Diamonds Raider
Author: Jean Lassure

Unpack the Then copy the lerat. files involved into the Graphics/Wads folder, the Scripts into the main folder and the uklogo.pak into the Data folder. Open the Level Converter and build the lerat.TOM file. Run the game and have fun!

Immediately draw your pistols and shoot the first croc. Get into the passage to the right and draw your weapons again as another crocodile attacks. There’s a small medipack to the right. Pull the lever to the left. Climb down the ladder and pull the lever there too. The underwater door to the right is open now, swim in and pull the lever. Turn and swim to the left to find the first Secret. Now swim straight towards the other passage and get the DIAMOND #1. The underwater door is open there too, swim in and on the other side of the room swim out into the quarter.

Immediately shoot the soldier, go back and pushing open the blue double-door press the button. A grate opens on one of the small streets. There’s a wall lever inside, next to the entrance. Pull down and climb onto the block risen up. Climb up to the roof and climb the ladder onto the top of the column. There’s the SILVER KEY. On your way back jumping through onto the roof of the opposite structure collect the large medipack and some Flares. Outside grasp along to the left in the wall gap and where Lara can stand up get the Shotgun. Jump to the roof in front of you and enter the door nearby. Behind the swinging chains the Secret #2 awaits Lara: the Revolver.

Get down and shoot the soldier in the other side corner, the using your SILVER KEY open the large gate. After taking care of the soldier get the GURADIAN KEY to the left. On the other side, at the end of the crawlspace find yourself in a lava room. Jump onto the small platform and without jumping drop down onto the sloping landing. Jump back and Lara is in safe. Climb up the ladder and get through the rolling blades. Everybody do this in different ways but here is mine: I position Lara backwards, a step distance away from the blades and jump a standing backward somersault. This way I get through the blades without any injury jumping when the blades have just closed in the middle. Collect the DIAMOND #2. Return to the lava room and jump to the other ladder. Climb up and in the end of the crawlspace get the DIAMOND #3. On your way back find yourself in a small room. Jump over the fire and press the button so you can get the Lasersight. Using your KEY return to the main square.

Combine the Revolver with the Lasersight and shoot one into the sphere above. Climbing back where you have found the SILVER KEY earlier the grate now is open. Do a standing jump but turn round immediately and jumping out onto the column avoid the rolling ball. Now enter. Getting up you will reach a new room. Shoot the soldier, jump to the left and press the button. Descend and open the blue door. Pull out the block on the right side and pull the lever inside so the fire extinguishes and you can climb up the pole. Take care of the soldier awaiting Lara above. Collect the DIAMOND #4 and climbing up in the corner find the Secret #3. Get down and climb the ladder. Jump over to the left and pull down the wall lever. Turn round and go through the open grate. Jump into the pool and get the DIAMOND #5. Drop down onto the ground floor and drop down in the middle of the room. Jump over the spiked gap and pull off the trapdoor.

You are in the main square again. There’s a ladder in front of Lara. Climb up and getting up to the left use the monkey swing bars to get onto the other side of the corridor. Pulling the switch the grate in the other corner of the square opens. Enter and you are in a room with 4 doors. There’s a block in front of one of the open doors. Push in and behind it there’s the DIAMOND #6. Keep pushing the blocks until you can push away this block. The only important thing is to always have an exit behind you. After everything is in right place the grate opens as Lara approaches it and she can collect her prize.

Jump into the water. First swim to the right and get the DIAMOND #7. Swim up to get some air and swim to the left in the underwater passage. Pull the lever in front of you and swim into the other passage but get the DIAMOND #8 before. Swimming out some bats attack Lara. After taking care of them find the DIAMOND #9 at the back and pulling off the trapdoor the level ends.

Walkthrough by OBig from

Translated by Petunia from