Level by Jamie White (February, 2003)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Slide down and go South towards the fire and notice a switch beside it. Turn North and go to the back wall to pick up three flares. Go back South and pull the switch to open a gate beside it. Light a flare and go inside. Drop into the hole and pick up two large medipacks, Uzi clips, and binoculars. Notice the closed gate in the corner and climb back out. Pick up a small medipack and continue into a tunnel. Pick up flares and a large medipack and then enter a room with a deep pit. Get to the bottom of the pit and pull the switch. You get a cut scene of a gate opening in the hole you were in before. As you climb ladders back up, kill four scorpions on the ledges and pick up some flares. Now go back to that gate. Go inside and enter a tunnel. At the other end, enter a room with a cage of raptors and two closed doors. Go the North-East corner and hop onto a block. Follow the tunnel and at the end pull a switch. This opens the two doors and the raptor cage. Go outside, climb on the raptor cage and kill five raptors. Go inside in the cage and pick up Cartouche Piece 1 and Cartouche Piece 2.

Enter the second door and run up the ramp. From the bottom of the room you can kill the three raptors in safety. Go to the top of the room and pull back the statue. Make the Ba Cartouche from the two pieces and use it to open a door in the South wall. Run up an incline and at the top pull down a trap door, Climb up into a forest area. Kill the raptor on the hill to the South. Jump into a hole behind the right side of the hill and pick up secret #1, large medipack, small medipack, and flares. Notice that a trap door opened as you jumped there. Every time that I went to the top of the hill, my computer froze and I had to reboot it. Return from the corner and kill two raptors. Enter the trap door, run down a tunnel, and climb into a collapsed looking room. Go to the North-East corner and drop into water. Swim in a small room and pull an underwater lever. The animation is strange as Lara puts her nose to the lever and it moves. Get back out and go South and just past an arch turn left and enter an open gate. Use the switch and the floor drops from under you. Slide into a room for secret #2. Pick up Uzi's, shotgun, crossbow, revolver, laser sight, revolver ammo, and grenade gun on a platform. There are shotgun shells and Uzi clips on the floor. Notice the raptors behind a cage wall. Climb back out and continue South.

Crawl under a collapse wall and go left into a corridor ending in a room. Kill a raptor and then pick up the Hand of Orion from the floor. Now approach the gates and then open. Go right and kill a raptor. Continue and go right to kill a raptor and pick up shotgun shells. Enter a room to the right and pick up two Uzi clips. There is nothing else to the North so return and loop right into a corridor. The door opens as you approach. Kill the two raptors that emerge. Go inside to the left and pick up revolver ammo and the Hand of Sirius. Go back outside and use them to open the gate. Kill a raptor and the blue ninja that emerge from the gate. The ninja drops an Eye Piece. Kill another raptor that attacks from the West. Enter the gate and kill a raptor. Enter the left room for normal crossbow ammo in the corner and Jeep keys on a pedestal. Go and move the jeep and get the shotgun shells underneath it. Go back inside and go to the right room. Climb a ladder to the roof.

Go East over the roof to kill a raptor. Jump to the roof to the West and kill a raptor. Notice the opening in the wall. Go to the roof to the North and kill a raptor. The knights are the chimneys are noisy but harmless. There is nothing on the roofs to find so go South into the tunnel. Follow the tunnel and it emerges into an open area with a large lake. Run or swim to the North and at the end dive into a hole in the floor. Swim through a tunnel and pull up into a room with a raptor, a gate and four switches. The South two wall switches create two raptors to kill. The switch with the revolver ammo in front opens the gate in this room. The switch with the large medipack gives a cut scene of a gate opening at the end of a tunnel. Go through the gate and exit into an area with two slopes. First, go down the slope and jump pillars to the North to reach a switch. Use this switch #1 and get a cut scene of a closed gate being raised and another closed gate behind it.

Go back and use the up slope. At the top, kill a raptor. Continue East and go through a triangular crawl space. At the other side, run over rocks and go up the ramp to the East. Kill three raptors and reach a ledge overlooking a valley. Slide down backwards and go to the right corner for secret #3, shotgun, shotguns shells and Uzi clips. Go up the green hill and kill four raptors. You reach an area with bridges over a deep valley containing three T-Rexes. Follow the bridges to a ledge. First go the North corner and climb down a hole. Pick up secret #4, crossbow, and three normal crossbow ammo. Pull the switch #2 and get a cut scene of a gate being raised. This is the same gate raised by switch #1 earlier. Get back out and watch out for the deadly pit. Go back to the bridges and kill two raptors on the West ledge. Jump the rocks to the West and enter a tunnel in the middle of the rock wall.

At the end go right into another room. Pick up five large medipacks and ten Uzi clips. There is a closed gate there as well. I think this should have been raised by either switch #1 or switch #2. Behind it is probably a secret that I did not get. Pull the switch near the door and the large door opens. Go to the North-East to pick up an Eye Piece. You are under attack. Kill the three T-Rexes that appear and pick up three Hands of Orion that they drop. Go to West wall and use them to open the gate. Follow the tunnel to an outside area. Get in the jeep and drive West to the top of a hill and the level ends.