The Manor House of Doctor X

Level by Rapetou

Walkthrough by Yoav

Installation Note: Replace the French.dat with the original English.dat, copy and paste the savegame that's included in the zip, start to play by loading this savegame.

Start in small room, shoot the vase to open the door and get out to courtyard. Pull out hidden block from the wall and pull the lever in wall; the door in room is open. Get into big room with many boxes, pick up behind those boxes shotgun ammo, climb onto double boxes and pick up Crowbar. Proceed to next room with many boxes, shoot dog, you see closed gate, climb onto those boxes, find hole, climb down ladder and crawl into long crawlspace, you found closed door, use crowbar to open it.

Get into the large room, press the button to open the gate between those two rooms, go around the red wall, follow upstairs, you see that you're missing a key. Get back to the courtyard at the beginning, shoot there the nomad, he will drop the missing Key. Use the key, pull out those two wooden boxes, press the button, it opens the door, press the second button and get into the house.

You are into hall, go to the right, shoot left pillar, pull the jumpswitch to raise a block. Go to other side, shoot dog and guard, pick up the UZI, climb onto block, jump and catch the high ledge, climb onto it and pull wall lever. Get down and enter the kitchen, pick up FLARES and pull Lara into the high crawlspace, do savegame, move a few steps and slide down. Oops, you are in the courtyard again!! Well, load the game but now when you slide down, immediately jump forward and catch short ladder, climb up, proceed into corridor, climb down, pick up FLARES when you get to the floor. Kick in those two doors, find yourself into basement. Run around, nothing to do, well not really, light flare and look on one of those columns for a ladder, climb and do backflip to pull the high jumpswitch.

Get back to the kitchen and pick up the Key. Near the closed door find the key hole, use there with the key. Go to fountain room, turn and jump to pull the high jumpswitch, pick up shotgun ammo in the fountain. Proceed to corridor, the gate and the two doors in the second floor are closed. Turn back and look for high crawlspace before the exit to fountain room, pull Lara into it, crawl and come to room with three hidden blocks in the wall. Pull each of the blocks out and pull behind them a lever wall, then climb up and do the long monkeyswing, pull lever wall, the gate is open now.

Fall down and follow through the gate you opened into the library, run around between those bookcases, shoot dog, guards and pull TWO BOOKS, when you are near the writing desk look for hidden room behind the bookcase. Pick up revolver, FLARES, SHOTGUN AMMO and SMALL MEDIPACK. Proceed to second floor, shoot guards, the door from your right opens but the doors in the corridor are closed. Back to top of the stairs, look in the ceiling window and pull jumpswitch.

Go through the open gate into the meeting room, pull lever wall, now shoot the fireplace fence and put out the fire, climb on the wall, do backflip into the room, pull there lever wall and when you get out the room and fall down, pull the jumpswitch. The mirror room is open, pick up SMALL MEDIPACK and from behind the flowers pick up Keys pull the lever wall.

Follow through the corridor and get into the bedroom, shoot dog, guard and the two nomads. Use the key in bathroom, trapdoor opens. Swim into the hole through the open gate, pull anderwater lever and swim through the small opening gate to place where Lara can walk in shallow water. Shoot the guard onto those block, avoid from falling spike boulder, walk around and find high jumpswitch, pull it and raise block. Climb onto it and do monkeyswing until you fall on ledge. If you steps onto the tile Lara will get burning. So catch the edge, shimmy and climb behind the tile, pull the lever wall, small gate opens near to you, jump and pull Lara into it.

Do savegame and start running down slope, spike boulder rolling after Lara, get into left open hole. Climb up into the piano room, pull the high jumpswitch, flyby shows you where to proceed. Get back to shallow water room, swim thourgh the small gate. Don't hurry to climb onto the block place, it's surrounded with spike traps. Swim around and climb when you're in front of the pedestal. Do savegame and put the music scroll (it's already in Lara's satchel), block raises up behind Lara. Do backflip onto the block, jump and pull the jumpswitch, swim through the open gate and get out fountain place. Proceed to the room with the pool before the library, swim into the open crawlspace and pick up the last key.

Do your way to beginning, shoot those dogs, guard and nomad, use the key in the first room where you started the level. Trapdoor opens, slide down and level is finished.