The Door of the Wind

Level by Salvin

Walkthrough by DJ Full

NOTE: When you install the NOS Feeder in the bike, the item remains visible in the inventory, but don't mind it - once you mount it, it remains fully working.

Throw a jumpswitch on your left to reveal the High Energy Great Medikit, clearly visible. Pick it up and slide down the slope to wake up an ice wraith. Jump into the water - that makes the ghost follow you and evaporate. Get out of the pool and throw a switch on the left of it. It opens the SE alcove containing 2 packs of normal shells. Again, hop into the water and swim through the passage to get out of the other pool. Watch a flyby. Apparently, this time I found switching to manual targeting and firing bullets rapidly to kill 2 SASes in the yard much more difficult than in any other case.

TIP: If you leave the pool W, neither the enemies nor the music activates.

After the fight, go through the NE portal, downstairs and into the basement. Kill another SAS and pull the already dead one to find 2 grenade launchers. Behind the automatic exit, grab some normal grenades and poison arrows and throw a switch to open the gate indicated by the flyby. Go through that door. Shatter a basket, obviously dropped by the dead guy, for some revolver ammo and a shotgun. Get across the yard and into the NE passage, where you can ignore another deadman. When you see the closed gate, go behind the corner and reverse roll to blow 2 SASes coming after you. Jump into the pit next to you, pass the corridor and throw a jumpswitch on the W wall to access the bike. Jump into the central pool (you need to do it from one of the corners) to get rid of the hungry wraith. Find NOS Feeder in the dry NE corner and get to the bike to mount it (face the right side of the vehicle and DON'T press Action for Lara not to get on the bike but choose the item from the inventory). Enter the vehicle and drive up the ramp on your right. At the end of the passage, drop carefully to the left side of the pit to land in the dark lower part. Do it again, but this time keeping close to the right wall. Run over a SAS.

There is a locked door hidden in the dark in this place. You need to go through it later, so keep it in mind.

Get out of the bike at the other end of the corridor. Climb some blocks to get back on the ground floor. Kill 2 more SASes and switch to automatic. Get outside. Kill a bat and avoid some locusts (the best way is to SAVE/LOAD). Pick up some flash grenades and poison arrows from the S alley. Kill another bat and find a revolver by the N wall before you drop into the pit. Inside, avoid the W raised squares (unmarked death zones) and pull a switch behind the remaining part of the raised floor. From behind the lever, pick up a laser sight and some ammo. That opens the door mentioned several lines above in a separate sentence. Drive through that portal, up the ramp and jump over the pit. For passing the second one, you need to inject pour some NOS into the engine. Behind the passage, run over 5 SASes, check the SW and NW alleys for 2 large medis and leave through the E ramp. Pick up Right Greave and Right Gauntlet from it and drive into the room behind them to run over 2 SASes without opening the door, so they can't shoot you. Pull the lever, grab the Left Gauntlet, go behind the open door and watch out for the brown tiles marking burning floor in the passage. Pick up 2 more greaves, one is left and the other is right (but actually it does not matter, as you can end up with only one of a kind in this case) and the Breast Plate. Throw the switch at the end to access the lower part of the last ramp and go down it to find a corridor surrounding the room. Go right and pull the lever to open all 4 doors blocking the way to the central pit and hop in to hear the sound of relief. Yes. This is the end - escape from the wraith through the opening door to finish the game.