The Lost Luna Park

Level by Terence Vassallo (February, 2003)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Approach the main gate and it opens for you. As you enter you get a flyby of the area. Climb the blocks in the middle and pick up the flares. Look around and there are six black doors needing a token to open and another door that is just closed. Get down and kill two wild pigs. Go to the south-east corner to find a pool of water. In the bottom is the first token. Start with the nearest door to the north. The door order is not inportant since each will yield a token for another door.

Use the token and the door opens. Follow the tunnel and turn right into a large arched area. The sides are deadly fire. Look up and follow the pattern on the ceiling for the safe tiles. Get to the other side and through a tunnel. In the next room pick up a token from the platform in the center. Go back out to the spikes. Before starting, go to the east wall, crouch, and crawl through the wall. Enter another room for secret #1, Uzi clips and explosive crossbow ammo. Exit and carefully return through the spikes.

Go to the next gate to the left and use the token to open the door. Go in and pick up shotgun shells. Turn to kill the guard shooting at you. The idea is to jump on the platforms and maneuver the ball into the hole at the end. The author gave a hint in his readme.txt file. Step on platform #1 and the ball starts to roll. As it falls off the first slope, walk forward onto platform #2 and the trap door raises. The ball passes over and drops at the end. It slows down here but when it reaches the small dip walk to platform #3 and the trap door rises. The rock should roll over it to the end. When done, jump into the hole in front of the room and get a token.

Go to the next gate to the left and use the token to open the door. Go down the ramp and turn to the right to face a transparent wall in front of a blue floor. Climb over the wall and drop down to the other side. Walk around until you fall down a hole. Although by using the look and arrow keys you may be able to see it. You see a token in the middle of the floor. Approach it from an angle, south-east for example, pick up the token and back flip. Three rocks roll down and crush you if you are too slow. Climb back up the way you came and climb over the wall. Go up the ramp and exit.

Go to the gate in the north-west behind the building and use the token to open the door. Go inside and pick up the crossbow, normal crossbow ammo, and the laser sight. Go up the slope and stop on a risen trap door. I guess you could combine the laser scope and cross bow to shoot them all but I just used explosive ammo. Turn right and jump into an open door before the trap door drops. Go into the target area and kill a guard. Pick up a small medipack. Then climb the ladder into the crawl space. At the other side, kill four bats. In the south-east corner is a small medipack. In the north-east corner are Uzi clips.  Pick up the token and the door opens. Go in and down a tunnel. Jump over a gap and continue. A rock drops behind you. Kill the guard in front of you. Turn the corner and use binoculars to see a crawlspace at the other end of a slope. Slide down and jump and get into the crawl space. Get secret #2, Uzi clips and two shotgun shells. Get back out, safety drop and exit.

Go to the next gate to the right and use the token to open the door. Go down the hallway and face a large area with letters. The camera view changes should you symbols on the wall. Jump across using these safe symbols. All other squares are deadly. It is very easy and when you get to the end, the trap door is still closed. Go to the east and climb the steps. Jump all the columns against the wall and at the end go west into an alcove. Pick up the token and get a cut scene of the trap door opening. Go back there and pick up the Uzi's and two Uzi clips from the hole. Get out and kill two guards. Use the columns to get back to the exit.

Go to the next gate to the right and use the token to open the door. Go in and kill a guard and pick up Uzi clips and a small medipack. Go into the door to the left and get a flyby of the roller coaster. Go south to pick up the jeep keys. Go to the south-west and climb a ladder to the bottom. Light a flare and look for a crawl space. Crawl inside for secret #3, poison crossbow ammo, flares, and a large medipack. Climb up and get into the jeep. Drive over the roller coaster and at the end pick up Uzi clips and a token. The door opens so exit back to the main area.

Go to the last door that is now open. Follow the corridor through the open doors. Kill two guards and pick up poison crossbow ammo and a shotgun. Continue to the end and pick up two large medipacks. Approach the last gate and six guards attack. After they are gone, use the token to open the gate. Enter the gate and the levels ends.