The Heaven's Crystal Project (Demo)

Level by Diego Salvadori

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start the level after a short flyby. Watch your step, as part of the ground is burning. Go forward and walk only onto the brown ground, while you shoot on the bats go to the right climbable wall. Climb up to the top and backflip, land in a yard with four blue-eyed dog statues and see the closed gate. Go and push the lever to create electric current flow effect and kill the freed dogs. Go through the open gate and crawl into the next room with half column. Push the lever to raise the column a little higher and climb onto it and jump into the passageway.

Follow the passageway; see the room from the left side but keep straight to a place with a few pillars, kill the dogs and see the closed gate with the Guardian Receptacles. Back to the room you passed; see the small transparent pyramid, then proceed to the opening from left, follow up the passage and slide down the next passage. In front of you are two blocks to climb on. Kill the bats then pick a side, stand onto the top of the slope face toward the block. Run jump forward grab the edge of the block and climb onto it, jump to the next ledge and from there to the high place. Go to the white lighting and pick up the Guardian of Crystal, the gate ahead will open.

Kill the dogs and go through the open gate, follow the passageway until you come to the place with closed gate. Climb up the ledge and push the lever, meantime two skeletons came out of the ground. Quickly follow the next passage, enter a room with many columns, take care of two dogs attacking from the left. Head over to the red lighting between the column and get the angled camera, from there you can climb up the climbable column up the ledge above. Follow the ledge around the room to reach the opening, crawl inside, turn in the next opening and drop down. Run down the passage and back to the transparent pyramid, from there proceed to the place with the pillar and use the Guardian of Crystal at the receptacles.

Go to the next room and climb onto the block at the middle for The Heaven's Crystal. Cool effect and short flyby will open the gate in the other side of the room. Go through the open gate for the final place, run into the circle electric and finish the level.