Adventure in a Silent City

Level by Damian Knurowa (February, 2003)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

You start on a sewer grate. Run west and get a flyby from inside a house to the outside. When the flyby stops, go north and enter the open door and go into the house. Go east and then south into a garden area. Go east and hop in an opening in the east wall. Go down a slope into another small garden. Go to the south-east corner and pull out a movable block. Go around a pillar and get behind the block into a tunnel. Pull the block in after you so that it rests on a gray tile. Turn and go to the south-east to push another movable block. Pick up the Door Key. Return and push the first block so you can exit the tunnel. If you go back, you can see a fire where the key was located. Enter back to the house and return to the entrance area. Go north down the hallway and kill two guards that emerge from side rooms. Enter the first room on the right. Go to other side and exit to a horse statue over a pool. Get into the water for a small medipack. Then go back to the hallway. Enter the room on the left and go behind a table for a small medipack. Back to the hallway and go north. As you exit into a garden area, you get a flyby of the area. Go north and kill a dog. At the north wall is a locked door that needs the key. Use the key and the door opens. Go to the end of the tunnel and kill two dogs. You face a pool with sharks but it is behind a closed gate. It is possible to go west to the end of the street to get into the next section but I just returned back the way I came. Return all the way back to the starting area of this level.

Go to the north-west corner for a crawl space in the dark corner. On the other side you get a flyby. Turn west and kill the two guards. Carefully jump over the fires beside the burning jeep. Go right and use a flare to find a motorcycle and pick up a crowbar. You may have to move the motorcycle to get it. Drive down the west tunnel and in the middle of the first section look south for a ladder. This is for later. Continue down the tunnel to the end and enter a dead-end area. Run over two dogs that appear and get off the motorcycle. Go to the north wall and climb a green wall to the roof, Pull up, slide down and grab the roof. Shimmy to the left and drop over a high box to pick up a shotgun. Do the same thing on the south wall to get red shotgun shells. Hop onto the ledge to the east and get into a tunnel in the east wall. Fall off the other side and you are back at the water pool.

Use the crowbar to open the gate and kill the two sharks. Swim out to the building and go behind it to pick up a revolver and a laser sight. Dive under the building to pick up a Door Key. You can use a ramp in the west to jump back into the tunnel and return to the dead-end area. Then drive back and run over two guards and two dogs on the way to the ladder. Climb the ladder and get into a crawl space. Climb some blocks and get to a gray wall. Climb up and slide down into a house. Turn west to kill a guard behind you. You see a closed door in the west wall. First go south and then east. Ahead is the inside area from the first flyby. Go into the south corridor and search the bedroom for red shotgun shells. Go to the washroom and pick up flares. Then go back to that closed door.

As you approach the door, you get a cut scene of a guard at the bottom of a slope. Open the door, slide down and kill the guard. Pick up the revolver ammo and use the door key to open the door. You can combine the revolver and laser sight to snipe at two guards. Now exit and loop to the left to the back wall. Look up at sentry gun and destroy it. Go in front of the door and go to the right and destroy the other sentry gun above the door. Now it is safe to go west. Kill another guard and continue west. As you enter the west tunnel and run to the end, the level ends.