch out for the mummy behind you. Over to your right is a crossbow. Grab that and then blast the mummy. Go back out and have a little sweet revenge on the skeletons. Climb up and go through the right side door. Follow the path and pull up at the end. Now you are facing some chains and some golden faces blowing steam. Just go through and avoid the chains. At the end turn to your right and follow the path. There is a small opening to your left and some uzi ammo. Save the game here. Watch your step! Once you have made it to the top lower Lara down the ladder and into an opening inside is secret#3(skull) and a lever. Pull the lever which opens the door inside the pool in the main room. .
Climb back out and onto the ledge. Up and to your left is secret#4 (sixshooter). Pull the next lever to open the door ahead and then grab the other golden half of the puzzle on a pedestal and the large medipak. Watch out for a baddy. Pull the lever which will raise a block down below. Make sure Lara has full life and look over the edge to locate the raised block and drop down onto it. Now jump into the blue pool and swim through the opening. Follow it around until you see a puzzle piece ahead of you. Grab that and swim through the maze until you can pull up into a small room. Place the correct puzzle piece which will open the trapdoor to another small room nearby. Jump back into the water and look for the flares and large medipak. The room opening is directly above those items. Pull up and grab the skull and pull the lever. A camera shot shows a raised block in the area you first came in. Jump back into the water and swim back out into the main pool. Climb out and go back through the crawspace and out to the area where you killed the dog. Once there go to the center puzzle slot and place the puzzle piece. You will see the door to the outside smaller structure open. Now turn and run towards the pool and turn left and left again and run up the hallway to the raised block. Climb up into the small room and pull the lever. This opens the trapdoor inside this pool. Jump into the pool and swim through the opening and pull up at the end. You are outside again. Climb over the hill and go to the now opened door below. You need to drop into the opening close to the left. Lara will slide and a rollerball will be right behind. There is a blue light where there is a ledge for Lara to jump into. This may take a few tries. Jump into the opening and claim secret#5(ammo). Continue down the slide. At the bottom hop over the rollerball and follow the path ahead. Keep following and notice the flickering floor texture. That is a block that will have to be raised so that Lara can pull the lever above. At the end of the path is a very ill-tempered bull. Wait for a second to make sure you have his attention and then run past him into the open area. Notice the three eyes. Lara must get the bull to smash into them for certain things to happen. I think it's best to go for the center eye first but it is your call.) Center Lara over the eye and just before the bull smashes jump. Keep an eye on Lara's health. One good whack from the bull and it's all over. The eyes, once smashed will open the trapdoor nearby, raise the block out in the hallway and one will open a door connected to the hallway which leads to another skull. Once all three are smashed jump into the trapdoor opening and swim along the path to the end. Pull up and get the skull and medipak. There are a couple of water wraiths in the area and one may follow you out of the water at the end. After you pull out of the water run quickly out into the hallway the way you came in when you first saw the bull. Just keep running along the path until you see the raised block. Climb up and pull the lever. A camera shot will show the next door opening. If you want the skull then jump down onto the block and run past the grated area where you can see the pool and just past one of the columns is an open door to your left. Run up the hall and grab the skull on the block, watch out for steam, and quickly run back out again and turn to your right. The bull is probably close by. Run fast back in the direction of the block. Jump over it and keep running until you get to the next left turn. Turn right and run into the opening and then quickly turn right again and jump up to pull the lever locking the bull outside. Turn and walk to the large door and combine the golden puzzle pieces. A wraith will attack. Watch out behind you. Open the door and go through and run to the end and into the water. Swim down and then up into the next area. Run up the steps. Notice a pole to your left. Watch out for the holes in the ground they are instant death. Run, leap and grab the pull. Turn around and shimmy up. Near the top turn with a twist to land on the ledge behind you. A rope will fall. Center and then make a running leap and grab the rope. Notice the flatbridge to your right. Swing over and land on that. Turn and face the ladders and leap and grab them. Shimmy around the ladders until your back is toward the column. Do a back flip with a twist to land on it. Ahead of you is a small medipak on a column. Run and leap to land on the edge. P/u the pak and walk to the uppermost edge. Jump up and grab the monkeyswing. Watch for the fireblowers. Once past the second fireblower drop at the end of the monkeyswing. Turn and jump to the next flatbridge. Pull up into the opening and crawl towards the door. Place the puzzle piece and the door will open. You have found the golden amulet. Grab that and pull the lever. This will raise a block in the lava so you can get the puzzle piece on the pedestal. Crawl back out and onto the flatbridge. Turn and jump to the column slightly to your right. A rope will fall. Make a running leap from the back edge and grab the rope. Swing to one of the flatbridges where the large medipak sits. Once there turn and leap to the ladders. Lower yourself to the now raised block below. Go to the stairs across from the lava. There is a block below you can jump from or you can try to make it from the stairs. Jump to the block in the middle of the lava. Now jump and grab the edge of the platform where the torch is burning. Pull up and grab the puzzle piece. Push the block next to the puzzle piece and claim the final secret#6: sacred bug. Now you have released alot of bugs! Turn and run out of there. Jump back onto the block in the lava and over the the edge. Go to the gray doors and place the puzzle piece into the slot. Blast any skeletons in the area and run through the door. Eventually the beetles will stop. At the end place the final puzzle piece and go through the door. Slide down. The blue lightning triggers the end of the level.