King Arthur's Castle
Author: Peter Tedstone


During the comedown, jump to the right, so you don't fall into the water and you won't carried away by the current. Pick up the Dagger and clamber up the opposite side as fast as you can, and jump into the water, so the blue spirit won't damage you. When you get out the water, kill the bats and your award is the Flares to the right. Go back to the water, get out of it and jump to the opposite breach, hang to the left, and climb up and you can kill another bat then you arrive to a water-covered room.

Crawl out the water to the opposite side and get to the crowbar on the right platform then pick it up. Now you can stretch the door. Shoot the first Crusader then pick up the first Gate Key on the left next to the door and open the door with it. Climb up the plants by the horse statue and hang to the left first, jump opposite and you have the first Secret. Hang to the left from there and you arrive to a new site.

Jump into the water and get the first Horseman's Gem. On the right of the stairs pull the block and push it to sidelong. Go into the duct and you arrive in another courtyard. You can see a closed door at the right; you need a key to open this. Go to the right behind the column and you arrive in a new room after a crawlspace. Before you stretch the door, climb up the ladders on the left and jump back, then the second Secret is yours.

Open the door now and go down to the opposite side,then hang up the underneath corridors other side, and you arrive into a room after a few bats where another Horseman's Gem is guarded by two skeletons on the right other side of the room. Pick it up and you can find the third Secret in the other corner below the grid.

Get back to the opened iron door. Now go to the left and in the next room on the left the shotgun is yours at least. Go to a smaller place in the big room's other side then jump into a little deepening and another Gate Key is yours. Take a view for some ammo and then get back to the just seen closed door and open it with your key.

Go down the stairs; use one Gem and another on the right in the room after the Crusader's death. At the end of the corridors you have a new Gate key. Be careful for the bowling stones. Go back to the iron door by the stairs, open it and go in. There you should save the game because if the time running doesn't succeed, you won't be able to repeat. In the room, if you step onto the grey-patterned floor you can see the grid opened at the rear on the left. But it closes for time so stir. Run up the slope, jump to the platform by the wall on the left corner; running, jumping, then face to the grid, there make new jumps and then you're in.

In the room with revolving blades make a jump to the right when the fire squealer go out and climb up the mural ladder. On the half-way make a jump and the first Guardian Key is yours. Get over the wall to the opposite side and climb up the ladder. In the next room jump down to the platform, and jump once more down from there. Pick up the medipacks; time good at the left one then crawl over to the opposite side by the blades on the right. Face left and the second Guardian Key and in the other side of the room the fourth Secret are yours.

Now go to the other direction and there go to the room's end and you have got the new Horseman's Gem; open the door with it. You arrive in a big courtyard, there's a horse statue below. Get down to downstairs, it's not difficult, you needn't use the rope. Face left, get to the mural chink but hang on the leaning place's edge instead of that chink, hang absolutely right; make a back jump from there and you'll land on a column. Jump to the other side from there, and hang to the left with the gap till Lara's legs will hang on and you can climb down the plants. Face right and you can see a corridor heads to a grid room; you'll be richer with some ammo.

Go into the other room and hang on the block in the back of the room, hang over the grid to the other side, there you can hang on the grid and pick up the third Guardian Key. Avoid the poisonous pins; might as well pick it up when you're squatting and run back by the wall. Climb back the plants and you arrive in the running-for-time room, go to the big iron door from there. Go to the left now and open the other little iron door.

Mind the little water for we need this later. Go to the right and get on the left by the deadly chasm; in the left corner the fourth Guardian Key is yours. Now you can back to where you have gone in or you get to the cave and go along there where you'll meet a blue spirit, but you can escape from it to jump into the little water what you've seen it before. Interesting, I have gone back there three times and every time another spirit greeted me. Perhaps there is their seat? :-) Go back to the central room and climb up the ladder on the other side. Push in the block then push the right one; make it in the corner and pull out the one behind it. Pick up the new Gate Key and stir down the ladder and into the little water, because a new spirit will attack you.

Open the double iron door and put the three Guardian Keys to their place. The big gate is now open behind you. Get to the other side then hang over the plants on the right to the column's right side, there make a jump and the Gate Key is yours. Open the upper door with it, unfortunately you'll get some poisonous pins during you're there. Go directly because you'll find there why you have come here. Go to the right by the water then you can hang over the plants to the building in the middle of the water; slide down there and you'll get the Excalibur in the water. Get back to the crossroads, up to the slope, but first you have to run back because of the turning stone. Another will make your way hard. Go to the right at the crossroads, climb down and step onto the grey-patterned floor. You can see the grid opened in the right corner of the room, but this closes by time.

Run up the slope on the left, jump then also jump to the right and you can jump to the grid from there. You arrive in a storehouse. Pull out two blue-spotted boxes and your award is a new Gate Key. Use the key, shoot the further Crusaders then climb onto the smaller block on the right, jump to up and forward from there. Go away from this block then to the centre and push the block once so you can jump to the opposite place. In the next area so many knights are waiting for you, some man with horse and ones without horses. If you have tolerance, stand into the small pool and perform with them leisurely, without using medipack. One knight will leave us a Horseman's Gem; bounce over the columns, crawl up to the last one and climb up the plants to get to the last, fifth Secret. Open the door, jump to the water and you can swim to the next level.


Translated by Clau